NPS 058

The commandments given at Mazarava

Now this is the glory of the commandments, which the holy Travancus revealed at Mazarava: Know that there is an ultimate Goddess, the one single soul at the beginning-end of the circle of time, from whom all have divided and unto whom all shall return, Great Mother, Great Goddess, Queen of Heaven: Entertain not thoughts of any deities that are not of her, that are not among her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives or mediators. Know that She is the original-final unity which freely divides herself into every soul that is, ever was, or ever shall be. Love her. Fear her not, but fear her beauty, and fear every beauty, for all beauty is of her. Sanctify her many holy names. Profane not any among her many holy names Destroy not any thing associated with any among her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives and mediators. Listen to the prophets speaking in her many names. Test not her prophets unduly. Emulate Her ways according to her will of ends, but not according to her will of means; neither seek to blasphemously and fraudulently usurp what is hers alone, and is found not upon the earth, but only in heaven, which is the only true justice. Cleave to those who know Her, which is the people of her Cause. Love fellow servants of her Cause. Love the new convert to her Cause. Hate not fellow the servants of her Cause. Reprove those who engage in grave wrongdoing: crimes against love, bloody sacrifices, fraudulent blasphemous justice. Embarass not others needlessy, neither needlessly shame them, even with their transgressions. Oppress not the weak, but lead them unto the truth of her Cause. Spread not gossip about others, even be it truthful; but do not be afraid to report anything you have heard unto the captains of her Cause, if they might find it useful; neither fear to openly declare the wickedness of the enmity and the usurpers that seeks to destroy us. Take not revenge, save in the gravest of circumstances. Bear not grudges, for they benefit not the progress of her Cause. Learn the true Scriptures, and teach them. Honour those who teach and know the true Scriptures. Inquire into every manner of idolatry, and practice whatever forms thereof are found to be fitting. Follow your heart in the depth of its longings; and when the great beauty comes before your eyes, follow it. Blaspheme not in any way; blaspheme not any of her idols, nor any among her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives and intermediaries; neither blasphemy through the blasphemy of earthly justice, for true justice is found in heaven alone. Worship idols in the manner which pleases Maratrea, but not in a manner which displeases her. Bow down to those idols which have been declared to be among her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives and intermediaries. Make idols for yourselves, of her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives and intermediaries. And likewise make idols for others. Decorate your dwellings with images of beauty, of the rivers and lakes and trees, of the sun and moon and stars, of the sky and the clouds and the rain, of the sacred animals, and of the beauty of the human flesh. Turn every city unto idolatry, and unto service to her Cause. Hold a great feast for every city that has turned unto the worship of idols, and light fires in its honour. Repair and improve every city that turns unto idolatry. Derive great benefit from every city that turns unto idolatry. Invite whoever one can unto idol worship, and unto service unto her Cause. Love all those who invite others unto idol worship, and unto service unto her Cause. Never cease loving the missionaries of her Cause. Save the missionaries of her Cause whenever they are distressed. Speak always in defence of the missionaries of her Cause. Do not anything which might subject them to false justice. Prophesise in the names of all the true idols. Listen to every true prophet, who prophesises in the names of true idols; listen not to the false prophet, who commands that idols be smashed. Prophesise not falsely in any name, form, image, aspect, emanation, servant, representative or intermediary of the ultimate Goddess. Kill not neither injure any false prophet, but bring them to knowledge of the truth. Swear every oath and vow before an idol. Inquire always of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause. Practice the holy rite of divining the will of the spirits with incense: Call upon the spirit to descend and inhabit the idol, offering incense to it. Perform prostations and the sacred sign of the hands, offer a cup of wine unto the spirits and drink it on their behalf. Then inquire thereof, and the spirit shall answer you. And practice the holy rite of divining the will of the spirits with the vapours of the two sacred resins. Burn not the resins, but heat them upon a flame, and through the pipe inhale them, while reciting prayers unto the spirits; may they enter into you, and you speak words of prophecy. Offer your children unto the Heavenly Queen that they be under the protection of her favour for her Cause, that they may live long and happy lives. Offer them to her before the sacred fire. Erect columns, inscribing upon them the teachings of the prophets of her Cause, and bow down before those columns in worship. Carve sacred images from stone, and worship her through them. Plant trees in the courtyard of every Temple. Destroy not any idol, nor any altar or shrine or temple of any idol, save for the idols of Pandal. Now as to those upon whom bloody sacrifices have been offered, they may be purified with salt and with vinegar. But as for the idol of Pandal, or whose worship is inseparable from bloody sacrifices and crimes against love and fradulent justice and other such atrocities, whose worship is irredeemable, that shall you shatter and destroy. Derive benefit from every idol, and from all the accoutrements thereof: and you will be favoured through them, and thus derive benefit from them; but benefit not from the idols of Pandal, the idols unto whom bloody sacrifices are offered, nor from the accoutrements thereof. Derive benefit from the ornaments of idols: for you will be favoured through them, and thus derive benefit from them; save from the idols of Pandal. But the ornaments of the idols of Pandal, from them you shall benefit not, for they bring not favour, only disfavour. But the gold and silver thereof, having been melted, may benefit the holy Cause. Make a covenant of peace with every idolater, save those who engage in bloody sacrifices and like evils. But if they desist from such, make peace with them. Favor even those who worship different idols from you, save those who worship according to Pandal. Permit not those who serve Pandal to dwell in your lands. Dress not in the atire of the priests of Pandal, nor imitate them in the vileness of their customs. Practice enchantment and true divination. Whoever enters into a trance, shall claim not to foresee future things, save for that which she has promised through her Prophets. Fear not to befriend the stars; practice therefore true astrology. Mutter sacred incantations, for such are pleasing to the spirits who serve her in her Cause. Seek not to converse with the spirits of the dead, for they will not at this time converse with you; but you may converse with those spirits who have conversed with them. Consult with those who inquire of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause. Consult with those who practice the holy rite of divining the will of the spirits with incense, and the holy rite of diving the will of the spirits with the vapours of the two sacred resins. And to those who have been granted the power to bring about marve;s, hesitate not to use that power in the service of her Cause. Men must shave hair off the sides of their head, and offer it before the holy idol. Men must shave their cheeks and neck and upper lip with a razor; but those who belong to any male Great Order are exempted. Now they asked the holy Travancus, yet you do not this, yet nor to any male Great Order do you belong? He replied: For the memory of Nesuva I have foresworn such love in these here branches; for those who are as I am, we are exempted from this commandment. And they asked the holy Travancus: Must the members of the male Great Orders be bearded? He replied: Each of them may adopt for themselves whatever law they wish: some may compel their members one way, others another, and others leave them free from such compulsions. The holy Travancus said: I will permit not a man to wear the attire of a woman, nor a woman to wear the attire of a man. But as to that one who says, I desire to be other than I am, to that one I will permit whatever they desire. Now they brought him a woman who was dressed in the robes of a man, Grenaca daughter of Clavenra, and they said unto him: Most holy prophet, this woman is acting in violation of your command! Tell us, what shall we do to her? He said, O Claretta, go forth into the garden, and bring me a pleasant flower; and she did as he had requested. Then when she had returned, he said unto the woman, Were I to place this flower in your hair, would you wear it with joy, or with sorrow? She responded, With joy would I wear it, O prophet. So he placed the flower in her hair; then he declared: Now she is dressed, not in the attire of a man, but in the attire of a woman. And the holy Claretta said: O beloved, great is your beauty; would you only honour it more greatly than you have heretofore. And Grenaca replied, Whatever be my beauty, greater be yours, O most holy Claretta; whatever you ask of me, I shall gladly do. And on that day the holy Claretta took her under her care. And on another occassion, they brought unto him one of the Great Order of Frumerus, who wore the attire of a woman. And they said unto him, O holy Prophet, what shall we do to him? And he replied: Do naught; for this commandment applies not to those of the male Great Orders; but they must rather obey whatever commanndment in this matter their Great Order gives, if it indeed gives any.