NPS 075

The Ten Commandments of Maratrea
Behold now the ten Commandments of Maratrea: The First: I am She Who Is, She Who Divides, She Who Returns, She Who Remains, Great Goddess, Great Mother, Queen of Heaven, the Great Maratrea, Mother of every soul and every universe: every deity which is of me may you worship, for I am known by many names and images, under many forms, through many servants and representatives and emanations; but worship not any deity who is not of me. The Second: Honour the holy temples and shrines, the holy priestesses, the holy idols and icons; bow before them in worship and praise; offer them holy sacrifices of song and cakes and wine and incense. But offer not unto anyone any sacrifice abhorrent to me: the flesh or blood or death or pain or skin or fur or bones of any human, or of any animal, be it sacred or unsacred, for whichever deity demands such sacrifice is not of me, but is of the most wicked one. The Third: Revere every name worthy of reverence; and condemn every name unworthy of reverence. The Fourth: Remember the Sabbath on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, in honour of the three Sabbaths at the beginning and end of time. The Fifth: Honour those worthy of honour, whoever they may be; but honour not those unworthy of honour, whoever they may be; and when those unworthy of honour demand honour of which they are unworthy, do not acquiesce therein. The Sixth: Kill not any human, nor any sacred animal, save in defence of self or others, or in a just war; nor eat thereof nor wear the skins or fur thereof, nor drink the blood thereof, nor use the bone thereof; do not execute, nor speak in favour of execution, for those who do so are guilty of the wickedest of sins; they are far worse than the worst of murderers. The Seventh: Honour the sanctity of the bonds of love; take not a further lover, save with the consent of every lover you already have. The Eighth: Do not unreasonably deprive others of that which they have become accustomed to enjoy. The Ninth: Speak the truth unto all who are worthy to hear it; but speak not the truth unto those unworthy thereof. The Tenth: Resent not those who have received favour as you have not received; know that in another branch, of which I shall grant you perfect knowledge, you will receive every favour which you here do not; and what favours they have here received they may well there lack as you here lack.