NPS 064

The Great Cynomorphic One
  1. And I saw in the left hand of she who was seated upon the throne, a scroll of finest parchment, written on both sides, sealed with thirteen seals.
  2. And a loud booming voice, that of the great Navaletus, proclaimed: Who has the wisdom to comprehend what is written in this book, and to break the seals which cover its secrets?
  3. But as yet, none in the heavens, nor in the many worlds, was able to open the book, to read what is written therein. And I greatly lamented, that none were found wise enough to break those seals, and to read what was written therein
  4. for earnest was the desire of my heart to read what was written therein, for I knew what this scroll was - the record of all the branches, the desire and blessing for which they were caused to be, and the proof of the many-bejewelled.
  5. Then one of the priestesses said unto me: Lament not: Behold that the one whom the dog signifies, leader of the people of her Cause, the root of a kingly tree, has been granted the wisdom to open the book, and to loosen the thirteen seals thereof.
  6. And I beheld, in the midst of the throne, and the five living creatures, and in the midst of the thirty-seven priestesses, stood one who had assumed the form of a dog,
  7. that the more common form of that one be veiled for now from me, that I know not which one that one would be - for indeed, that one shall be not one, but many, in many branches from herenow descending
  8. and this dog was wounded, yet despite its grave wounds had lived, and gone on to conquer
  9. and it wore a vest embroidered with thirteen sigils, signifying the thirteen chief spirits of the most holy Cause, by whom her Cause is established in the many worlds.
  10. And this one came, and took the scroll from the left hand of she who sat upon the throne; and willingly did she give it up to that one.
  11. And having taken the book, the five living creatures and the thirty-seven priestesses bowed before this dog, and the thirty-seven priestesses had in their hands the sacred lyres, and golden vials of the sweetest perfumes, which are the prayers of the blessed ones.
  12. And they sung a song, which I had not heard sung before,
  13. Of sufficient wisdom are you to take this book, and open the seals thereof
  14. You who have been wounded by the enemies of true wisdom,
  15. Yet despite those wounds you have conquered all things
  16. You who have been wounded by every tribe, every tongue, every people, every nation
  17. For among all those have been found the enemies of the most holy Cause
  18. A sacredotal kingdom have you established among the people of the many worlds
  19. As you have made them one people with the people of her most holy Cause
  20. And in the many worlds shall they reign,
  21. By true right, and not by usurpation.
  22. And I saw and heard many spirits surrounding the throne and the five living creatures and the thirty-seven priestesses, and the numeration of them I knew not, for it was written in the scroll I could not read; but a myriad myriad it be at least; and thus did they proclaim:
  23. Great is the wisdom of the cynomorphic one, the wounded conqueror, whereupon this one shall receive the great power, to reign over all who therein are, by right not usurpation;
  24. and the all riches of the world thereof, and all the wisdom of the many worlds, and that transcending, and strength, and honour, and esteem; and all blessedness.
  25. And every being which is in the heavens, and in the many worlds, shall sing a song of praise, in the day in which that scroll is read:
  26. Honour and glory and might, be unto She who sits upon the throne, and unto the cynomorphic one: and the fruit of all blessing: until all things end, but to begin again.
  27. And the five living creatures said, Praise there be. And the thirty-seven priestesses fell down and worshipped she who lives without beginning and without end, in three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time.