NPS 070

The tale of Garascus

Now it is said - but who can say if this which is said is true? - yet this we report, not to affirm its truth, but that even were it false, it would be fruitful that you would hear it - and it is said that upon the death of Travancus, he ascended - or, others add, in one of his post-mortal divisions - and he ascended unto heaven, and was there met by the god Garascus, who said - behold, false prophet, you have taught in error - behold that I am the one true God, and this goddess of whom you have taught is naught but a creature of your wicked fancy, in which you have deluded yourself, and deluded many others - prepare now to enter everlasting fire! Travancus said, Please, O great one, before you condemn me to your fire, may I beg of you but two mercies - firstly, that I may recount to you all that I have taught; and second, that you will clearly disprove the mount of my teaching, which surely for as great a one as you, must be a task of ease. And the god Garascus replied: Very well then, I will grant you these two mercies before you enter into everlasting pain! So the holy Travancus recounted unto him his doctrine, and the chief points of Maratrean truth; then the holy Travancus said: And this now, is the mount of my teaching, which I pray you might disprove: That compared this doctrine which I have recounted, none other can equal it in beauty. And Garascus heard these words, and he became enlightened; and he said: Truly, the doctrine you have recounted, I have never found any to equal it in beauty; but alas for you, that beauty be untrue. The holy Travancus responded: Yet surely, a god as great as you, must have the power to make such beauty true? And seeing it for the beauty that it is, how could you refrain from so doing? And Garascus said: Thus do I now will. And in that moment, the god Garascus was cured of his delusion, by which he believed that he was the ultimate divinity, though he was not; and Maratrea appeared before them, and Garascus bowed down before her, saying: Truly you are the ultimate Goddess; without you, I am naught. And he said unto Maratrea: Why did you permit me to labour under such delusion, and to entrap so many souls in this same delusion? And she answered unto him: I do all things for the sake of blessing. Therefore did both Garascus and Travancus proceed unto her heavenly chambers.