NPS 061

The Discourse at Trevanola

Now this is the teaching which the holy Travancus delivered at Trevanola: And the holy Travancus taught as follows: Haggle not neither barter in the marketplace – the honest merchant has one price for all, clearly stated, that the buyer may accept or reject; but the dishonest merchant has many prices! The honest merchant offers the fair price first; the dishonest merchant mentions first a price excessive. Now if one be purchasing a great quantity, or if the wares have some defect, this ruling applies not, and then one may negotiate.

The holy Travancus spoke as follows: If an assassin’s knife cut me down, kill not my assassin, neither torture him. If an assassin’s knife cut down my dearest Claretta, kill him not, neither torture him. If anyone be killed by anyone, this is the law of heaven: kill not the killers, for those who kill the killers are naught but killers themselves; torture not the torturers, for those who torture the torturers are naught but torturers themselves. Justice belongs to heaven alone, and can be found not upon the earth; and those who claim to have found it upon the earth, have found naught but a blasphemous fraud, which is the work of Pandal’s servants. Therefore he gathered together all the people of the Cause, and led them in the recitation of this oath – which to this day is always recited by the people of the Cause – and they said: Hear me people of the many worlds, if ever I be slain, by whomever, for whatever reason they might claim to have, kill not the one who slew me, neither torture them; if ever I be tortured, by whomever, for whatever reason they might claim to have, however gruesomely, kill them not, neither torture them; if anyone whom I love, be it my mother or father, my sister or brother, my daughter or son, or any other family of mine, or any of my dear friends, be killed or tortured, neither kill nor torture the one who did as such to them – O people of the world, refrain from such evil! And do not such evil in our names, or in the names of those whom we love! For this is an evil which we detest more greatly than those evils you seek to repay.

Now the holy Travancus taught, that if one dwells in a land in which bloody sacrifices are offered, and one hears that one is to be offered – if one can, rescue the victim; but if there is no hope of rescuing them, and one will only become a victim one’s self, then seek not to rescue them. It is better that the Cause live for tomorrow, then be extinguished today; for if we live until tomorrow, tomorrow we will be stronger, and have the power to defeat evils we cannot defeat today, and thus tomorrow those evils will be defeated; but if we die today, and live not until tomorrow, then there will be none tomorrow with the power to defeat those evils, and thus those evils will endure for many ages hence. Better to allow evil to live today, that we defeat it tomorrow; then perish today in the battle against evil, leaving none tomorrow to defeat it. But, when one hears that this will come to pass, Offer up this prayer:

Holy Mother Maratrea,
on this day of great evil, in which the servants of Pandal truly reign
in this land in which they reign through usurpation
protect us from all of their evil
and from the most evil demons whom they serve
protect your Cause
that it may triumph over them
and assume the place
grant the glory of blessing unto this most unfortunate soul
whose body is about to be swallowed up in the mouth of Pandal
a bloody mouth, with teeth most fierce
may they come to know the glory of the beauties their suffering has purchased
to know and love and adore those beauties
proper to their heart, purchased by this their suffering
and may this wickedness and evil cease
as the usurpers are cast down from their places of usurpation.

Now the holy Travancus said: When their bloody, wicked, awful sacrifice is to take place in a public place, attend it not. Save that, if you may safely attend to make known to them their evil, do so; but avert your eyes from the evil itself, lest the most evil demons there feasting enter into your soul. And save that, if the poor victim be one known to you, you may do whatever is most helpful to allay their suffering. And if it is to take place in a private place, and you have the opportunity to attend, then attend only if one may safely use this chance to protest that evil, or if your presence will benefit the victim; once again, avert one’s eyes from the vile act itself, lest the demons feasting enter into your soul.

Now the holy Travancus taught, that when entering a land in which bloody sacrifices unto Pandal are offered, one ought to pray this prayer:

Holy Mother Maratrea,
through your favour for your Cause
which I am vowed to serve
as I sojourn in this land
protect me from the most evil demons which reign over it
who are in this land worshipped and praised
for this land is stained with the stench of bloody sacrifices
unto their master, the most pallid Pandal
sacrifices of utmost wickedness
which pleases the lord of all wickedness
by which this land is stained with wickedness
may the wicked usurpers be cast down
and their place be assumed by those you have chosen

And when leaving such a land in which one has been sojourning, this shall you pray:

Holy Mother Maratrea
through your favour for your Cause
which I am vowed to serve
may your Cause soon assume the place
of the usurpers who falsely reign in wickedness
in this land in which I have been sojourning
may soon the armies of your Cause flood in
to cast down the wicked usurpers from their place
by their worship of their god Pandal
and the many evil demons which serve him
and their offering of bloody wicked sacrifices thereunto
upon which those demons feast with glee
they have clearly demonstrated themselves
to be vile usurpers, unworthy of any power
soon may your Cause take from them all their power!

 Now the holy Travancus sent forth emissaries unto all the surrounding nations, who said unto them: It is our wish that you execute not anyone, neither torture anyone; for our Goddess has revealed unto us that such acts are contrary to her heavenly law. Yet we acknowledge, that though we may respectfully ask that you obey it, it would be improper for us, desiring as we do to live in peace with you, and avoid needless wars, to impose such upon you. And yet, if you execute or torture any of our people, who are under our protection – meaning those born in our lands, or whose ancestors were born in our lands, or who adhere to our religion – then we cannot consider such the act of a friend. Therefore let us propose to you, a covenant among all the nations: That no nation party to this covenant, shall execute or torture a person under the protection of any other party, save with the consent of that other party. And we will let it be known, that for those under our protection, such consent will never be forthcoming, nor will we ever ask it of you for anyone under yours; but as to other nations, party to this covenant, they will have between them the power to request such consent, and to grant or withhold it, as they wish. Let this be a covenant of peace and friendship between us.

Now some among the people of the Cause opposed this covenant. They went unto Travancus, and said unto him:  We urge you, O Prophet, to make not this agreement with them. For they are evildoers, whose evil must be destroyed; yet you are not destroying them, but even making peace, sitting down in agreement. You say unto them: O evildoers, refrain from a small part of your evil, but the rest you may do. Thus ought you say unto them: O evildoers, refrain from the whole of your evil, or you will be destroyed. But Travancus answered them as followers: Evildoers indeed they are, but the day for their destruction has not yet come; for there are beauties there evil is yet to purchase. Without doubt, they will be destroyed utterly, in all of their evils; but until that day does come, it is better that we encourage them to do evil a little less, than that we do naught and they remain in the fullness of their evil. You call on me to destroy them, but at this hour if we wage war against them, we will destroy not them, but only ourselves. But wait a little while longer, for we are ever growing in power, then shall come the day of the final battle, in which we shall without doubt be victorious over them. And I tell you, though it is our responsibility to seek the good for all who live; and yet, unto those who are dear to our hearts, we owe a special responsibility yet further. Goodly is it that we save them from some wretched fate from which we cannot yet save others.

And the holy Travancus said: Believe in the divine revelation, as expressed in the true scriptures, which record the teachings of the true prophets; a continuing stream of revelation, which shall cease not until all things cease.

Thus spoke the holy Travancus:
    O how great is the glory of our Goddess
            what inutterable beauty!
        for she knows all that is
            all that has ever been
            and all that ever shall be
        and what she knows not, is not
            and has never been
            and shall never be
    She has born the many worlds
        that every last one therein know blessing
            know her very glory in its fulness
        a knowledge bought only by suffering
            but as anyone suffers
                so she has suffered
                and shall suffer
            for she is not other than anyone who suffers
        for all suffer, and all are blessed through suffering