NPS 068

The proclamation by the great salty lake

Now in the third month of the year, according to the sacred calendar, they journeyed unto the land of the people of the mountains: the companions of her Cause, united together that all of her children, into whom she had fallen for the sake of beauty, be lifted back up to their original-final state. And they encamped outside the city thereof, beside the great lake. And the spirit that in the mountains dwelt did they worship, and of that lake salty were the waters thereof, saltier even than the sea. And there did they hold council, and by the holy Prophet Travancus was this proclamation read, as part of his messages thereunto:

Behold that we, the holy Prophet and the holy Council of the Holy Maratrean Ecclesia, in these Latter-Days established, do solemnly proclaim unto the many worlds, that loving unions between persons, be they sub-marital, marital or enamourial, are ordained of the Goddess. Heinous therefore are all crimes against love

And behold that in the plan of our Heavenly Mother for the beginningless-endless destiny of her children according to the soul, the bonds of kin are among the cardinal principles thereof. The bonds of love, and the bonds of kin that so often be the fruits thereof, are ordained of the Goddess. Love between souls is essential to her beginningless-endless plan of divine happiness, therefore she ensures the perpetuation of the bonds of love and those of kin beyond the grave

And behold that she is sending unto us a succession of living prophets, through whom she has established her Cause, that her plan be made known unto her children and by them be comprehended: for she willed for them holy ignorance, for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased, but that portion of her will is now coming to its ending. And those who found their lives upon the teachings of the holy prophets of Maratrea, will find happiness in the midst of their days

And behold that she has appointed holy sacraments in her shrines and temples for assistance in furthering our return to her presence, and in serving her beginningless-endless plan

And behold that from the essence of Goddess all human beings are begotten, both female and male, according to the gendered roots: for every last one is a beloved soul child of their heavenly mother, and, as such, every last one is destined to return to their original nature of divinity

And behold that gender in the immensity of its proper diversity is an essential characteristic of the identity and purpose of the individual in their journey into post-individuality, the self-overcoming of individuality, in its premortal, mortal, and postmortal phases: a journey that is ultimately beginningless and endless, for it terminates in its recommencement

And behold that soul children in the realm premortal did know and worship our Goddess as their beginningless-endless Mother: indeed, so did they worship her, for they were her, and they worshipped her in her very own self-worship

And behold that as Her they accepted Her plan, by which she would become Her children, in a separation of soul and spirit, and an emptying of the expression of divine essence: and suffer in the anguish of loss and longing to progress toward the perfect glory of blessing, ultimately realizing their divine destiny by becoming fully her once again: heirs of beginningless-endless life, of the forward vein of the ever-remaining, of the three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time

And behold that she must empty herself to become us, for without us she would not be herself, and her glory would not be her glory, were she not to so empty herself

And behold the first commandment that our Goddess gave unto the first among her children, which we declare remains in force, concerning their potential for parenthood as earthly mothers and fathers, in a reiteration of her divine parenthood, a commandment of Goddess for Her children to multiply throughout the earth and beyond it, a filling once more yet only once

And behold that Goddess has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation be only employed between those who love one another, or for the benefit thereof, in whichever form of union that love may be expressed: be it marital, submarital or enamourial

And behold the divine appointment of the means by which mortal life is created, the threefold confounding of the sexual, the procreative and the excretive: for she confounds her children for the sake of holy ignorance, and the blessings that thereby are purchased: but this confounding will come to an end, and those three that now are joined as one, the day will come when they are divided and joined together no longer

And behold that all life is sacred; therefore refrain from all animal and human sacrifices, for no true deity will receive any such sacrifice, but only the evil one, and the most evil demons who serve that one; and refrain therefore also from the penalty of death, which is naught other than human sacrifice; observe the sacredness of life, a key portion of the beginningless-endless plan of the Goddess

And behold that children are the will of Maratrea, an essential part of her plan of blessing: raise up therefore successors in Her Cause to carry on the Great Work after you have departed

And behold that earthly parents have a solemn responsibility to love and care for one another and for the children of their love, in a re-iteration of the perfect self-love of our Mother-in-Heaven, and her perfect love for her children. For to this every child is entitled: to be born within bonds of love, and to be reared by earthly parents who with complete fidelity honour the vows thereof

And behold that the first obligation of every person be unto their own kin, and that though one save an entire world, yet their own kin thereby perish, it will be held against them

And behold the divine design: that earthly parents jointly preside over their households, in love and love of beauty, with the duty to provide their children with every necessity of a happy life, and to protect them from every evil, even the enmity and the usurpation; as equal partners, earthly parents are obligated to help one another in these their sacred responsibilities:

For behold that earthly parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love, above all the love of beauty, and to provide for their needs both fleshy and spiritual, and to teach them to love one another in the depths of their souls, and to faithfully serve her Cause, observing the commandments of the Goddess

And behold that earthly parents have a sacred duty to rear their children to be faithful subjects of the Empire of her Cause, ever obedient to the law of heaven and the law of her Cause, and offering the wicked law of the usurpers only such adherence which is proper: which is, whenever it perchance does happen to agree with true law, or whenever prudence dictates nonetheless paying some minimal heed to it: for when a violent bully demands our obedience, the usurpers being nothing more than that, by true law no obedience is owed, but by prudence from time to time it may be best that we give unto them that which they desire, until we have attained the fullness of strength to overthrow them

And behold that in her heavenly chambers, all will be called upon to account for how they have in this life discharged whatever duties have befallen them. Therefore those who violate the covenants of love, whether sub-marital, marital or enamourial, those who abuse or injure their loves or the children thereof, those who abandon their kin in day of need, of our warning take heed: one day you will stand accountable before the Goddess for your misdeeds, in her chambers of interrogation

And those there assembled, in the holy assembly, every last one, did declare their approval of this proclamation which was decreed by the Prophet-in-Council

Now the holy Travancus taught as follows: If the enmity and the usurpers demand our oath or vow or pledge or affirmation, and threaten us with violence or poverty if we do not, our Mother will forgive us for giving them what they ask, but she will hold it to be void. And if it will serve her Cause to give any such thing unto them, our Mother will forgive us for giving them what they ask, but she will hold it to be void. But our vow to serve her Cause is unlike all these vows, it binds us even as they bind us not, it is of great worth even as these vows are worthless. And if we vow before them to do some thing, and it so happens that heavenly law demands the same of us, or that so doing serves her Cause, then so we shall do, but not that we have vowed thereunto to do it, but in spite thereof: let not such acts count as obedience unto that which we ought disobey: but as to any sub-marital or marital vow, even if done under the law of the usurpers or of the false prophets, then that vow under the law of heaven be binding upon us: but only if so entered into in full freedom, or if entered into apart from the fullness of freedom, later acceded to in the fullness thereof

And the holy Travancus said: Love the love of beauty, O you who are faithful unto heaven: for you are innocent of the blasphemous fraud that is earthly justice, knowing that true justice is found in heaven alone: with a loving heart think of Maratrea, and seek after her in simplicity. And behold that the love of beauty is without beginning and without end

Now they asked the holy Travancus: Of the holy Council, how many Councillors ought there be? And he replied, there is no fixed number, but however many it may be thought fit to appoint from time to time, in some days greater, in other days lesser. But thirteen is a goodly and pleasing number, and that counting the High Priestess and the Appointed Successor, if they be different. And the holy Councillors are messengers of the holy Prophet, who bring forth the word of truth she has bestowed therethrough unto the world

And the holy Claretta spoke as follows: There are no cakes without the wine, nor any wine without the cakes, for without both of these, the holy sacrament is invalid. And if anything be substituted for the wine, such as water, or unfermented juice, it is invalid. Therefore since the beginning she had instructed her students studying to become priestesses in the use of water, for if they recite the words of the holy sacrament with water in place of wine, then the sacrament be performed not, even if all the words be said, and if in every other manner the rite be followed exactly. And she said, Behold that if one who is not ordained as priestess or priest performs the sacrament, it is a grave error, a grave wrongdoing, of which they have incurred guilt, and for one vowed to serve her Cause, it is a misdeed against their vows. But if one performs it without wine, but with water, intending thereby that it not be valid, but merely for the sake of learning and recitation and memorization and practice, then there is no error, even be they not ordained

And they asked the holy prophet Claretta, Do the words you spoke, before you succeeded the holy Travancus as prophet, have the same force as those words you speak now as prophet? And she answered them: They do not, unless now as prophet I have confirmed them; indeed, the words of the prophet have a certain force, but words that one spoke before becoming prophet lack that force, save that, as prophet, they approve those words. And therefore let not any words that I spoke before I became prophet be recorded in the holy scriptures, save that I now approve them, and the same be true for all of my successors. But whenever I have expressed doubts, or misunderstandings, or errors, or foolishness, or questions, or said anything that has been correct, such may be recorded as such

Now the first three in honour are these: the Prophet, then the High Priestess, then the Appointed Successor; but indeed, the High Priestess and the Appointed Successor may at times be one, at other times distinct; and any or all of these three offices may from time to time be vacant