NPS 074

The Vision at Nazacheta
Behold the vision of the holy Travancus while he was residing at Nazacheta:

In the first year of the reign of the ruler
    whom the Goddess will protect
    who reigns over the divine gate
        wherein the many peoples of the world
            are to be gathered together
    one acknowledging the Goddess as the only true justice
    had a dream and visions
        while laying in bed
    and wrote of the dreams, telling therein the chief points thereof
And that one spoke, and that one said,
    I saw in my vision by the holy night
        and behold,
            the four wind deities
                churned up the holy sea into great waves
            the Sea of All Souls United As One
And a great and holy creature ascended from out of that sea
    and it appeared before me in four differing forms
The first having authority to gather up all the peoples of the earth
    to divide the Cause from the enmity
        and guide the Cause unto the highest places:
    I saw it be as such until its heights be perfected
        and it was assumed from the earth unto heavenly glory
        and was given a place of honour in which to dwell
            for it had triumphed in spite of its frailty
    and the hearts of many people were given thereunto
And behold a second form of the holy creature
    proceeding slowly
        established as yet in but one part
    and it was said thereunto
        Arise and enjoy a banquet of glory!
Then in place of this form I beheld another
    A form of clarity,
        with four wings like those of the sacred winged creatures
            in its eminence
    and four hills to its life
        and dominion was granted thereunto
Then in place of this form did I behold
    in my night visions
        a fourth form of the holy creature
            burning with the fire of passionate desire
            immense in its wisdom and power
    it was seated upon crags of great firmness
        it feasted and made fine music
            and those who have joined themselves to it not
                humbled themselves before the foundation of its throne
    and being diverse from all of the prior forms
        and thirteen horns thereupon
And in the heavens there appeared a great sign:
    a woman with the sun and the moon as her raiment
    and a crown of thirteen stars atop her tresses
    and Maratrea is among her many holy names
She cried being with child
        for every soul that has ever lived are among her children
        she travailed in her birth, and pained in her labour
        for her travail was every travail of her children
        and her pain was every pain which they endured
    she looked forward with eagerness
        to the day upon which her labours would finally end
        in joy of triumph and ecstasy of pleasure
And there appeared another great sign in the heavens
    a great and holy serpent, which had arisen from the sea
        the Sea of all Souls united as one
        and his name is the great Navaletus
        captain of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
        and his eyes glowed red with the fire of her desire
        and upon his head were thirteen horns
            that signify the immensity of his power
        and upon each horn there was a crown
            to signify that this power he exercises with nobility
        and he sat upon thirteen hills rising out of the sea
            to signify the thirteen divisions into which
                the provinces of the earth shall be gathered
                on the day that first triumph is attained
And with his tail he gathered together
    one third part of the stars of the sky
        and the meaning of this is
            he gathered the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
            and another third are those vowed to the enmity
            and the other third are those vowed to neither
    and this third of the stars he called upon to descend to the earth
        to work earnestly for the progress of her Cause
        and to guide the servants thereof among the people of the earth
    the holy serpent sat before the woman giving birth
        to await the birth of an especial child of hers
        to bestow great wisdom upon the Saviour to Come
She gives birth to a child, one in every branch
    in some branches a female child, in other branches a male one
    this one will reign over the entirety of the earth
        with a sceptre encrusted with precious gemstones
    and she displayed to her child her divine glory
        and that of her heavenly throne-chamber
And she cast her children into the desert which is life apart from blessing
    and she cast herself with them, for she is not other than them
        she tarried not to so cast them
        with the earnestness of her longing
    this wilderness she had as Goddess prepared for herself
                and her children
    that therein her blessing should be nourished
        for one thousand three hundred and sixty-nine days
And there is a war upon the earth, and in the lesser heavens
    the holy serpent Navaletus
            along with those spirits which serve under him
        fights against the most palid Pandal
            and the most evil spirits which serve him
        and they in turn fight back
but Pandal will not prevail
    and he and his servants will be utterly extinguished
        until all things begin again, even they
And the holy serpent Navaletus
    who is among the first of all spirits to arise
        descended unto the earth to enlighten it with his wisdom
        the wine of wisdom he pours forth
            upon her Prophets and the servants of her Cause
        and to oppose the enmity in every way
    this one who will enlighten the entirety of the earth
        descended unto it, along with the spirits who serve under him
And I heard a great voice coming forth from the heavens, saying,
    Now comes deliverance for the entirety of the earth
        from the wickedness of the usurping enmity
            a great power to establish one holy empire
                of first triumph
            by the authority of the Saviour to Come
    and the enmity to the Cause will be totally extinguished
        the enmity which has opposed it all day and all night
        which she appointed for the sake
            of the particularity of blessing
And they overcame the enmity though the blood of the little dog
        which is the wine of true wisdom
    and through the testimonies of the Prophets
    and they feared not martyrdom when it truly bore fruit
        yet neither cast their lives away needlessly
On account thereof be glad, O heavens, and those who dwell therein;
    joy will descend upon the earth and the sea
        and they will be purified of all corruption
    their salvation shall descend upon them
        great is the fire of its desire
            its passionate longing for the end of all things
        the usurping enmity will endure but a little while longer
And she bestowed upon the holy serpent Navaletus
    knowledge of his task upon the earth
        she pursued the children whom she had become
        to bestow upon knowledge of their impending salvation
And they were given the bat of wisdom
    to seek refuge beneath the wings thereof
        as they endured their sojourn in the wilderness
            of those who are without blessing
    the wine of wisdom they were given
        for the nourishment of their souls
    upon the occasion of the first assumption
        and the occasions of the two triumphs
        and that last occasion, the end of all things
    before the face of the holy serpent
And the holy serpent cast out of his mouth a torrent of wine
    the the river of wisdom would carry her children unto glory
And the earth will obey her
    it will open its mouth eager to drink
    and swallow down the holy river of wisdom
        which the holy serpent issued forth from its mouth
And the holy serpent became a vessel
    filled with her longing for the end of all things
        and it went forth to make war against the enmity
            with her children vowed to serve her Cause
            who are faithful to the twofold law of the Goddess
            and have the testimony of
                those whom Maratrea has appointed
                    for the deliverance of her children
And I stood upon the shores of the Great Sea
    the Sea of All Souls United As One
        and I saw from out of the sea a holy creature ascending
    having thirteen horns, and resting upon thirteen island hills
    and upon the thirteen horns thereof, thirteen crowns
    and upon each hill a holy name emblazoned
And the holy creature which I saw was like unto a great cat
And I hear a great voice out of the holy temple
    saying to the thirteen spirits of the Cause
        Go forth in the ways I have appointed for you
            and pour out vials of the passionate longing of the Goddess upon the earth

And the first went forth, and poured out its vial upon the earth; and it brought about an ingathering beautiful and plentiful of those who possessed the amulet of the Saviour to Come, and of those who worshipped the divine images

And the second spirit poured out its vial upon the seas; and the seas became as wine for the everliving; and every living soul in the sea was brought to a fuller life.

And the third spirit poured out its vial upon the rivers and sacred springs of waters; and they too became as wine.

And I heard the spirit of the waters say, Great is your love of beauty, O Maratrea; you who dwell in perfect happiness without beginning or end; for thus have you decreed.

Though the blood of your holy prophets they poured out, now you have given them not wine but blood to drink; though they were unworthy, you have poured out upon them the heavenly wine, such that whoever who drinks it becomes worthy.

And I heard another out of the altar, saying, Yes, All-powerful Goddess Maratrea, your decrees are true and perfect in their justice, such that one who truly knows and loves beauty could decree naught otherwise!

And the fourth spirit poured out its vial upon the sun; and no longer would the sun blind the eyes or scorch the skin or throat, but gently caress the earth with warmness.

And the people of earth were caressed with loving sunbeams, and praised the name of the Goddess, whose power was now favouring the earth as she had previously disfavoured it for the sake of the particularity of blessing; and they repented that in past times they had failed to acknowledge her glory.

And the fifth spirit poured out its vial upon the seat of the Saviour to Come; and every night the empire thereof was filled with wisdom; and they refrained from speech on account of their ecstasy

And they praised the heavenly Goddess because of their joy in their ingathering, and they renewed their vows to server her Cause

And the sixth spirit poured out its vial upon the holy river of fruitfulness; and the water thereof was purified, that the way be prepared for the leaders of her Cause who were to go forth with the rising of the sun

And I saw come forth out of the mouth of Navaletus, captain of the Spirits of the Cause, appearing in the form of a great and holy serpent of the Sea, and of the Saviour to Come, the true prophet, a threefold spirit of purity, whose sweet song came forth out of the waters like that of frogs

For they are spirits vowed faithful to her Cause, giving signs which go forth unto the leaders of her Cause in all the provinces of the world, to gather them together for the final triumph, a great day of the all-powerful Goddess.

Behold, the triumph comes like a thief, yet one unto which they will give willingly all that they have, even their very own selves; favoured are those who with vigilance wear the holy robes, that they should not go forth unprotected, lest their understanding becomes formless.

And she will gather them together to the place to which they will be summoned, in the region beyond the hills of cutting.

And the seventh spirit poured out its vial into the holy forests; and the dead and dried vegetation returned to the greenery of life, and every flower lost its thorns.

And the eighth spirit poured out its vial into the sacred caverns; and they became filled with treasures, with every manner of gold and precious gemstones and fine things

And the ninth spirit poured out its vial upon the moon, who with moonbeams gently caresses the earth which she loves, in her gentle dance through the sacred night sky; and those upon whom her moonbeams fall are filled with holy wisdom

And the tenth spirit poured out its vial upon the sacred mountain; and upon its slope grew beautiful vegetation, with many great trees, and sacred springs covered it, and mouths of holy caverns, and the waters descended from it in many waterfalls

And the eleventh spirit poured out its vial unto all the stars; and music issued forth from amongst them.

And the twelfth spirit poured out its vial unto all the sacred animals; and it was a balm of healing upon them all, and they were cured of all their diseases and injuries, and all their sufferings ceased; and whoever among them were in the throes of the possession of the most evil demons who serve Pandal, they were cured thereby of such possession, and the fierce lion became a creature of gentleness.

And the thirteenth spirit poured out its vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It will be done.

And there will be joyous voices, and thunder and lightning in celebration; it will seem as if even the earth itself is trembling with joy, and they will say, Such days of glory there have not been, since the earth itself came to be, such a trembling of all things with joyous ecstasy.

And the great city, the holy city, will be organised into three parts; and the cities of the usurpers will come under its power, and the promises she made to great holy city are remembered by the Goddess, to give unto it the cup of the wine of the fire of her passionate longing for the end of all things.

And the spirit of the enmity fled the islands; and even upon the mountains it could not be found.

And there will fall upon the earth a great shower of joy, weighed down with riches, descends out of her heaven upon the people of the earth. And the people of the earth will praise the Goddess because of the caress of the shower of joy, for the passion of this caress is exceedingly great.