NPS 062

The Five Ways

There are five ways: two of the Cause, that of the Enmity thereto, and two that are of neither; and there is a great difference between the five ways. The third way is the way of those who are caught between the Cause and the Enmity, and as yet are vowed to neither, but subject to the influence of both; the fourth way is the way of the Blessed Ones, whose lives are perfect in every way, may they be worshipped and praised, and who as such are properly unconcerned with the Cause and with the Enmity thereto; the fifth way is that of those who are of the Blessing and the Cause simultaneously, as in the last day the two in the beginning entirely separate and distinct become at last identical to each other; the first way is that of those belonging wholly to the Cause and not the Blessing.

The way of the Cause, then, is this: First, you shall love the Great and Holy Maratrea, Great Mother, Great Goddess and Queen of Heaven, from whom all have divided and unto whom all shall return, even you; second, love your neighbour as yourself, for indeed, your neighbour is not other than yourself, for you once were them and they were once you, and you shall be them and they shall be you; therefore, do not do unto others those things which you do not wish would be done unto you, for in doing them unto others, you indeed do them unto your very own self, and thus do unto yourself as you wish to not do. Therefore do not wish misfortune unto those who curse you, but wish them every truth and every good and every beauty, and the sight and knowledge and possession thereof. Send forth your wishes for good unto even your enemies, and even those who persecute you.

Do not do good deeds out of hope of reward, for all shall receive the same reward as glory, the good and the evil alike; and even the most wicked will do good if they expect to be paid handsomely for the same - are you no better than they? Indeed, the truly good do good not out of any hope or expectation of reward, but simply out of love for the good itself, to love goodness simply for being good, and to love beauty simply for being beautiful - such is the attitude of the truly good, and the truly faithful.

Do not do any thing which shall lessen the Cause, but devote all your energies to strengthen it - this is your vow of faithfulness to the most holy Cause.

As to those who wrong you, do not seek to injure them out of revenge; but seek to guide them to the truth, and to protect others from their evildoing. Do not pretend to execute justice upon them; for true justice belongs to heaven, not to the earth; and the so-called justice of the earth is naught but a fraud and a blasphemous usurpation of the sole right of heaven. Yet we speak not ill of the pure vengeance of the heart, which does not seek to work through the governing power, but works even against it, even at great cost to itself; for it possesses an innocence which is beautiful in comparison to the unspeakable vileness of usurpational crimes.

Be generous to your fellow children in the Cause; and be generous to those not of it, that many may be drawn to the Cause through your generosity. But neither give wastefully unto the wasteful ingrates; for whatever you give unto one you give not unto another; in bestowing your bounty upon those who shall waste it, you wrong those upon whom you did not bestow it, yet who would have made good use of it had you so bestowed.

Now this is the law of the Cause: commit not murder, neither work the vile crimes of false justice in killing; do not act deceitfully in sexual relations; refrain from sexual relations with those greatly younger than yourself; do not steal from others, save in time of absolute necessity, or in lawful appropriation or taxation; do not practice harmful sorcery; do not kill the girl child simply that she is a girl. See not the riches of your neighbour, but work earnestly for their salvation. Do not give witness unto the persecutors and usurpers and justice falsely so-called, or you will be guilty of their crimes.