NPS 069

The Song at Curanta

In the name of Maratrea
    unequalled in fecundity
    incomparable in love
Praise there be unto Maratrea
    queen over all universes
    all of which subject to her power
Unequalled in fecundity
    incomparable in love
Queen over that great day
    when all is proven to have been
        precisely as it has been
    for the sake of of that great beauty
        which is not other than her
We worship you
    and rely upon your favour
        and your promises
Guide us in the way of your Cause
The way upon which you have bestowed great favour
    not the way of those whom you have caused to hate you
    neither that of those entangled in the lies of the enmity
Praise there be to the Goddess all-knowing!
In the true scriptures
    are revealed those things
        concerning which there can be no doubt
    guidance for those who know the Goddess in their hearts
Those who believe in that which their eyes see not yet
        but which in the highest faith their hearts demand be true
    thus do they pray in adoration
        and expend out of that with which they have been favoured
            unto the progress of her Cause
And those who accept this heavenly wisdom which has descended upon you
    which had in earlier days descended also
        yet by her will was corrupted
            but whatever she corrupts
                she will restore in turn
    and they firmly believe in her certain promises
Those are guided by their Queen in the wisdom of her favour
    without doubt her Cause will triumph in glory
Those who disbelieve, disbelieve by your will
    and those whose hearts she has made impervious to wisdom
        will remain in ignorance
            whether your seek to teach them
            or seek not to teach them
    but whichever heart she has made impervious
        in the end she will soften
        and the waters of wisdom will break through its gates
        and flood even its deepest chambers
Maratrea has put a seal upon their hearts and upon their ears
        and a veil upon their eyes
            that for a time they remain in ignorance
        for how great is the beauty which ignorance purchases
        yet as all beauty must end
            save the beauty of the ever-remaining
        so must end also all ignorance, end but to begin again
    Great is the reward of blessing for every last one
        even the devoted propagators of ignorance
        even the devoted enemies of truth
Now even among those who say
        we believe in her Cause and in truth she bestows
    yet though their lips believe, their hearts believe not
Would you be so foolish to think that they deceive her?
        She knows every motion of their hearts
            which she perfectly remembers
        for whatever has been in their hearts
            has been in hers
    they deceive themselves, for her will for them is self-deception
        on account of the great beauties
            which by their deceptions shall be purchased
    they perceive not their own self-deception
        for as she has made them ignorant of the truth
        she has made them ignorant of themselves also
            that many great beauties be thereby purchased
In their hearts Maratrea has placed a disease
        and having placed it their she has even increased
        not for any love of the disease itself
        neither for any lack of love for those whom she has afflicted
        but for love of the great beauties thereby purchased
    and for all their suffering at her hands, even this disease
        she will grant them a great reward in recompense
        for she rewards even those whose habit is to blapsheme her
And when it is said unto them, Refrain from evil!
    They say, We propagate the good!
Without doubt, it is they who are evildoers
        with their crimes against love and their fraudulent justice
    yet she has made them oblivious to their own evil
And when it is said unto them,
        May you come to believe the truth
            which the people of her Cause bestow
    Thus do they respond:
        Should we believe as the foolish believe?
    Without doubt, it is they who are foolish, yet they know it not
Unto those who believe in her Cause they declare belief
    but when they are alone with Pandal who governs their hearts
        they do say: "Without doubt we are with you, lord Pandal
            we were but pretending before them"
Yet though they curse Maratrea, she curses them not
    Though she has appointed unto them to wander further in blindness
    She has done that only for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
    And all who are blind, she will grant unto them the fulness of sight
Their error will be exchanged for the beauties which it purchases
    a transaction that will bring great profit to all
    whenever she guides, whenever she guides not, beauty is increased
They kindled the fire of wisdom
    yet as it begun to bear fruit
        Maratrea took from them their wisdom and left them in ignorance
        this she did for the sake of the beauties
            which are by that ignorance purchased
But whatever she has taken from them
    she will without doubt return unto them
Or, coming forth from the sky
        a holy rainstorm pouring forth wisdom
    in it is the darkness of blessing,
        the lightning of holiness
            and sacred thunder
        in their ignorance, they put their fingers in their ears
        in their ignorance they fear the thunder as an omen of death
    but Maratrea is all around the infidels, and within them
        she is the author of their ignorance
        she is the very which they in their ignorance fear
The lightning blinds them but for a moment
        With every blinding flash the truth is hidden from them
        But in the dark interludes the truth they can perceive
    The blind are blinded by the will of Maratrea
    The deaf are deafened by the will of Maratrea
        She does this for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
    But whoever she blinds
        unto them will she without doubt restore sight
    And whoever she deafens
        unto them will she without doubt restore hearing
    Behold, there is naught that comes to pass,
        save that Maratrea wills it
O people of the earth! Adore your heavenly Mother
        and without doubt you will adore her
            as soon as that is her will
    for she has born you out of her very own being
    she emptied herself of the fulness of divinity
        in order to become you
    Whoever adores her, and therefore serves her Cause
        she will favour them with her favour for her Cause
        and favour them with protection from the wiles of the enmity
She who made for you the many worlds
    may among them you find rest from your labours!
        and may those who rest not on earth, rest well in heaven
    from her heaven she sends down the refreshing water of true wisdom
    the fruits that it waters in our hearts nourishes our souls
    So deny not that any true deity be a form of Maratrea
    when you now do know better
And if you are in doubt concerning
    that which she has revealed unto her faithful servants
    the Prophets whom she has chosen to lead her Cause
    then produce a teaching greater in beauty
    even call upon your helpers to assist you in this matter
But you will fail to so do
    as indeed all will always fail
        therefore adore She who burns as a fire
        the burning fire of desire
        her fuel is the many worlds she has become
        those who believe
            believe in obedience to her will
        and those who disbelieve
            disbelieve in obedience to her will
Give words of encouragement unto those who believe
        and unto those for whom it is her will
            that they believe not yet
        and do always such deeds as those who love beauty do
    She is preparing for you the gardens of blessedness
        criss-crossed by flowing rivers
    She is giving even know the sweet fruit of divine wisdom
            sustenance for your soul
        and having eaten thereof, you shall know it, and say
            this is as such of which we have eaten already
        many kinds of fruit shall you be given to eat
            but all those kinds of the very same essence
    She promises all the paradise of blessing
        and those who are among the blessed
            have the blessed alone as lovers
            whatever and whoever they desire
                in the depths of their hearts
            they will have precisely that
                of which they have dreamed
    And the blessed ones abide together in intimacy
        until they become one through union
        the first step in the return to the original oneness
Behold that the Goddess disdains not to teach you her wisdom
        through the similitude of things
            the great as well as the lowly
    those whom she has chosen to know in these present days
        will comprehend the truth from their Heavenly Queen
            and they will praise her that she has favoured them so
    but as to those whom she has not yet willed to believe
        they will comprehend not the wisdom it bestows
        but those she is drawing near unto truth
            will be intrigued thereby
    and some will say: the words of her Prophets mislead!
    but they mislead only those whose hearts despise beauty
    those whose hearts love beauty not enough to believe
Those who having vowed to serve the Cause of the Goddess
        do violate their vow
    And those who are guilty of crimes against love
        dividing those whom the Goddess has willed to be united
    And those who work mischief in the many worlds
        doing the will of the enmity and of the usurpers
    Whatever loss they cause, they very same do they lose themselves
    for they are not other than those whom they injure
How can it be that anyone believes not in the Goddess?
        Whoever believes not believes not by her will!
    For she created every soul out of her very own being
        She bore her children as successors of herself
        In emptying herself of the fulness of her divinity
        And dividing the original oneness of her into multiplicity
        She created the many worlds
    And she promises the fulness of blessing to every one of her children
        For there is no soul whom she does not love
It is she who created the many worlds
    in which the children she had born would dwell
        And she created many heavens as well
            As crowns upon the heads of the worlds
    She ordered them in perfect fulfillment of longings
        That the worlds she made in multiplicity had produced
    And perfect is her knowledge of all that is
        For there is none who she does not perfectly remember being
When your Heavenly Queen said unto those spirits that serve her
    I will become many
        and empty myself of the fulness of my divinity
            to dwell within many worlds
the spirits inquired of her wisdom, saying
    Will these new forms do evil
    Shed blood in a manner which all that love beauty will abhor
    And wage wars of utter injustice?
    Utmost is our concern!
But the ultimate Goddess answered them with perfect certainty
    Without doubt do I know many things of which you are ignorant
    Without doubt will this be a cause of many great beauties
And she taught her many children who she bore first and directly
    born by soul alone, without the distraction of bodily parentage
        she taught them the many names of her glory
    Then she presented them to the spirits that served her
        And she said unto those spirits:
            Declare unto me the mystery of my many names!
Yet thus did they reply:
    Incomparable is your glory, O Heavenly Queen!
    Naught do we know save that which unto us you have imparted
    Without doubt you are incomparable in knowledge and in wisdom!
Then said the Heavenly Queen
        O children of my very own soul, fragments of my very own being
        Recount unto these spirits my many mystic names
    And they had recounted unto the spirits every one of her true names
        thus did the Goddess say unto those spirits:
            Without doubt I know every secret of the heavens
            And every secret of the many worlds
            And all that I have told you is truthful
            Whatever you declare openly, that I know
            Whatever you conceal, that is also known unto me
Then she said unto those spirits vowed from the beginning to serve her
        Bow before these my children
        For unlike you, they are not other than me
        As they have been me and will be me
        For unlike you, they are souls
        As you are souls not, but mere semblances thereof
        And their destiny is the fulness of blessing
        As your destiny is to be but a servant thereunto
        Worship them as you worship me
            for they are not other than me
        As you worship them,
    Now all those spirits their assmebled
        who were truly vowed faithful to her service
            bowed in accordance with her request
    but there was one who had secreted himself among them
        unknown to the others
            but known perfectly to she who knows all things
        the name of that one was Pandal
            and he would not bow before the fruit of her glory
    He said, Such are unworthy that I would worship them
        thus did his unbelief become plainly visible
And she instructed her children to dwell
    in the primordial garden
        and whatever fruits they found therein
            they may eat thereof
            but to eat not the tree of the perfection of wisdom
            for the time appointed for its eating had not yet come
    Yet the fruit of wisdom they ate
        and they ate what was for a brief time their fill
        but before they could eat again, as they greatly desired
        from that tree they were removed
        that time enough would be granted
        for the many worlds to exist
By the chief of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
    were they led to eat of that which before they were to eat not
    to have but a taste, a glimpse of that which is to come
    to be followed by a lengthy interregnum.
And live in certain hope of that great and glorious day
        when at last you see her beauty face to face
    and every soul will receive
        all they truly long for in the depths of their hearts
    and in place of the fraudulent justice of the earth
        all will receive the perfect justice of heaven
O you who believe in the certainty of her promises
        and who have vowed yourselves
            to be faithful servants of her Cause!
    when you contract any debt for a fixed term
        then may it be recorded in writing
    if you know not how to write yourselves
        then may a scribe record your agreement truthfully
    and let no scribe be ungenerous in bestowing
        the fruits of that the skill
        with which the Goddess Maratrea has favoured them
        therefore may they write what the obliged one reports
    And may they adore Maratrea, their heavenly Queen
        and be not in any way untruthful   
    But if the one obliged is in any way incapable
        then may their guardian report on their behalf
            without deceit unto either party
    And bring two as witnesses from among your people
        and if anyone dare say
            the witness of the female is worth
                less than that of the male
        then without doubt that one is a false prophet
            who speaks as such
        and in false or corrupted scriptures
            will such sayings be found recorded
    And let the witnesses refuse not without good reason
        when they are called upon to witness
    And omit not to record these matters in writing
        whether they be great or small
    For this is more pleasing unto Maratrea in her will for her Cause
    For the avoidance of dissension among you
    But that which is agreed without a future term
        need not in writing be put
    And whatever agreements you reach, take witnesses to your agreements
    And may no scribe be harmed, neither any witness
    For whoever so does, is unfaithful to their vow to serve her Cause
    And adore Maratrea, the heavenly Queen
    For she has favoured you to bestow upon you wisdom and knowledge
    And perfect is the knowledge which she bestows
    For perfect is her knowledge of all things
And if you be upon a pilgrimage, or any other journey
        and a scribe be not near unto you
        and you yourself know not the art of writing
        then simply agree between yourselves
        and if one among you trust the other
        let the one being trusted keep faithfully that trust
        for the love of Maratrea and her Cause for the final end
    Conceal not any testimony from those deserving of truth
        But speak not of the error of another unto the usurpers
        For if you so do
            The guilt will become yours
            Of all that the usurpers do thereunto
            Of every false justice which they inflict
    And forget not that the Goddess perfectly remembers doing
        all that you do
To Maratrea belongs all that is in the heavens and the many worlds
    Whether you speak the secrets of your heart, or you conceal them,
    Maratrea knows them perfectly, for her heart is not other than hers,
    And perfectly does she remember her very own secrets
    Do not think therefore that she will judge you not
        in her very own self-judging
    There is none whom she forgives not, for all she forgives
        And if anyone she forgave not, she would forgive not herself
        For those who wrong her are not other than she herself
        And their every act they do by her own free choice
        Free of all compulsion apart her very nature and being
        In the end, every soul shall truly ask for forgiveness
        And to every soul whatever they truly ask will be granted
    For as to those who despise her
        She will seduce into loving her
        For incomparable is her love
        And incomparable is her power
The holy Prophets have believed
        in that which the heavenly Queen has revealed unto them
    and the believers have believed
        in that which the true Prophets have spoken
    All have believed in the goddess Maratrea
        and her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations
            servants, representatives and mediators
                in all true deities, both female and male
        and in the tutelary deities of the sacred animal tribes
            and subtribes
        and in the genedered roots
        and in every true deity
        and in the spirits that serve her in her Cause
            especially the great Navaletus
            captain of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
        and in her true Prophets
            and in the true scriptures in which they are recorded
    And may we say
        Every true Prophet is interchangeable with every other
        For the essence of their teachings are identical
        But the expression of that essence changes
        To meet the needs of the people in that time and place
    And having heard the divine truth
        may we vow ourselves faithful to her Cause of the final end
    It is your presence that we crave, O heavenly Queen
        and every great beauty that you have authored
        and the final destiny of every soul
            is to return to absolute identity with you
    The holy Prophets believe all that has been revealed unto them
        from the Queen who is in her heaven enthroned
        who showers the many worlds
        with the sweet rain of her divine wisdom
    And those whom she has favoured with true wisdom
        believe the great truths which her Prophets proclaim
    They believe in the ultimate Goddess
        and her many names, forms, aspects and emanations
    They believe in the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause
    The true Prophets whom she has appointed
    And the true scriptures in which their words are faithfully recorded
    And they say in absolute truthfulness:
        We make no distinction between her true Prophets
            we call not any greatest, neither any least
            we call not any first, neither any last
            prior to the day of Second Triumph
    And they say:
        We hear the truth of your Cause
        And resolve to be faithful to our vow thereunto
        And whenever we stray therefrom
            We hope for your favour to return us thereunto
            As indeed you have promised us
        For the end of all journeys
            Is the glory of the beauty
            That is not other than you
Maratrea burdens not any soul beyond its means
    Whatever true goodness it has desired it will without deceive
    But whatever grave wrongdoing it has visited upon others
        By the very same wrongdoing it will be visited
        Not by a new and different wrongdoing, however similar
    The Heavenly Queen condemns not her children for disobeying her will
        For however they disobey her will of ends
        That itself is perfect obedience to her will of means
    May she burden us not for the sake of means
        As she has burdened those who came before us
        For the earlier days were the days of means
        But the coming last days are the days of ends
    But whatever she sends unto us
        We have the strength to bear
        Even though we believe it not
    She loves us in spite of the wrongs that we do
        Indeed she loves the beauties which those very wrongs purchase
        Whatever we have done
            We have done in perfect obedience to her will of means
        Whatever anyone has done, so have we
        And whatever we have done, so has anyone, even she
        And as anyone and everyone has done
        So shall anyone and everyone do
    O perfect Goddess
        you are our refuge and our protection
            in your favour for your Cause
            and the certainty of your promises of Blessing
    Without doubt you will help your Cause
        against the usurpers and the unbelievers and the enmity