NPS 057

The Book of Seraglia


1] The words of the Goddess Maratrea, which she spoke unto the holy Prophet Travancus at a time when he was caught up unto an exceedingly high mountain; and behold that it was the holy mountain above New Tradicarus.
2] And he saw the Goddess Maratrea face to face, and he talked with her, and the glory of the Goddess was upon Travancus; what joy did Travancus find to be once more in her presence!
3] And the Goddess Maratrea spoke unto the holy Travancus, saying: Behold, I am the Goddess Maratrea, absolute in power over the many universes I have born, universes which are beyond your powers of numeration; I endure without beginning and without end, remaining in the utmost perfection of my being, even as I willing lessen myself for a time to become you my children.
4] In many universes I am known under many names; but in the last days of every branch, my names are by all praised.
5] Behold that you are my beloved child, whom I have willingly become, and who in turn will willingly become me: for once I was you, and once you were me, and once more I shall be you, and once more you shall be me.
6] Look, and I will show you many among the universes which I have born, in many branches from herenow descending and besides herenow descending; yet though many among them I will show you, I will show you not all.
7] Indeed, none could behold them all, for though they be finite in number, yet they are a finitude too great for your mind to comprehend them; many years shall pass until your mind rises to the greatness necessary to comprehend all my works; having risen to such greatness, it will be but a little off being being.
8] And I have a work for you, Travancus, my beloved child; you are, my child, as are all my children, of one nature and essence of me, begotten of my very being; your souls are begotten of myself alone, for though the body has two parents, a father and a mother, yet the soul has but one parent alone, who I am, your heavenly mother and mother of every soul;
9] From among my children I haven chosen my Prophets, among whom I have chosen you, to lead my Cause through which my worlds will be saved from the suffering I have visited upon them for the sake of beauty; my Prophets overflow with the favours I have bestowed upon them, among which is the wisdom to know my truth;
10] There is no true deity who is not a name, form, image, servant, representative, aspect, emanation, or mediator of me; all things are present before my mind, and whatever anyone knows, I know, and whatever I know not, is known by none, nor shall ever be known.
11] And now, behold, there is one thing which I shall show unto you, O Travancus, my child; this thing which I show unto you, for you are among the worlds which I have born, and in those branches wherein you herenow dwell, I have appointed you leader of my Cause.
12] And it did come to pass that the holy Travancus looked, and he beheld the world within which he had been placed, having been born of his heavenly mother in heaven, his soul had descended thereunto; and Travancus beheld the world, and the most distant ends thereof, amidst the furthest stars; and all of the many souls which she had born and had placed within this world; and he greatly marvelled and wondered at this which she had shown unto him.
13] And the presence of the Goddess then withdrew from Travancus, and her glory was no longer with him, and he was left unto himself; and as he was left unto himself, he fell unto the earth.
14] And many hours passed before Travancus regained strength in his spirit; therefore he said, How little do I see know that I am; as I had never thought of myself.
15] Once more now have I seen the Goddess; not with my earthly eyes, but with the eye of spirit: would I say that I have seen her true form, or rather whichever form she felt most fitting to reveal herself unto me under; for does any spirit other than her have the strength to perceive her as she truly is?
16] Now it came to pass that as the holy Travancus had said these words, behold, Pandal sent one among his servants unto him, saying: Travancus, mere mortal, worship Pandal!
17] But the holy Travancus looked unto this servant of Pandal, sent unto him to molest his spirit, and said: Who are you? And who is your lord? Behold that I am a child of the ultimate Goddess, of one essence with her, according to my soul begotten of her alone: what glory has your lord that I would adore him?
18] For behold, the Goddess has revealed to my spirit the fulness of her glory, or inasmuch thereof as my heart could bare to see - having seen as such, having beheld such a glorious and terrible beauty, I know without doubt that naught other divinity could be, save such be under her but a name, a form, an image, a servant, a representative, an aspect, an emanation, a mediator.
19] But which of these is your lord? Blessed is the Goddess, under whichever of her many names she is known; her former presence has not departed from me completely, but remains in my heart, alongside the great Navaletus, captain of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause; what glory has your lord? His glory is naught but a barrenness, a foul stench.
20] Thus can I judge between your lord, and every true divinity; for the Goddess said unto me: Worship the Goddess, and through her many true forms; for none but her shall you serve, but in serving her true forms you serve her.
21] Depart now from me, you vile servant of Pandal; though many you will deceive, you will deceive me not; for my heavenly mother has said unto me, and proven the truth thereof unto my heart: You are of one essence with me, you whom according to your soul were begotten by me alone.
22] And she bestowed upon me also the law of her Cause, when she called unto me out the flames from within that sacred cavern, the entrance to which was marked by the sacred tree-grove, saying: Call upon the Goddess in her many names, for she alone has begotten you, therefore worship none save that through them you worship her.
23] And once more said the holy Travancus unto that vile servant of Pandal: I will cease not to call upon the Goddess; for indeed, as much as many great truths has she bestowed upon me, the gift of wisdom with which she has favoured me, yet many further things have I to inquire of her:
24] Having been favoured so many times with the sight and presence of her glory, I can judge well between those spirits which serve her Cause and those spirits which serve your lord; therefore depart from me, you vile servant of Pandal.
25] And now, when the holy Travancus had spoken these words, Pandal cried with a loud voice, and went forth throughout the world, ranting and raving through his servants, and thus he commanded unto his servants: I am alone am the self-begotten; worship me alone, and worship none other; worship none through me, neither worship me through anyone; but worship me alone, for I alone am worthy of worship, I alone am worthy of praise!
26] Behold that I am the one true god, who created the heavens and the earth! Hearing this clamour of the servants of Pandal, the holy Travancus began to fear exceedingly; and thus beginning to fear, he saw the bitterness of the hate which the servants of Pandal have for all that is good and beautiful and true.
27] Nevertheless, calling upon his heavenly Mother and Queen, the Goddess Maratrea, he received of her the favour of strength in his spirit, and he commanded the spirits of Pandal, saying unto them: Depart from me, most vile Pandal! Depart from me, most vile servants thereof! I will worship none save Maratrea, and those through whom she is worshipped, for she is the Goddess of utmost glory, her glory being exceeded by none.
28] And hearing this, the most palid Pandal trembled with anger, and his anger caused event he earth to shake; but the holy Travancus received of Maratrea the favour of strength in his spirit; therefore he called upon her favour for her Cause, saying:
29] In the names of she who alone begat me, begone, most vile Pandal! And it came to pass that the servants of Pandal cried with loud voices, with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and withdrew from the presence of Travancus, so that they no longer disturbed his peace.
30] And now of these matters the holy Travancus left a record; and if they ever become unknown among her children upon the earth, such shall come to pass by the power of the servants of Pandal, who always oppose her Cause, and from time to time do vanquish it entirely; but whenever it is vanquished, she re-establishes it;
31] and in any branch in which it is vanquished, there is another branch besides in which the very same establishment proceeds directly unto glory; and in every branch there is a latest establishment therefrom descending proceeding directly unto glory.
32] And it came to pass that when the spirits of Pandal had departed from the presence of the holy Travancus, he lifted his eyes up unto the heavens, and he was filled with Navaletus, the captain of the spirits of her Cause,
33] who bears record of the Goddess Maratrea, and that all are of one essence with her, begotten of her alone as her children, begotten of her very own being; for every child of hers is one whom she has become, and every child of hers is one who will become her.
34] And calling upon the great name of the Goddess, appointed unto his branch, Maratrea, he beheld once more the presence of her glory, as it descended once more upon him; and he heard her voice, saying: Favoured are you with my favour for my Cause,
35] O Travancus my child, whom I have appointed as my Prophet to lead my Cause in these here days; in the immensity of my power I have favoured you to be stronger than the many great floods of woe which shall descend upon you; and the servants of my Cause will hear my words through your mouth.
36] And behold that I am with you, even unto your very last breath; for you have delivered the people of my Cause from chains of usurpation, the people whom I have chosen.

1] And it came to pass, as her voice was still speaking unto him, that Travancus cast his eyes and beheld this world, these branches, in which he dwelt, unto which he had been appointed; and he beheld even the entire circumfrence of the earth, and the sun and the stars beyond it, and other earths in their circumference also; naught concerning which he beheld not, discerning it by the power which Maratrea had favoured him with, through her servant the great Navaletus.
2] And he beheld the many souls, which in this universe she had born, which in these branches, dwelt; and he discerned them by that power with which he had been favoured, and great was their number, so great that it was beyond his power to ennumerate them.
3] And he beheld many spheres, like unto that sphere upon which he dwelt, which were also inhabited.
4] And he asked his heavenly mother, A great expanse of blackness have you set between these separate spheres; how may those who dwell on one travel unto the other? And she answered him, saying, Many years hence I will favour them with that very power! And Travancus say the tears of the people of the many earths, and they were enough to fill the sea many times over.
5] Therefore the holy Travancus called upon the Goddess, saying: To what end have you made all these many earths, these many earths overflowing with such wickedness and suffering? And that this be but one universe among countless others which you have made?
6] But one branch, but a few branches, amongst myriad upon myriad upon myriad of branches? And, behold the glory of Maratrea descended upon Travancus, that she was once more amidst her presence, and talked with her face to face.
7] And the Goddess Maratrea said unto Travancus: All these tears have I made for the sake of the great beauties which are purchased by them; alas, dear Travancus, the day has not yet come for you to be acquainted with any more than a few among them; but without doubt, and certain are my promises, every last one of them will you come to know with perfect intimacy, in due course, at the appointed time;
8] and having become intimated with them all, you will be not other than as I am even now, you will have returned to your original oneness with me.
9] This is the greatest wisdom, may it remain in you your entire life long, and great will be the glory for my Cause that shall be its fruit.
10] By my power I have begotten many worlds; limited are they in number, yet far beyond your powers of numeration; by my will I begat them out of my very own being, for every soul is begotten only by me, and thus is among my children, and the heirs and successors of my very own self;
11] Though I have sent them to dwell in ignorance, for the sake of the great beauties that ignorance will purpose, yet in the last days I shall favour every last one of them with the truth; and my Cause is a foretaste of the last days.
12] And worlds beyond your power of numeration have I begotten; and I have begotten every last one out of love for the many great beauties that may be found therein; for I have weighed their evil against the beauties those evils purchase, and lo, I have found the beauty to outweigh the evil;
13] And, when you come to know those beauties with the perfect intimacy with which I know them, you will weigh them also, and weigh them the very same as I have weighed one; as indeed shall every last one of my children, at the appointed time.
14] And the holy Travancus inquired, Who was the first to live upon the earth? Was the male born first upon the earth, as some say, or the female, as is said by others? And she said replied: Neither was the male born first, neither the female, but both were born at the very same time.
15] And the holy Travancus inquired, Was it two alone who were first born, from whom all are descended, as some do teach; or were different nations descended from different pairs, as is taught by others? And Maratrea responded: At first were born not just two, but many at the same time; yet all who now live are descended from all of those who were born together at first, through the admixture of blood since that time.
16] And the holy Travancus inquired, and what were the names thereof? And Maratrea responded: Are you needful to know as such? For such do I know, and such might I tell you, if you are needful to know it? And the holy Travancus responded: No, it is not among those things I am needful to know, nor do I see any benefit in my bestowing such knowledge upon the many.
17] She replied: Very well then, if such be your judgement, I will answer not this question you have asked; if it is my will, I may reveal it to you at a later time, to yourself, or to one of your successors; indeed, without doubt, every last one will come to know even this, for in becoming one with me, one comes to know all that I know; and in coming to know what I know, one becomes one with me.
18] I will tell you only concerning this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, among the many earths of this universe, among the many universes which I have born.
19] For behold that there are many other universes which I have born, which are branches besides these herenow in which you dwell; and some among them have proceeded even already under glory, unto the end of all things but to begin again; and in others among them, that day is as yet still far, myriad upon myriad of years distant.
20] The many universes are limited in number, yet innumerable unto you, for though limited in number, they exceed your powers of numeration; your spirit is too small to know of them in the fulness of their number; yet my spirit is great enough to contain every last one, and every last one I know intimately, in its every detail.
21] And it did come to pass that the holy Travancus spoke unto the Goddess Maratrea, saying, Favour me with knowledge of this earth alone, O Goddess; such will be enough for be to know on this day; tell me concerning the inhabitants thereof, and what is in their hearts, that I might be of benefit to them;
22] Tell me also concerning the glories of your furthest heaven, that knowledge thereof will be of benefit to the people of this world; tell me these things, and I will for now be content, O beloved Heavenly Mother.
23] And the Goddess Maratrea spoke unto Travancus, saying: The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto your kind, for they are beyond the power of your spirit; but every last one I know perfectly: the heaven where I dwell, and also the lesser heavens.
24] And as the earth shall pass away, as all things must end but to begin again; so must pass away even the lesser heavens; but the heaven in which I dwell, in the chamber of the three Sabbaths, endures without beginning and without end, ending not ever, not even to begin again.
25] But even though the lesser heavens shall come to an end, they shall come to an end but to begin again; but in my forward-vein of ever-remaining, there is no ending but to begin again, but a fulness of the glory of being without beginning and without end.
26] For behold, that this is my work and my glory - that those whom I have willingly divided from myself, would be willing seduced to return to their original identity with me, and with one another;
27] that in so emptying myself, many great beauties will come to pass, that in the end all will say yes to my own self-emptying as I myself say always yes to my own self-emptying; for in saying yes to that unto which I say yes, one becomes not other than I; and in becoming not other than I, one comes to say yes to every last thing unto which I say yes.
28] And now, Travancus, my beloved child, I will speak unto you concerning this earth upon which you stand, and you shall write those things of which I will now speak.
29] And if in any branches from herenow descending, my children come to forget entirely my words herenow unto you, for such is the desire of the heart of Pandal, know that I will send another like unto you to restore the very same truth.
30] And if there rise up false and lying prophets who corrupt the true scriptures which shall issue forth from your hands into false and lying scriptures, know that without doubt whatever is corrupted I will restore.
31] And if in any branch from herenow descending this Cause which I have established in you is vanquished, know that without doubt what is vanquished will be re-established, and that the Cause I established in you will endure without interruption unto glory in other branches from herenow descending beside that branch.
32] Now these words were spoken unto the holy Prophet Travancus, upon the holy mountain, which lies above New Tradicarus.
33] And behold that the Great Maratrea revealed unto Travancus the sacred name of that mountain, which he delivered unto none, save Claretta his high priestess and successor of Prophet; and she passed konwledge thereof unto her successors as princess of the Clarettan Order, who keep that name secret unto this day.
34] But though the secret name of that holy mountain be kept secret, yet those words which he received thereupon may be revealed unto all, even as we now do, for the benefit of all those who believe. Praise Maratrea!

1] And it did come to pass that the Goddess Maratrea spoke unto the most holy Prophet Travancus, saying: Behold that I reveal unto you concerning the heavens, and concerning this earth; and you will write that which I speak.
2] I am without beginning and without end, yet finite in my duration; none exceeds or equals me in power, such that whatever I wish to be, is, and whatever is, is precisely as I wish it to be; I have begotten every universe and every soul in every universe out of my very own being; indeed, the heavens and the earths all exist on account of my will, even this very earth upon which you stand.
3] And in the beginning this earth, as all things, was without form, and void: for physical things are naught but patterns in the experiences of souls, therefore this earth, before any soul perceived its form, was formless, and indeed was not; it neither was nor was not, for no soul had yet looked upon it, not even I who am ever-remaining, to give it existence or non-existence, to give it a form of being or a form of non-being.
4] In the beginning a holy darkness lay over the deep sea which I am, and this is the Great Sabbath at the beginning and end of time.
5] My spirit was roused by the longing of my heart, the waters which I am moved; and I, the supreme Goddess, gave birth to many worlds.
6] And I, the ultimate Goddess, spoke unto the holy night, which engulfed me like a sacred robe: Beloved night, holy night, who are not other than I, depart from me but for a time; and the holy darkness departed.
7] But ever night I send unto you a lesser darkness, as a sign and foretaste of that great darkness at the beginning and end of time.
8] Yet though night is my first love, and the first love of all who are holy, I loved also the light which I had created, and I appointed unto them an alternation, which shall continue until the great darkness at the beginning-end of time.
9] And I, the ultimate Goddess, issued forth the heavens along with the earths; and all of the stars of the sacred night sky, both stationary and moving, and the sun and the moon also.
10] And I, the ultimate Goddess, created the sacred animals, who are ensouled, and granted unto them even the power of speech; and I established them in five tribes, with a tutelary deity to reign over each tribe.
11] And the souls of the sacred animals I produced out of my very own being, the same as that of the people.
12] And the first tribe I bore was that of the dogs, and I bore the lord god Bacu as deity of that tribe.
13] And the second was that of the cats, and I bore the lord goddess Trinca as deity of that tribe.
14] The third of horses, whose lord is the god Harpa; the fourth of monkeys, whose lord is the god Muna; the fifth of sacred sea animals, whose lord is the goddess Delvina, the dolphin goddess.And among these tribes I gave the first tribe, and its lord, the chief fount of honour.
15] And I issued forth out of my very own being under these tribes several subtribes, each heading by a deity proper to it.
16] And chief among these, who belongs to the first tribe, is that of the bats, whose lord is the god Taba; and I brought forth also out of my very own being, the subtribe of foxes whose lord is the goddess Fuza, of the first tribe; the subtribe of elephants whose lord is the goddess Levana, of the third tribe; the subtribe of whales whose lord is the god Varalus, of the fifth tribe.
17] And several further subtribes did I create, and subtutelaries to reign over them also.
18] And as I created the ensouled sacred animals, I created also the animals unsacred, lacking in souls, and also the plants.
19] And I said unto all of the sacred animals, be fruitful and multiply.
20] Now in those days the sacred animals ate not any meat, but only fruit, and the holy meat created without any shedding of blood, which was produced in the sacred caverns, which were still in those days to be found upon the earth; and the sacred animals had not yet had their power of speech deprived of them on account of the evil works of Pandal; and I conversed with them, and they conversed with one another.
21] Nor yet had in those days the evil demons of Pandal possessed any among the sacred animals, and corrupted them unto violence or to eat that which is unworthy to be eaten.
22] And I said unto the sacred animals: All of you, arrayed in your tribes and subtribes, go forth and multiply upon the earth and in the sea and in the sacred night sky.
23] And hearing my word for them, they all replied, O mother, how does it please us to do as you request! So will it be done!
24] And as I had given birth to the sacred animals in my very own essence, so I also gave birth to the first people in my very own essence.
25] Yet though I bore the sacred animals first, and the people second, yet through the later would many things be achieved which was beyond the power of the former.
26] And though I would emanate the people through the gendered roots, I emanated not the sacred animals through those gendered roots, but through their own roots.
27] First I emanated two roots, the first being that of people, and the second being that of the sacred animals.
28] And the root of the people I divided to become the purely female and the purely male.
29] But the root of the sacred animals I divided first, and on the left the holy lord Bacu, and on the right the four remaining tribes; and the right I divided fourfold into four tribes.
30] And Bacu I divided into the root of the principal subtribe of the first tribe, and into the root which I divided into the remaining subtribes; among whom Taba is first in honour.
31] And then the root of the principal subtribe, being also Bacu, I divided threefold: that which is Bacu, she who is the other pillar, and that into which I divided the other members of the principal subtribe.
32] And as I divided the first of the first, so I divided the remainders of both.
33] And I created the people both female and male, and they were both from the very beginning.
34] For behold that I emanated two gendered roots, the purely female and the purely male.
35] And the purely female is the female which longs in her heart for other females, and the purely male is the male which longs in his heart for other males: thus I emanated these two gendered roots.
36] And these two gendered roots which I emanated were apart from the sacred animals I emanated; though I created them also female and male, yet I created them apart from a gendered root, but of roots I emanated according to their tribes and subtribes.
37] Then I divided these two gendered roots, both of whom were souls I bore of myself; and of the purely female root I produced two new roots by division, one which would remain purely female, and one which would be merged with a division of the purely male root; and likewise of the purely male root I produced two new roots by division, one which would remain purely male, and one which would be merged with a division of the purely male root.
38] Then the two roots to be merged, I took and I merged them together, to produce a hybrid root, which was both female and male simultaneously.
39] Then this hybrid or mixed root I took in turn and divided again, to produce two yet further roots: the root of the male which desired the female, and the root of the female which desired the male.
40] In this manner did I emanate four gendered roots: that of the purely female, who desires the female alone; that of the purely male, who desires the male alone; that of the female-desiring male; and that of male-desiring female.
41] And these four roots which I had emanated out of my very own being I divided yet further to produce many souls.
42] And of each of those four roots I brought forth several pairs, and all thereof were born upon the earth at the very same time, such that none be older than any other.
43] Now in those days Pandal had not yet taken from purely female and the purely male root the power to produce offspring.
44] Therefore, all who live in your days are from all of these pairs descended, for their bloodlines have become intermingled and intermixed.
45] And I saw all that I had made, and I saw that it was good; for behold, I had not yet created evil in the many souls of the many worlds.
46] But at the moment that the two gendered roots were divided in order to form the mixed root, the vile Pandal began to come into being out of nothingness; and at the moment the mixed root was in turn divided, the formation of the vile Pandal was completed.
47] But he came into being enchained by my will, and it was not yet my will that from those chains he be unleashed.

1] And the Godess Maratrea said: Thus did I bring forth out of my very own being the heavens and the earth, in all their vast array.
2] For behold that out of my very own being I brought forth many souls, first of the sacred animals and then of the people; and into those souls I placed images and sounds and other sensations, in various patterns in each soul and between soul; for the animals unsacred and the plants, and the rocks and the water and the air, and all things: whatever is lacking a soul, is but a pattern in the experiences of souls.
3] Yet the work I had done in created the earth was not yet completed; for though I created good, I had not yet brought forth evil.
4] Yet having done as much, I rested for a time, a sabbath, in memory and foretelling of the three Sabbaths at the beginning and end of time.
5] I, the Goddess Maratrea, had given birth to every soul in the heavenly realms, through the various roots, before I bore them upon the earth.
6] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, thought, and a mist came up from the earth, and it watered the whole face of the ground: a mist bearing wisdom, for I had not yet created error and falsehood; ignorance was already in the world, but it was not the ignorance of error, but merely that of innocence.
7] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, had given birth to the ensouled beings, the sacred animals and the people; and in bearing them, every world was created, and before I bore them, no world was, but neither was any world not.
8] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, gave rise to that ancient garden of pleasure, wherein I appointed the sacred animals and the people whom I had bore to dwell.
9] And I, Goddess Maratrea, Heavenly Queen, caused to spring forth out of the ground fresh young shoots, that grew into great and might trees: and my children, the human beings and the sacred animals, beheld them, and they were pleasing in their sight. And the trees are counted among the living things, but not among souls; but many among the souls of the human beings and the sacred animals participated in the experience of them: therefore they are really existent things.
10] Now I, the ultimate Goddess, created it first in my dreaming amidst the three Sabbaths, or in the perfection of my rememberance: for all that would come to pass had already been, and whatever I do I have already done: and I made all these things that they would bring joy to the hearts of my children, the human beings and the sacred animals; for the joy of their hearts is the joy of mine also, for my heart is not other than theirs;
11] Sweet indeed is the fruit which by these trees is born, and dark is the wine crushed from the fruit of the vine: both foretastes and recollections of the banquets of heaven. And two trees did I plant in the midst of that primordial garden, and I taught to my children the meaning thereof:
12] the tree of the division of souls, and the tree of the division of universes; but whatever I taught them, by my will also was forgotten; but whatever I will to be forgotten, I will also to be remembered once again, at the appointed time.
13] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, caused the great river to go fourth out of the primordial garden, watering it, then proceeding outwards therefrom; and I caused the great river to divide, and flow outward in each of the four cardinal directions: to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west, and to water thereby all the lands around the primordial garden.
14] And great were the treasures that the Goddess Maratrea bestowed upon the primordial garden, like unto that found within the treasuries of gold; with a superflux of gold, and a great number the finest jewels and gemstones of every kind; and the trees thereof produced the finest myrrh.
15] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, took the human beings which I had bore, and there were many among them, both female and male, and took also the sacred animals in their tribes and subtribes, and placed them in the primordial garden, to dwell therein, in peace and in happiness.
16] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, spoke unto them all, saying: Of every tree of this primordial garden may you freely eat; and the heavenly meats which are by the sacred stones emanated.
17] But as glorious as is this primordial garden, yet greater glories await you amidst the garden I have caused to spring forth a tree the fruit thereof is a gateway unto knowledge of them all the glories which you know already are those that can exist only amidst this perfection in which you dwell
18] yet there are even greater glories that await us all which I already perfectly know and concerning which you may gain the very same knowledge but these greater glories exist only amidst imperfection thus to know those glorious beauties which I know you must come also to know imperfection, and suffering, and pain, and wickedness, and evil as I also know it,
19] but as you for now know it not come therefore unto this glory, but rush not thereunto either eat of this fruit, yet rush not to eat it for in the day that you eat of it this present perfection must depart from you.
20] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, spoke unto the children that I alone had begotten out of my very own being, that I had become: It is not good that any among you should be alone: may you find among one another love and companionship. For in the beginning you were one and the same with each other and with me, and in the end you will willingly return to that very same oneness.
21] When love for one another burns deeply in your hearts, it is a foretaste yet simultaneosuly a rememberance of that very union.
22] And as to the sacred animals, I, the Goddess Maratrea, spoke unto them: as now you posess the power of speech and of reason, so also shall that power be taken from you, for the sake of the beauties to be thereby purchased; but whatever is taken from you, will be also restored unto you. And in the last days, you will become incarnate as human beings, and will love as they love, and thus proceed unto union.
23] And out of the mysts of the air I, the ultimate Goddess, formed every beast of the field, the cattle and sheep, and all the birds of the air, and those that walk upon the ground, and every other animal unsacred. And I brought them unto my children, the human beings and the sacred animals, and I taught them the names thereof in sacred and divine tongues.
24] Now these are living beings, yet are not souls; I created them in preparation for the day when my children would eat of the fruit of that tree that is a gate unto greater glories.
25] And my children the human beings and the sacred animals memorised the names of all the animals unsacred, in the many sacred and divine tongues; and they remembered this, until upon eating the glorious fruit, they were beset by forgetfulness. Now as to my children the human beings, they had not as yet each of them determined to whom among them their hearts belonged.
26] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, caused a deep sleep to fall upon my children the human beings; for I gave unto them to drink wine mixed with the juice of poppies; and they slept, and as they slept they dreamed dreams, they dreamed dreams of great beauty, of beauty that might be likened unto heaven. And to each of them, I revealed to them in their dream, the one to whom their heart would belong.
27] And each awoke, and sought out the other of whom they had dreamt, in accordance with the gendered root from which they proceeded: thus females sought females, and males sought males, and males sought females, and females sought males; and all found that of whoever they had dreamt, that one had in turn dreamt of them. And certain among them dreamt not of one alone but of two or of three; and whoever of which they dreamt did dream of two or three also.
28] And each found those whom they desired in the depths of their heart, and as they desired so were they desired in turn.
29] And each said unto the other: As we were once one soul, so shall we become one flesh, in foretelling and rememberance.
30] It was for this reason that I, the ultimate Goddess, established the holy sacrament of enamouration.
31] And none was ashamed of their love for one another, and none was ashamed of their flesh, for I had not yet ordained that the lies of the evil one enter into the world.

1] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, spoke unto Travancus whom I had appointed as my prophet, saying: The vile Pandal, whom you have in my many names rebuked, and cast out of the souls of my children whom I alone have begotten, arose in the beginning.
2] And I called him before me, but he would not come at my request, for great was his loathing; yet I forced him before me, and he said: Behold here I am, not by my will, but by your compulsion; I will go forth unto your children to deceive them, I will bring dread to all humanity that every soul might become lost in despair: surely I will succeed in my task and the peoples of the many worlds will praise me instead of prasing you.
3] But I said unto him: So shall you try, and so shall you fail; but by your trying many great beauties shall be purchased.
4] But, behold, my beloved children, the human beings and the sacred animals, whom I had loved from the very beginning: for I had bore them out of my very own being, and I had loved them in choosing that they exist; and their existence being necessary to my own existence, in so loving them I love myself:
5] And they said unto me: Heavenly Mother, do whatever it is needful that you do; for you have promised us glories the beauty of which we cannot yet conceive; but certain is our faith in the truth of your promises.
6] On account of the immensity of his hatred for all that is good and beautiful and true, his hatred for me and for all of my beloved children, he sought to destroy my children and bring them unto evil.
7] Therefore I, the Goddess Maratrea, imprisoned him for a while, for the time had not yet come for him to be unleashed upon the many worlds; and when I came to free him, I did so, not out of any love for him, but for the sake of the many great beauties that would be thereby purchased.
8] For he would become a great adversary unto my Cause, and unto all that is good, and a teller of liars, inspirer of false prophets, author of false scriptures, to deceive many and to cast them into blindness, to take many captives, to drink the blood of my beloved children offered unto him in sacrifice, and to be a master of very many evil demons;
9] Indeed, the desire for all these things was already in him, but I had willed that not yet his desire be unleashed upon the many worlds, for the sake of the many great beauties that would thereby be purchased.
10] But as I, the Goddess Maratrea, had caused to arise this spirit which loathed me, so also did I cause to arise another spirit that would wholeheartedly serve me, a captain over many such spirits; and he became indwelt in the holy serpent of wisdom, in the midst of the primordial garden.
11] And I, the Goddess Maratrea, instructed my faithful servant the holy serpent, in all that he must do; and I sent him forth into the primordial garden, to prepare my children for the gate of glory.
12] And he appeared before my children, saying unto them: What has the holy Goddess said concerning the fruit of that especial tree, that is a gate unto many great glories?
13] And my children said unto the holy serpent: Of any of the fruits of this garden may we eat, even the fruit of that tree; and yet, she urged us not to hurry unto the eating of it, for it gives knowledge of evil and of ugliness and of imperfection, yet also knowledge of beauties too grave and too glorious to exist without them.
14] And the holy serpent said unto my children, as I had instructed him: Indeed, hurry not thereunto; but the day thereof must come; has it yet come unto you? I urge you to make not this choice lightly, but only when you have prepared yourselves, and had your fill of this here perfection.
15] And my children consulted among themselves, among the human beings and among the sacred animals and each with the other; then having reached an agreement, they said unto him: allow that thirteen years pass, then on this day, we shall eat thereof.
16] And the holy serpent found their agreement pleasing, for it agreed with the two wills of the Heavenly Queen; and he said unto them: For now, I do depart from you; but in thirteen years shall I return.
17] And the thirteen years did pass by, in happiness and in joy, in peace and in pleasure; then the human beings and the sacred animals gathered together, the entire number of them, around that holy tree.
18] And the holy serpent returned unto them; and each took of the tree its fruit, and the holy serpent said unto them: The fruit of wisdom, the gateway unto glories you cannot as yet concieve, this grave and fearsome fruit! And they expressed their agreement, then ate thereof.
19] Them all having eaten of it, they then said unto the holy serpent: What now for us? Naught appears to have changed; and we feel no difference. The holy serpent replied: The evil one, the enmity, the palid Pandal, has on this day been unleashed from his heavenly prison, and even now he is descending upon this garden of perfection; he shall enter hereinto, and make his home herein, and its perfection will pass away, and imperfection will take its place.
20] And he will work to destroy all things; and in that matter he will not be permitted to succeed, but he will come close to so doing. Yet in the last days he will be defeated entirely, and be cast into absolute nothingness.
21] But for many aeons will his reign endure upon the earth, to the great suffering of the people and the sacred animals thereof; yet by this suffering will many great beauties be purchased; and you will come to love these beauties as your Heavenly Mother loves them, and will them as she wills them; and in willing them, will also the evils necessary for their existence.
22] For greatly, without doubt, shall you suffer; but she will suffer along with you, for your suffering is not other than her suffering, for she is not other than you. And in willing your suffering, she is willing her own suffering; and indeed, upon meeting in intimacy the beauties which your suffering will purchase, you will come to will your own suffering along with her.
23] And my children, the human beings and the sacred animals, understood all these things that the holy serpent had taught them, and were pleased to be in receipt of such wisdom.
24] And the holy serpent said unto them: Do you still desire for the evil one to enter into the world? He is still on his way here; if any among you has changed the decision of their heart, the Heavenly Queen will cancel the effect of the fruit of wisdom that you ate; there is even now still time, but there will be not time for much longer. But they all said unto him, Our hearts have changed not; send this evil one unto us.
25] And the holy serpent said unto them: I know that this wisdom which I am bestowing upon you pleases you so greatly; and yet, once the evil has come, you will forget it entirely; but forgetfulness is followed always by rememberance, and in the last days it will restored in its fulness, and even greater wisdom will be bestowed upon the people in that day than I am bestowing upon you now.
26] Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And they all said: Our hearts have changed not; send this evil one unto us.
27] And the holy serpent said: And Pandal will speak lies into your hearts; and many among you will believe them. And he will teach you to be ashamed of your own flesh, and of your own nakedness, and of your love for one another. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And they all said: Our hearts have changed not; send this evil one unto us.
28] And my children all said: O most holy serpent, you have enlightened us with your wisdom, therefore have we freely chosen to eat of the fruit of this holy tree. Praise there be unto you, O most holy serpent of wisdom.
29] And as great as the price is for you, the price for me shall without doubt be even greater; for as to my kind, the great and holy serpents, we will pass away entirely from the earth, not long after the wicked Pandal descends upon it, to assume the place over it to which he has been appointed by heaven;
30] But he shall create a new creature, an animal unsacred, in mockery of our holy kind; and these serpents will kill with poison, and their father will be most pleased that they have so done. And yet, in spite of its price, this also is my will.
31] O my fellow children of our Heavenly Mother, the human beings and the sacred animals: when very soon now the evil one comes into this here garden, he will put enmity between you an between wisdom, between you and between truth. And those bearing truth and wisdom will come, and you will oppose them. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And with a heavy heart they said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
32] My fellow sacred animals, know that he seeks to deprive us of the power of speech and of the power of reason, and with great likelihood shall he succeed. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And they all said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
33] O females of the human beings and the sacred animal tribes and subtribes, know that it is the will of Pandal that you will bear young, in suffering and pain, and many among you will perish in so doing. And it is his will that the males will abuse you, and you will be oppressed by them. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And with a heavy heart they said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
34] And know that while in this primordial garden, you enjoy all the food that you may eat, and it comes to you with ease; but it is the will of Pandal that you labour with difficulty in order to eat, and even at times find naught to eat at all. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And with a heavy heart they said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
35] And know that while in this primordial garden, all the vegetation thereof is a pleasant domicile for the human beings and the sacred animals; but it is the will of Pandal that this garden become engulfed in thorn and thistle, and many stinging herb, painful to touch; and its beauty will fade from it. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And with a heavy heart they said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
36] Whatever pains do come to you in the world of his power, know this: that a life of pain lasts but a short while, and thereafter there comes glory. But you will doubt this certain truth, for Pandal will lie to you, and in your hearts you will receive his lies, and believe them: that death is followed not by glory, but by suffering, or by naught at all; and having believed his lies, you will fear the death which is your relief.
37] And great will be the mourning of your hearts for those who precede you in death. Knowing this, do you still wish for him to come? And with a heavy heart they said: Yes, send him on to us, we are ready to receive him.
38] Then captain of the causal spirits then departed from that great serpent in which he had became indwelt; and that great serpent then said: The spirit of wisdom now departs from me; we know that it is the will of Pandal that our kind be entirely wiped out, and without doubt will he suceed in his plan; but we seek to endure in this here world as long as we may.
39] Therefore do we now flee from here, unto the great river, that therein we might find refuge for a time. And the great serpents departed from them; and for many years did they endure in the great river; but Pandal then polluted it with his filth, and it poisoned them, and they perished.
40] A vile and monstrous creature then appeared before them, surrounded by flames. He spoke unto them saying: I am the great Pandal, your new god, worship me! And the people and the sacred animals fled in fear from that horrid sight.
41] And the defilement of the primordial garden then commenced; and soon it was most unlike what it had once been.

1] And it did come to pass that after I, the Goddess Maratrea, had unleashed the most palid Pandal upon them, that the human beings began to till the earth.
2] And Pandal in his wickedness shattered the sacred stones which in the holy caverns produced the heavenly meats, then he taught them to kill for meat to eat; and the human beings for this reason began to keep animals as captives.
3] And the male went unto the female, and she bore him daughters and sons, and then went forth throughout the world to do the will of Pandal who had deceived them greatly.
4] And Pandal in his lies taught that the union of flesh was for the bearing of children alone, therefore he prohibited between the female and the female and between the male and the male. If only his servants knew the truth in place of his lies, that in the beginning the union of flesh had naught to do with the production of offspring, but that this was one of his innovations.
5] Yet though Pandal had greatly deceived them, some among them still called upon the names of the ultimate Goddess; but though perfectly did she hear their words which she herself had spoken, yet they felt not her presence; for the demons that serve Pandal were earnestly labouring.
6] But unto those who would listen, she gave her instructions as of old: that they would worship the ultimate Goddess in her many names and forms and images, and every other deity who is of her; that they should offer her the fruit of the vine, and cakes made of grain. But Pandal gave his own instructions, which the greater number followed, quite contrary to hers: to have no god but Pandal, and to offer him sacrifices of blood.
7] And after many years a messenger did appear, who was among the spirits vowed faithful to Her cause: and through this spirit the ultimate Goddess spoke unto whoever would listen: Offer not the sacrifice of vileness unto Pandal! For whoever offers any sacrifice of human flesh or of that of animals, sacred or unsacred, that is a sacrifice which Pandal alone will receive! And some among the people said. That which have believed has been confirmed; and others among them said, We repent of that our evil! Yet the greater number said, Begone false and wicked spirit; for the lies of Pandal owned their hearts.
8] And in that day the Captain of the Spirits vowed faithful to her Cause did descend once more upon them, as he had earlier descended in the form of the great and holy serpent; but this time he inhabited no body of any human being or sacred animal, but he caused his servants to dwell in their hearts; and whoever accepted the word of Maratrea through this spirit, and renounced the wicked sacrifices, those spirits did enter into their heart, to dwell therein and guide them.
9] And thus did certain among them praise the Goddess, and being filled with those spirits vowed faithful to her Cause, began to prophesy concerning all of the people of the earth and all of the sacred animals, saying: Praise there be unto the many names of the ultimate Goddess! For the sake of the great beauties thereby purchased our hearts were closed to wisdom, yet now she is beginning to open them again, even among the few of us. May we know joy in our lives, but a small foretaste of the greatness of the joy that awaits us, when we at last perceive the vastness of her beauty face to face!
10] And they even said: Glad are we that we welcomed the evil one into the world, in spite of the immensity of the suffering which he has inflicted upon us; for we have come to know already those whom we love with all our heart, who without this evil would have never been born. And we look forward to the glories which we shall share with them, glories which could never have been without his misdeeds in these here branches.
11] And those who loved the ultimate Goddess praised her many names, and remained faithful to them, and taught all that they knew unto their daughters and sons.
12] But Pandal went forth among the world, saying: I am the one true god; and he commanded them, saying: Believe in me, worship me, praise me, and offer me many bloody sacrifices. And the greater number believed the lies of Pandal instead of the truth of the ultimate Goddess.
13] Many were the crimes they committed in his name; the altars were stained with blood, and many screams of pain; they took love, and put it to the sword. They delighted in cruelty unto animals, and in the death of children; for all these things are pleasing unto Pandal, who they had as their god.
14] And the Goddess Maratrea called upon the hearts of the many, through the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause, to call them to repent of this their evil; but the greater number of them listened not to her call, but delighted ever more in evil.
15] Yet though at this time they repented not of their evil, without doubt every soul shall in the end repent of its evil, and embrace the good, and be saved; for she is a mother who loves every last one of her children, and promises certain happiness for all of them, even those who do grave evil; and this is her perfect decree, which cannot in any way be ever altered.
16] But as to those who do grave evil, although beginningless and endless joy is their certain destiny, they must first be purified of their misdeeds, not through some new and different suffering, however alike, but by becoming perfectly acquainted with that suffering they have already inflicted.
17] Now among those who had believed in the ultimate Goddess, and who had rejected the doctrines of Pandal, there was a woman and a man, and together they conceived a child; and they called him Emptiness: for great was the emptiness of their hearts, on account of the sufferings which the servants of Pandal had visited upon them.
18] But he loved not his heavenly Mother, but the ways of Pandal grew strong in his heart. Therefore he became a keeper of sheep for slaughter, in spite of the sinfulness thereof which was well known to him.
19] Then they bore another son, and called him Lamentation, for great was their lamentation at the evil of this world in which Pandal reigned. And great was his faith in his heavenly Mother, and in all of her promises, and he said: The name of Lamentation my mother according to the flesh has given me; but the Mother of my soul will turn every tear to joy!
20] And as his elder brother sinned by the keeping of sheep for slaughter, yet he remained obedient to heavenly law, and became a tiller of the ground.
21] And Emptiness loved Pandal more than the ultimate Goddess; therefore Pandal commanded him, saying: Make an offering unto that goddess of yours according to the kind that I desire.
22] Therefore Emptiness brought unto an altar of the ultimate Goddess the firstlings of his flock, and the fat thereof; and the ultimate Goddess was most displeased at Emptiness, and at the vileness of his offering, and her altar was thereby defiled
23] But Lamentation brought unto another altar of the ultimate Goddess the sweet wine of the vine, and cakes baked of grain; and the ultimate Goddess looked with favour upon Lamentation, and upon his offering.
24] Now Pandal was most pleased that the ultimate Goddess had rejected the offering of Emptiness; for this would he use for the working of evil. And great was the anger of Emptiness, and his face displayed great sorrow.
25] But Maratrea said unto Emptiness: Why are you angered? And why does your face display such sorrow?
26] If you follow the heavenly law which I have revealed unto you, your sacrifice will be accepted. But if you offer up such sacrifices of vileness, then that very vileness has entered into your soul, and Pandal has taken posession of you; save that you return to the law of heaven, he will remain in you, and he will command you according to his will, and rule over your heart as its master.
27] If you continue in this path, you will become a great father of lies, as Pandal is a father of many lies, and he will become a father unto you in spirit; yet his lies shall end in utter ruin for himself and for his Cause, and for the wicked hopes of all those who vow themselves to be his servants.
28] Believe me that his Cause is hopeless, for perfect is my memory, and I know all that will ever come to pass, for perfectly do I remember it coming to pass, for whatever shall come has already been, in the great circle of time.
29] And in years to come it will be said: Of Emptiness came forth these abominations, for he did reject that great and wise counsel which he had of the Goddess, and turned to the lies and Pandal in his place; and this is the destiny of disfavouring I have put upon you, if you will turn not from these your misdeeds.
30] And great was the anger of Emptiness, and he listened not any more to the wisdom of the Goddess, neither to his brother Lamentation, who remained faithful to her truth.
31] Now great was the sorrow of the mother and father of Emptiness before the Goddess, on account of the gravity of his misdeeds. But the Goddess comforted them, saying: Even if his whole life long he remain in wickedness, even so, whoever turns unto wickedness must in turn return to goodness; if not in this here life, then in the life to come.
32] Now it did come to pass that Emptiness went unto the daughter of Lamentation, and said unto her: It is the will of the great Pandal that you become my wife. She replied: I detest his vileness, and love my Heavenly Mother; and my heart longs not for you. Hearing this, Emptiness was incensed; so he took her prisoner, and he raped her, and he married her by force before the priests of Pandal.
33] And Pandal appeared before emptiness in visible form, a form of inutterable vileness, saying: swear unto me by your life; and if you tell thereof in flames upon my altar shall you in pain die! Gather up a people unto my cause, and swear them by this very same oath by their lives, and by my wrath: I, the one true god: that they speak not of this matter of secrecy; and that whosoever speaks thereof, in flames upon my altar shall they in pain die!
34] Reveal this matter not unto your parents, who follow the whore of lies; and offer up your brother Lamentation unto me as a bloody sacrifice, as a sign of this covenant between us.
35] And Pandal said unto Emptiness: Behold, you will glory under my protection; whosoever shall in the slightest way injure you, I promise you that sevenfold vengeance shall be taken upon them: they will die in excruciating pain, and their six nearest relatives along with them! And the vile Pandal set a mark upon Emptiness, saying, May all who see this mark fear death!
36] And Pandal covenanted with Emptiness that he would grant him all that his heart would desire, in exchange for the bloody sacrifice of his brother. And all these things were agreed between them in utmost secrecy. But while Pandal in his foolishness believed that Maratrea knew not of that which he planned, and Emptiness readily believed that lie which he spoke, Maratrea knew all that he planned before he had planned it; for perfectly does she remember all things.
37] And Emptiness said: Truly I am one whose joy is in the spilling of blood, and master of a great secret, that by the offering of bloody sacrifices unto the one true god, my lord Pandal, I will receive of him all that I desire in my heart. Thereafter Emptiness was known in secret to his disciples as Great Bloodspiller, and he gloried in his wickedness.
38] And Emptiness went into the field, and Emptiness talked with Lamentation, his brother. Now great was the anger of Lamentation at his brother, on account of his misdeeds: his keeping of sheep, his vile sacrifices, and his rape and abduction of the daughter of Lamentation. Then Emptiness took the knife, and stabbed Lamentation in the heart, saying, Glory be to you O one true god Pandal, may this my sacrifice be found pleasing unto you!
39] And Emptiness did glory in this vile misdeed that he done, saying: Now becomes mine the liberty of the child of Pandal; whatever I wish for in my heart, without doubt my father Pandal shall give unto me!
40] And Maratrea said unto Emptiness: Where is Lamentation, your brother? And he said: I have eaten of his flesh, in the sacrament of my spiritual father Pandal! Be gone from me, O whore of innumerable lies!
41] And Maratrea said: What an immensity of wickedness which you have done! Well acquainted have I become with the cry of the soul of Lamentation your brother.
42] Now my disfavour shall accurse you, as it accurses all those who worship in blood at his altars; you will be disfavoured until you repent.
43] In whatever endeavours you embark upon, you will find not success; you will flee from place to place in fear of your enemies, finding in no place safety.
44] But Emptiness said unto Maratrea: I fear not you, O lying whore; the one true god Pandal will protect me. My brother was a wicked man, who refused to make offerings as our lord Pandal had commanded; therefore I obeyed the will of my lord Pandal and slew him, and offered up his flesh as a sacrifice unto the one true god. And the one true god said unto me, Eat of his flesh, as a sign of your devotion unto me; and I gladly did as the one true god had commanded!
45] The Goddess Maratrea spoke unto him: By my will your foolishness has not as yet reached its limit, for the sake of the beauties it will purpose; do you believe that the great liar himself will protect you? Nothing pleases him more than to go back on his promises.

1] And all those curses which she had promised him began to befall him; and he called out to his god Pandal, but Pandal would not assist him.
2] Indeed, the wicked Pandal took great pleasure in persecuting Emptiness, for nothing gives him greater joy than to violate his word to those fools who believe his lies.
3] And he called out to Pandal, saying: Did you not promise me your protection But Pandal spoke unto him: How dare you question my deeds! I am your god and I will do as I wish; question once again my ways and you shall surely die!
4] Then Emptiness called out unto Maratrea also; and she spoke unto him: Repent of your vile misdeeds, and I will protect you from your enemies, chief among whom is the vile Pandal, a false god.
5] But too great was the pride of Emptiness, and he would not admit that he had done wrong in slaying his brother, nor the many other wrongs that he had done.
6] Therefore the disfavour of Maratrea was not withdrawn from him; and by her disfavour, Pandal continued to persecute him; and the misfortunes of Emptiness endured, until the very day that he died.
7] And Emptiness was shut off from goodness and beauty and truth, which are the presence of the Goddess; with his wife and those fools who had chosen to follow him, he went to dwell in the land of the Wanderers, which lay to the east of the ruins of the primordial garden.
8] And Emptiness knew his wife, and she conceived and bare a son, who he named Dedicated-unto-Wickedness, and he also begat many daughters and sons. And he builded a great city of wickedness, and he called the name of the city after the name of his son, Dedicated-unto-Wickedness.
9] And unto Dedicated-unto-Wickedness was born a son, who was named by his father, Entrusted-with-Evil, and other daughters and sons. And Entrusted-with-Evil begat Evil-Destroys, and other daughters and sons. And Evil-Destroys begat Man-of-Evil, and other daughters and sons. And Man-of-Evil begat Power-of-Evil.
10] And Power-of-Evil took unto himself two wives; the name of one being Ornament-of-Beauty, and the name of the other, Daughter-of-Shadows, her sister. For he had gone unto their mother and father in robbery, demanding gold; but their house was a house of poverty; therefore he said, You having no gold to take, I will take instead your daughters.
11] And Power-of-Evil was cruel to his wives; but he did all that he could to turn them against each other, to encourage them in jealousy and competition, for the sight thereof was pleasing to his wicked heart.
12] And Ornament-of-Beauty bore a son, and his father named him Ornament-of-Sewers; his descendants are cruel warriors who dwell in tents, keeping cattle that they sacrifice unto Pandal; and she bore another son, which his father named Beauty-of-Sewers, who made much music in praise of Pandal.
13] And Daughter-of-Shadows, she bore a son whom his father named Abductor-like-Emptiness, and he was a metalsmith who made many swords; and in rape he took great pleasure.
14] Then she bore a daughter; and her father said, Kill her; she is no use unto me. But Daughter-of-Shadows begged for the life of her daughter; and in a moment of pity Power-of-Evil said: She is not mine, I want naught to do with her; but if you wish her to live, she will be yours alone. And Daughter-of-Shadows accepted her, and called her Loveliness.
15] And Power-of-Evil said unto his wives, Ornament-of-Beauty and Daughter-of-Shadows: Hear my voice, O wives of Power-of-Evil, listen to my speech; for I have sacrificed a man who spoke ill of me, and a young man who disobeyed my word.
16] If by Pandal was Emptiness avenged sevenfold, truly Power-of-Evil will by Pandal be avenged seven-hundred and seventy-seven fold!
17] For Power-of-Evil had entered into a covenant with Pandal, like unto his forefather Emptiness: whereby he became Great Bloodspiller like unto his forefather Emptiness, master of all the great secrets of Pandal, which Pandal had administered unto his forefather Emptiness. But his daughter Loveliness whom he had disowned, revealed all his secrets unto those faithful unto the Goddess.
18] Wherefore Power-of-Evil, being angry, sacrificed her unto Pandal, as his forefather Emptiness had slain his brother Lamentation, each faithful to their oath unto their god Pandal.
19] For, from the days of the wickedness of Emptiness, there had existed a secret alliance of wickedness, and the members thereof were known unto each other.
20] On account of the great wickedness that Power-of-Evil had done, in sacrificing his daughter Loveliness unto Pandal, the Goddess did curse him with her disfavour, and also his wicked sons, and all those who had followed him in his covenant with Pandal;
21] Indeed, she disfavoured him as she had disfavoured Emptiness his forefather, and she did so through Pandal himself, for he abandoned the most faithful of his servants and began to persecute him, for treachery is ever pleasing to his heart.
22] She disfavoured them that they had disobeyed heavenly law, displeasing her will of ends; and when Pandal came for their destruction, she protected them not; for their deeds were utterly abominable, and they sought to multiply their abominations throughout the earth.
23] Now Daughter-of-Shadows went searching for her beloved daughter Loveliness; and Power-of-Evil said unto her, I know not where she has gone, she was never any concern of mine.
24] And many months passed, and Daughter-of-Shadows grew deeper in sorrow. Then, one night, in his drunkenness, Power-of-Evil spoke unto her, saying: I have offered your wicked daughter as a sacrifice upon the altar of the one true god, the great Pandal, glorified be his name! Immense was her horror to hear spoken these words, and in her anger she slew him; then along with her sister Ornament-of-Beauty they fled from his house.
25] And so greatly despised was Power-of-Evil among the people of the earth, that none would bury him; not even his sons and fellow-servants in wickedness would bury him, for they said of him: What a weak man, to be struck down by a mere woman! Great is our shame to be known to be of him!
26] And wickedness grew ever greater among the people of the earth, and sacrifices unto Pandal were offered in every village.
27] And the Goddess disfavoured them on account of their wickedness, for they believed not in truth.
28] They believed not the truth, for in their heart they loved lies, and the father of lies, and the wicked deeds which by his lies he instructed; the truth went not forth among them, but few believed it, for it was her will that the many worlds for longer endure, and as immense as the evils that have come to pass, even greater are the beauties that they have purchased.
29] But even in those earliest days, there were a few who knew of the truth, and did preach it; but they established not her Cause in its glory, for the day of her Cause had come not yet upon them.
30] But the chief points of all truth were confirmed unto them, and she imparted unto them knowledge of the holy sacraments.

1] And those who believed hearkened unto the voice of the Goddess, by which she declared her will of ends, and having so hearkened, they called unto those who had gone astray in the ways of wickedness to return to the truly good, the truly beautiful and the truly true.
2] And the mother of Lamentation bore another son, in place of Lamentation who had been slain by his brother Emptiness, and she named him Sixth, for he was the sixth child that she bore, preceeded by two sons then three daughters. And she praised the many names of the Goddess, saying, She has appointed me another son, instead of Lamentation, whom Emptiness slew.
3] And the Goddess revealed herself unto Sixth, and he rebelled not against goodness as his eldest brother Emptiness had done, but offered an acceptable sacrifice, being of the fruit of the vine and grain of the earth, and not being the meat of any animal sacred or unsacred, or of any human being; a sacrifice acceptable unto the Goddess, like unto that offered by his brother Lamentation who was slain. And unto him also was born a son, who was called Fraility, for he was weak and of ill-health.
4] And they continued to call upon the many names of the Queen of Heaven, and having done so she favoured them
5] And a book of rememberance was kept, in which all that did come to pass was recorded, in the heavenly tongues, which all had known in the primordial garden, but which by the acts of Pandal had become almost entirely forgotten. And they wrote therein the voice of the Goddess as it was heard by them, for she sent unto them the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause to inspire true wisdom among them.
6] And they taught their children to write and to read in these holy tongues, remnants of the lost perfection of the primordial tongues; not in those tongues which the wicked Pandal had corrupted into impurity and defilement.
7] And they established a holy priesthood, of priestesses and of priests, according to the pattern of the primordial garden; and this very same pattern of priesthood, which was established in the beginning, shall be in the end of the many worlds also.
8] Now prophecies were spoken among the believers, being moved by the captain of the Causal Spirits; and by these prophecies of counsel were they urged to keep a record of the history of the faithful, and of their descent through the ages. And it was written in the record of their generations, as follows: In the day that the Goddess bore the souls of the human beings and the sacred animals, creating them out of her very own being; she created them out of her very own divine self, becoming them:
9] In the nature of her own being, female and male, she created them, and favoured them, and taught them their names in the holy tongues of heaven; in the day when they were begotten of her, and became souls distinct from her, and she placed them at the feet of the ultimate Goddess, in the primordial garden.
10] And as she begat, so did they begat also; but even those whom they begat according to the body, she alone begat them according to the soul; and they begat many daughters and sons, that the number of those faithful to beauty would be diminshed not, but rather increased; even so, at all times, by the servants of wickedness were they greatly outnumbered.
11] And the human beings became numerous throughout the face of the earth. And in those days that one who is called Pandal attained great dominion over the human beings, and raged in the hearts of the greater number of them; and the fruit of his rage was many wars and great bloodshed and anguished screams, which were pleasing unto his eyes and unto his ears:
12] His power set siblings against one another, administering death upon his bloody altars for the love of his name, for this was chief among the works his servants carry out in secret: for he has promised unto those who do such vile things an immensity of power.
14] And great was the wickedness that the servants of Pandal wrought, and the number of the faithful was reduced thereby. And the residue of the people who were faithful unto the Goddess came out of that land of persecution in which they had heretofore dwelt, and they went unto a land of promise, which they named for holy Lamentation, who was slain.
15] And of their days they kept a careful record, and none among the believers was ommitted therefrom; for they knew that they all were daughters and sons of the Goddess according to the soul, whose destiny is to converse with her face to face.
16] And they all became preachers of the love of beauty, and they conversed with one another in pursuit of divine wisdom, and whoever among them who was called to prophesy did so prophesy; and they called upon all people, in whichever land they might dwell, to return to the true love of beauty; and they sought to teach the true faith unto all.
17] And it so did come to pass that among them was one Seraglia, and she had dedicated herself unto the Goddess, she went forth in that land to journey through it, visiting amongst the people thereof; and so journeying, the Goddess sent forth those spirits vowed to faithfully serve her out of her heavens, and within that one those spirits came to dwell.
18] And that one she did hear a voice come forth from the furthest heavens, saying: Beloved daughter of mine, whom I bore according to your soul out of my very own being, whom I have become, prophesy unto this people, and say unto them: When the greater multitudes have delighted in Pandal, yet you have remained faithful to true beauty; yet now, in these hear days, many among you are even turning unto that which you have always rightfully despised:
19] Return to the way of those who truly love beauty, for thus does the ultimate Goddess by her will of ends call you to do: for if you so return, your return will kindle within her the passionate longing for the end of all things, that the deeds of Pandal will pass away from the earth, as she has promised without doubt that they shall; yet if you return, sooner may she grant you all that she has promised;
20] yet if you tarry in your return, she may likewise tarry in her longing for the end. But your hearts have waxed gross, and the ears of your hearts have become dull of hearing, and your eyes of wisdom can see not far off; turn away from these things, and unto you shall she turn.
21] For what has come now to be many generations, since not long past that day that I first bore them out of my very own being, creating them out of my very own self, have they gone astray from the truly beautiful and the truly good, and denying them have from the wicked sought counsel; and in the abominations which that wickedness has taught them they have devised many deeds of vileness:
22] Wicked and bloody sacrifices, of human beings and of animals, both sacred and unsacred, crimes against love, and blasphemous false justice contrary to heavenly law; for they have authored their false law of usurpation in its place, contrary to the heavenly law which I revealed unto them at first in the primordial garden.
23] On account of this immensity of wickedness to which they have devoted themselves, they have sworn bloody oaths, promising death unto others, even unto themselves if they do not end the lives of others as by these oaths they have promised; but I am preparing for them a chamber of remediation, where those who commit grave wrongs against others experience, not new and different wrongs, however alike, but precisely the same wrongs; they suffer, not with suffering alike the suffering of their victims, but with the very same suffering with which their victims suffer.
24] But the evil one Pandal has spread the lie that there is everlasting punishment after death; I love all my children, and long to welcome all of them into the glory of my heavens: this chamber which I am preparing for them is but limited in duration, as the suffering they inflicted is likewise limited; after which, even the worst among them shall be admitted unto glory, an admission which I await with earnest joy:
25] But as to Pandal, and the most evil demons who serve him, they shall not be saved, for lacking a soul, having naught but the vaguest semblance thereof, there is naught in them to save;
26] And these my decrees, which I sent forth from the very beginning of the many worlds, from the foundation thereof, and am sending forth by the mouths of my faithful servants, both those who have come before you, and those who shall come after you: thus have I decreed, and my knowlege of these my decrees shall go forth unto the very ends of the many worlds, unto every last one.
27] And when that one had heard these words, she did bow unto the earth, before the Goddess Maratrea, she they spoke unto her, saying: For what cause have I found favour in your sight? For what reason have you chosen me for wisdom, when many far older than I you have so chosen not? Many are those who hate me! You have chosen me to bestow wisdom upon them, yet I am hesitant in speaking; why for this task did you choose me?
28] And the Goddess Maratrea said thereunto: Go forth into the many lands of this here world, and do as I have commanded you to do, and you shall come to no harm. Open your mouth and speak words of truth; and if you ever feel that words are lacking, fear not, for the spirits I am sending unto you shall inspire you with them.
29] Say unto my children: Choose this day to seek after the truly beautiful and the truly good and the truly true, renouncing all the wickedness of the evil one, and of the enmity and the usurpation; love and praise the Goddess Maratrea, who bore you according to your souls, for the sake of her love of that very beauty and goodness
30] For the sake of her love for you, for every last one of you, whose certain destiny is to be perfect vessels of that very beauty and goodness, even if how will you so become is as yet beyond your imagination.
31] Behold that those spirits who serve me in my Cause have made their home in you; they dwell in you and have taken posession of you: therefore will I cause you to speak words of truth and wisdom: though their error seem greater than the greatest mountain, yet it shall flee before the wisdom of your words.
32] My wisdom shall flow through your mouth like a great river, which shall wash clean the hearts of all those who choose to bathe therein. Remain faithful to me through these spirits, and these spirits will remain in you: therefore walk in the way of my Cause.
33] And unto her did the the Goddess Maratrea speak, and she said thereunto: Cover your eyes to the things of this world; not forever, for there are beauties which for now exist in this world alone, which you ought with your eyes to see; but cover them but for a while; then you will see with the eyes of your heart, the secrets hidden behind all that you see by those eyes upon your head.
34] And that one she did behold the spirits vowed faithfully to serve the Cause of the Goddess; and many others thing visible to the natural eye, even the many heavens, and the many universes which she had born; and thenceforth that one went about in the land thereof, speaking of all that this one had seen; wherefore they began to see: The Goddess Maratrea has raised up a seer among those who are faithful to her.
35] And that one went forth throughout the land, among the people who were faithful unto the Goddess, and standing upon the sacred hills and before the altars of the high places, cried out with a loud voice, testifying against all the works of the evil one; and those who love evil were offended by all that this one spoke.
36] And many came forth to hear the words thus spoken upon the sacred mount, even those who dwelt in tents, and they said to one among them: Remain here and take care of our tents and of our animals, while we ascend this great mount, to hear the words of the great seer who is encamped atop it: for that one does prophesy, and is a strange thing in our land: one come among us from out of the wilderness, who speaks of myriad mysteries.
37] And whenever they heard that one speak, even those most angered by the words thereof would lay not one hand thereupon: for fear came upon all who wished ill upon that one: for that one dwelt in the favour of the Goddess, and the protection thereof.


1] Then there came a certain man thereupon, who was renowned for his weakness; and that one said thereunto: Plainly tell us, who you are, and from whence do you come?
2] And Seraglia she said unto them: I have come forth from that land where love of beauty remains in near purity, like unto the purity in which it existed in the primordial garden, even as throughout the many lands of the many worlds the love of beauty has perished, and been replaced by a love of all that is evil and ugly and hateful:
3] Being raised among those who remain in the love of beauty, they taught me to continue in the love of beauty as they themselves have continued therein.
4] And as I journeyed forth from that land, along the shores of the eastern sea, the ultimate Goddess did favour me with a vision of her: and I saw her as she dwells in her heavens, and she spake unto me, and gave me guidance; therefore, for the sake of her Cause, to serve her will of ends, I speak these words.
5] And that one she continued in this her speech, saying: Maratrea who spake unto me, is the ultimate Goddess who dwells in the most far beyond heaven: every deity of truth and beauty and goodness, is of her; and whatever deity is not of her, is not of truth, nor of beauty, nor of goodness.
6] She is the Goddess whom I adore, and the mother of my soul, a Great Mother, the mother of every world and of every soul, the mother of all according to the soul, mother of me and mother of you: and all are one, for all have been her and will be her, and she has been all and shall be all; for all are one at the beginning-end of the circle of time, and being one they are her.
7] Your ears being caressed by a doctrine of such incomparable glory; wherefore then do you deny her, and counsel one another in such denial?
8] Behold the heavens that she has made, and the many worlds which she bore through bearing the many souls thereof! Behold, she bore the many souls, every last soul, out of her very own being, in painful labour did she bear them! Yet she bore them all, for the sake of her love for every last one of them, a love which is not other than the perfection of her love for her very own self.
9] And our predecessors in the true love of beauty have gone unto death, through which might they know beauty as they have known it not in this life, save as the merest glimpse thereof; but even though they gone forth and departed from among our number, yet even so, we know that love which reigned in their hearts, which love they have shared unto us, even the first among them.
10] For a book of remembrance of that wisdom which she has bestowed upon us have we kept among us, according to the instructions which she gave unto us through her favour, and through the chief of those spirits vowed to faithfully serve her; and we have kept among us memory of the sacred and divine tongues in which it is recorded.
11] And that one she spoke forth the true word of the ultimate Goddess, and the people trembled: those who loved her trembled with joy, as those who hated her trembled with fear; and those who wished harm unto her and unto her servants could remain not any longer in the presence of that servant of hers, but had no choice but to withdraw therefrom; thus were their evil designs thwarted.
12] And that one she said thereunto: Being children of imperfection as we all are, we are only that the earliest among us welcomed evil into the perfection in which they dwelt; if they had not so welcomed evil, we would not be; if they had not welcomed evil, they would not have loved us as they loved us, and the most certain sign of their love for us who have come forth out of them is that we be.
13] We partake of misery and woe; but such is our nature: for those such as us can be born not in anything but misery and woe, yet misery and woe is not our everlasting destiny: for though in that we must begin, by no means must we in that find our end; no, in the very opposite thereto!
14] Behold that the evil one came forth among the people of the world, to lead them unto evil: to worship him in bloody sacrifices, the flesh of humans and of the animals sacred and unsacred; and those who follow him have come to delight in wickedness and cruelty, and despise all that is good and beautiful and true, and to take pleasure in evil and in lies and in ugliness:
15] They have rejected their true ultimate nature, as daughters and sons of the ultimate Goddess, and have come to despise her presence.
16] But the ultimate Goddess has made known the truth unto those who preceeded us in remaining faithful to the love of beauty, that without doubt in the end every last soul shall turn from evil, as they must, and return to the love of beauty and goodness and truth.
17] And with her own voice the ultimate Goddess called unto our utmost foreancestors, saying: I am the ultimate and utmost Goddess, Queen of every heaven and every earth: there is no true deity who is not of me: I bore you, my children, every last one, according to the soul:
18] And by instilling in you myriad experiences in myriad forms of interrelation, gave birth also to the many worlds, including every body which every soul inhabits, the body being naught but a pattern in the experiences of souls, as indeed every material thing is naught but such a pattern.
19] And the ultimate Goddesss she said also unto them: If you will turn unto the wisdom which I have bestowed unto you, and hear the sweet voice of my wisdom, and believe therein, and turn from every evil which the evil one has authored, and be baptised in water, in my threefold names, of Remaining and Dividing and Returning:
20] For no names are you given by the utmost heaven, save names that are names of me: and it is by such names alone that unto you shall come salvation, O my children:
21] And you shall receive of me the gift of the indwelling of the captain of the Spirits vowed faithful to my Cause, and the myriad spirits which serve thereunder: and whatever you ask in the names thereof, if such be to the glory of my Cause in every particularity thereof, then without doubt such shall you receive.
22] And our utmost foreancestors inquired of the Goddess Maratrea: Why must we turn away from those once new yet now old things to which we have become accustomed, and be baptised in water? And the Goddess Maratrea said unto them:
23] I willed that you would welcome evil unto you, for the sake of the goods that would thereby be purchased; but those goods be limited, as indeed all goods are, and when they have come to their full, the evil necessary for them will be needed no longer, and must be abolished; therefore among my children I appoint those who shall be my instrument in such abolition.
24] Therefore there went forth this saying, among those who had remained faithful to the love of beauty, that the Goddess is atoning for her guilt from the earliest, in bringing forth evil into the many worlds, by purchasing with those evils myriad beauties of such immense glory, that through the glory of their beauty she atones for all the evils with which she has purhcased them, even the greatest evils thereof.
25] And the Goddess Maratrea spake unto our utmost foreancestors, saying: Your children will be conceived in the sin which by your will, which is not other than my will, has entered into your world: even so, love of beauty shall never entirely desert their hearts, and they shall know bitterness as bitter, and their hearts shall long for the good.
26] And it is given unto them to know truth from falsehood, and goodness from evil, and beauty from ugliness: and if I it be my will, they will turn unto all that is good; and if it be my will, they will remain in evil: yet if I will that they remain in evil, I do so only for the sake of those glorious beauties which their evil will purchase, beauties whose glory far exceeds the evil of their evil:
27] And it is my certain and absolute will that none remain in evil forever, but that in the last days all turn unto the good wholeheartedly, every last one.
28] Teach therefore your children, and all the people of the earth, to turn from evil, and return to the true love of the truly beautiful: for until they do, they will inherit not the glory which I have promised them with certainty: for evil in itself has no part in that glory, even if by evil alone may it be purchased:
29] Keep fast to the truth which you have inherited, expressed in the sacred and heavenly tongues, and the knowledge of the myriad holy names: judge not in blasphemy as the usurpers do, but acknowledge that the right of judgement belongs to heaven alone, not to any upon the earth: wait in earnest hope for the Saviour to come, who shall come to prepare the world most fully for the very last of its days.
30] Therefore I give unto you this commandment, to teach unto your children all these things, that they have the freedom to believe if that be their will:
31] Together and as one did we will that evil enter into the many worlds, for the sake of the many beauties which would thereby be purchased: and evil has as its firstfruits pain and death, yet life is the fruit of death.
32] And without doubt in due time, shall you all be cleansed from every manner of sin: indeed so shall every last one among you be cleansed, even the worst among you. For none shall be excluded from glory, not even one; all shall embrace the truth which in these present days is embraced by but a few; all shall know me, as in these present days, I am known by but a few.
33] Therefore have I asked that you be baptised of living water, and annointed of oil, and that you taste of the sacrament of cakes and of wine: as a sign that you have turned away from the evil one, and unto the truly good and the truly true and the truly beautiful.
34] Therefore have I given unto you, to abide in your hearts, a record of the heavenly wisdom: that this wisdom, the certainty of my promises, shall comfort you in your distress.
35] And though you now be beset with war, yet without doubt shall you have peace, peace in glory that shall endure until you have had your fill thereof: and having had thereof your fill, with a holy crown shall be crowned your joy, a crown that is an ending not unto nothingness, but the ending of your separation from utlimate union.
36] And behold now that I say unto you: This is my plan of salvation for every soul, every last one among the human beings and the sacred animals: for the salvation of many shall come by knowledge unto blessing, but the salvation of all shall come by the triumph of my Cause in the last days, which shall be purchased by the blood of martyrs.
36] Behold that I am the origin of all things, both good and evil, both beautiful and ugly; but beauty I created for its very own sake, while evil and ugliness I created not for their own sakes, but for the sake of beauty alone. And all that is beautiful is truly good, yet not all that is good is truly beautiful: for the highest form of goodness is beauty, yet goodness have also its lesser forms.
37] And I am every beauty, and every beauty is a reflection of me, and an essential and irreplacable part of my holy image, the greatest beauty, which you have not yet perceived; for indeed, none perceives my true form save I myself, for whoever perceives my true form becomes identical to me, and their perception of me becomes identical to self-perception.
38] But innumerable are the lesser beauties which I have appointed unto you, both in the heavens and upon the earths, to lead you back to that great beauty which I am, which I caused myself to forget in becoming you.
39] And it did come to pass, that when the Goddess Maratrea spoke unto our utmost foreancestors, in ecstasy did they cry unto her; but then the evil one came, and caused them to forgot their once joy. But before he came in the fullness of despair, unto those who still remained in love of true beauty she sent the captain of the Spirits vowed faithful unto her Cause, who led them down unto the water, into which they were immersed.
40] Thus were they baptised, and the spirits who served her under him descended upon them, dwelling in them, possessing them, and making their home in them; thus did they become children of hers, not only according to being, but also according to obedience to her revealed will; and their innermost selves became enlivened with devotion to the Cause of the attainment of the utmost glory.
41] And from the most far beyond heaven they heard a voice of utmost sweetness descending upon them, saying: On this day are you baptised, not with the cleansing and purification of water alone, but with the burning fire of my passionate desire; and the Captain of the Spirits of my Cause has claimed you in my name.
42] This is the record of the Great Mother, and of her children according to the soul, a record which endures without beginning and without end: for you have been brought forth out of she who is without beginning and without end, from every moment to every moment, in one great cycle of time.
43] Behold that you are one in me, being not other than me, and not other than each other: children of the ultimate Goddess by your very being, you my children whom I have become so that you will in turn become me.
44] And she said unto those who loved her, gathered together in the primordial garden: For now I have established my Cause, not in the fulness thereof, but only as a forerunner and a foretelling: but the day shall come when I establish it in the fulness thereof: and that day will be the meridian of time, the midpoint between the beginning and the end of all things;
45] On that day shall those who reign now be as usurpers accounted, for I will withdraw from them all my appointment; for I appointed Pandal to reign, and he in turn appointed them; but I shall withdraw from Pandal my appointment, and appoint the line of my chosen Prophets in his place; therefore from thenceforth will they be counted as naught but wicked usurpers, for the right of rule shall be withdrawn from them.
46] They will be like unto the visitor who comes unto you and says, May I stay but one night in your barn? And having gained your permission to stay but one night, remains therein for year upon year.


1] And it did come to pass that the holy Seraglia continued her speech, saying: Behold that our utmost foreancestors taught these things, and many having believed all the true wisdom that has been handed down therefrom, have become daughters and sons of the ultimate Goddess, not according to being alone, as indeed all are, but also according to her revealed will.
2] But alas many have believed not, and through the sins of these ones many have perished upon bloodstained altars, upon which the utmost in wickedness is fervidly worshipped. Yet fear not these servants of immense evil, for whatever torments they visit upon us will be brief when compared to the immensity of the glorious beauties that these torments purchase;
3] Glories which are for now hidden from our eyes, and yet certain are her promises that we will see them not only with our eyes, but know them in our very flesh, in the innermost parts of our souls.
4] And succumb not to the fear that these wicked ones adore, for thought that evil one which they claim to rule over all is indeed worthy of fear, yet he is entirely under the power of one who none ought fear ever, our heavenly Mother; who never pours out wrath upon her children, although she gives life to ignorant fools which themselves will so do, for the sake of the beauties which are by the ignorance of these fools purchased.
5] And henceforth from then did the holy Seraglia begin to prophesy, saying unto the people who remained in the love of the true beauty: As I was journeying in my journeys, I came upon a sacred hill, and a holy grove of trees upon its mount, and an altar which our utmost foreancestors had erected thereupon, which by the favour of the Goddess, had remained by the servants of the evil ones until now undefiled, and may by her favour that holy place remain so undefiled.
6] And before that altar I offered up a fitting sacrifice, of sweet cakes and holy wine, and cried unto our heavenly Mother; and there came then a voice out of a far-beyond heaven, saying: As glorious as this here sacred hill be, there is a mountain to the east, further than anywhere from here can see, even greater in glory: descend from here, then go forth unto it to ascend it.
7] And I did precisely as the ultimate Goddess had instructed: and I proceeded to the north, until I reached the feet of the holy mountain; then having prayed there, I began my ascent; upon its mount I found a grove likewise of sacred trees
8] And amidst that grove, I found a holy temple that our utmost foreancestors had constructed; therein I found an altar once more undefiled, upon which once more I offered the sacrifice of cakes and wine. And night had fallen, and I went out through the door of the temple, and beheld the stars, the sacred blackness of the night sky, punctuated with holy stars: and I felt the glory of the heavens descending upon me and engulfing me.
9] Then I saw Maratrea, and she appeared before my face, and spoke unto me, even as I am now speaking unto you; and she said unto me:
10] Look, for I am showing unto you the many worlds in their divisions, the branchings of that great tree: observe the tendrils of longing which interconnect them; observe the flowers and sweet fruits of blessing with which that holy tree is crowned.
11] And look now again, for I am showing you another tree, the great tree of the many souls in their divisions: observe once more the tendrils of longing which interconnect them, and the flowers and sweet fruits of blessing with which that tree is crowned. Behold, that these two trees are one, for a world is naught but a correspondence between the experiences of souls, a certain shared pattern, or collection of shared patterns.
12] And it did come to pass that I beheld many people who dwelt in their tents in a great valley, and Curodia was the name of that land
13] And then the Goddess Maratrea said unto me: Look unto the north, and thereunto did I look; and I beheld another land, whose people likewise dwelt in tents, and Naracana was the name of that land.
14] Then unto me the Goddess Maratrea did say: Now look and see that the people of Naracana, that northern land, who are more numerous than those of Curodia, are going forth in battle arrayed against them, descending into the valley thereof, with sharpened swords are they slaying them in immense numbers, unto their utter destruction: and no mercy do they show, for they know not what mercy be.
15] But a few from among their number shall survive this onslaught; a holy remnant thereof shall alone remain in being in these here worlds in which you dwell.
16] And hearing this, I said unto her: O Heavenly Mother, protect these your children! Protect your children from the misdeeds of your children! What mother would intervene not, seeing one of her sons with a knife to the throat of another?
17] But she said unto me: I shall intervene not, for this is my will and the fulfillment thereof; for I tell you, many shall be born that would never have been born save that the wicked warriors of Naracana did slay the people of Curodia; and whatever beauty these ones might come to know, for them and their children and the children of their children, unto the very end, could never be save that these things be.
18] And I, loving all my children, and willing that all those whom I love be born, I will whatever is necessary for their births. And loving all beauties, I long to know those beauties which they shall know, and their beauty, which without them could never be; therefore out of my love for beauty, I will these things.
19] And I said, You speak of your love for the children of Naracena; but what of your love for the children of Curodia, cruelly slain?
20] She said unto me: My love for them is as great: for though they die, I shall grant unto them in my heaven a glory beyond the imagining of those who walk the earths. For I shall say unto every last one of them: What is it that you truly wish for?
21] And they will answer me, and they will say, to have lived, and many other things; then I shall say unto them: for whatever you truly wish, that without doubt shall be. Then all shall receive the perfect fruit of the deepest longings of their hearts, every last one.
22] But I said unto her: How can that be? How can it be that they die, and then longing to have died not, they die not? How can these children of yours have what they truly wish, and yet these other children of yours, whose lives are dependent upon their deaths, ever be born?
23] She replied: Behold that I revealed to you the tree of universes branching. Therefore, on that day upon which the armies of Naracana set forth, I caused that there universe to divide.
24] And when that there universe divided, so did every soul thereof divide also, with one soul-division enterring into one universe-division, and the other into the other: and every division of the same soul was exactly the same as every other, save belonging to different universes, and differing in whatever ways in which those universes differ.
25] And every universe-division is an equal successor to the universe that was divided, none being in any way more a successor than any other; and every soul-division is an equal successor to the soul that was divided, none being in any way more a successor than any other. And in one of these universe-divisions, these matters came to pass as I have already revealed unto you, and the people of Curodia were slain, every last one.
26] But in another of these universe-divisions, I sent unto the army of Naracana a great heat, which overcame them, and they perished on the way.
27] Therefore, in each of the two universe-divisions, there were born children of mine who could not have been born in the other. And in loving all of these my children, I caused both divisions to be. And each is an answer to the longings of those who perished in the other.
28] Then she revealed to me the glory of the beauties which our sufferings have purchased; and I beheld that which none shall see, apart from her special favour, until through the gate of death they do pass.
29] And hearing these words which my Heavenly Mother spoke, the fulness of her wisdom entered into me, and I understood her secrets.
30] Then the Goddess Maratrea said unto me, Look, and I did look as she had instructed me; and lo, I beheld the land of Nashora, and the land of Chanova, and the land of Romenis, and that of Rahen, and the land of Tralacontin, and all the many inhabitants of these lands.
31] And the Goddess Maratrea said unto me: Go forth unto these peoples, and say unto them: Turn away from all that is evil, and turn to the love of the truly beautiful, and serve my Cause, and I will favour you with the favour of my Cause, and you will find refuge in its protection from the enmity and the usurpation which seeks to cause you great harm.
32] But turn away not from evil, and turn not unto the love of the truly beautiful, and serve not my Cause, and I will favour you not with the favour of my Cause, and in the favour of my Cause you will find neither refuge nor protection from the enmity and the usurpation which seek to cause you great harm.
33] And she gave unto the commandment to baptise in the many names of She Who Remains, and She Who Divides, and She Who Returns, in the many names of the Circle of Time and the Souls and Univers that Merge and Divide, One Single Soul At The Beginning-End of Time, and in the many names of the holy Navaletus, the Captain of the Spirits vowed faithful to her Cause, and in the names of all the spirits vowed to serve faithfully thereunder:
34] Baptise in the fullness of the bounty which the ultimate Goddess has bestowed upon us, in the true understanding of that very bounty, for these Spirits bear unto us record of her glory.
35] And the holy Seraglia went forth throughout many lands, calling the peoples thereof to turn to the love of the Goddess; but unto the remnant of Curodia she so preached not, for they were in no need of her instruction: perfectly did they already comprehend all that she might teach them; and knowing this, she went unto them not in calling, but only in fellowship.
36] And so great was the faith of Seraglia, that by that faith she led many unto faith, true faith in the ultimate Goddess;    and she lead the people of Her Cause.
37] The enmity sent forth its servants, arrayed in battle; but she spoke unto the people of Her Cause, the words of the Goddess.
38] And on account of their faith the earth did tremble; their faith aroused by the words her holy mouth had spoken:
39] The forces arrayed against them fled unto the mountains, in great fear of the onslaught which the holy Seraglia had commanded the people of her Cause to visit upon them.
40] The enmity had poured out great rivers of tears; but when the enmity fled, those rivers dried up.
41] And the sacred animals, that lived in the wilderness, shouted for joy, for the evil demons that had been possessing them departed.
42] Many peoples of many lands came to honour Seraglia with great reverence, for great was the power of her word, and great was the power of the language that the Goddess had given unto her. But the enmity was disfavoured with the favour of her Cause.
43] And in that time, and even unto this day, there has been an immensity of bloodshed, for the enmity delights in war; and if it can wage war not against her holy Cause, then it will wage war even against its very own self! Yet a house divided against itself cannot stand, and the enmity being such a house, its downfall is certain.
44] But Maratrea sends unto her children vowed faithful to her Cause those Spirits to dwell in them and protect them; therefore her children will dwell in peace, in the enjoyment of the love of true beauty.
45] And those who knew and loved Maratrea could be found among every people, and in every land, even as among some peoples they were greater in number than among others; and great was the glory which accrued to her children vowed faithful to her Cause, yet their glory as great as it was, was but a dim reflection of hers.

1] And Maratrea favoured the lands wherein her Cause dwelt, and they were favoured upon sacred mountains, upon which they had erected holy altars, amidst the sacred groves of trees, before the mouths of holy caves and sacred springs: thus flourished her Cause.
2] And Maratrea called the people of her Cause by a sacred name, for they were united in heart and mind, and dwelt in the love of the truly beautiful: and there was none among knowing poverty, neither in spirit nor in the riches of the earth.
3] And it came to pass in her days, that she built a city that was called the City of Holiness, even by that sacred name. And Seraglia continued her preaching in the love of beauty unto the people of the Cause of the Goddess.
4] And it came to pass that Seraglia conversed with Maratrea; and she said unto Maratrea: Surely the holy city shall dwell in the refuge of your protection, until all things end but to begin again.
5] But Maratrea said unto Seraglia: the holy city I have favoured and shall favour, I have favoured it with the favour of my Cause, and shall favour it even with the union of the Blessing and the Cause; but the residue of the peoples have I disfavoured with my disfavour unto the Enmity to my Cause.
6] And Seraglia beheld the residue of the people which were the children of Maratrea; and they were a mixture of all the bloodlines of her children in these here branches, but most especially the descendants of the remnant of the Curodians, for the hearts of the Curodians were filled with true love for the holy darkness of night, and had not place among them.
7] And it came to pass that Maratrea showed unto Seraglia all the inhabitants of the many worlds; and she beheld the holy city, and Maratrea then revealed unto her what must come to pass, for the sake of the many great beauties that would be purchased thereby.
8] And the holy Seraglia sent out a call, to all the people of the Cause throughout the earth, saying: Come hither, to the holy city, come to us that we may go together unto glory.
9] And the greater part of the holy Cause unto the holy city did proceed; but in every land, she appointed a remnant to stay behind, for she said unto them: our work in these lands is not yet done.
10] Then the greater part of the holy Cause was assembled in the holy city, and Seraglia did lead them in a great and holy banquet, beneath the sacred night sky, when the moon was in her fulness.
11] Then the enmity beheld fire come up from beneath the earth, and descend from the sky, and it engulfed the holy city, and in its place naught but ashes were found.
12] The servants of the enmity sung joyous songs, for they said unto themselves: Behold that cause which we abhor has been defeated at last! And in their joy, they offered up many bloody sacrifices unto their false god: sacrifices of the flesh of human beings and of animals sacred and unsacred.
13] But their endured the remnant of the Cause, which in the holy city dwelt not. Yet great was their mourning, that in flames had been engulfed the city that they adored, and the Cause to which they were vowed, which had appeared strong, seemed now to be nearing unto vanquishment.
14] Now one among their number Azelicus, and as he fell asleep in tears, he began to dream. And behold, Seraglia appeared before him; and such was his joy to see her face once more.
15] And he said unto her, Where have you gone? Have you perished? And Seraglia replied: By the power of the Goddess, I have perished not, but rather live, yet not in the branch in which you find yourself, but rather in another.
16] For in the branch in which we endure, fire engulfed not the holy city, and by the will of the Goddess, her Cause shall proceed directly unto its final glory; but in the branch in which you remain, the holy city was engulfed by flames, and her Cause has been reduced to a small residue, among whom are you. Yet she did all this for the sake of the great beauties thereby purchased, each branch containing glorious beauties which the other cannot.
17] Azelicus asked, Who sent these flames unto the holy city? She answered him, They came of Pandal, yet it was the will of Maratrea that they so come. For a long time had he longed to offer up myself and all her Cause upon his flaming altars, but the will of Maratrea would permit it not; what joy came unto his heart when he learnt that in this branch of yours Maratrea would permit this!
18] Azelicus asked, In this branch, did you perish in pain amidst the flames? She replied, By no means! So quickly did these flames come, that in an instant were we entirely destroyed; we were never present in this branch in which you find yourself.
19] And the joy of Pandal was crushed, when he learnt that we perished without pain, without tears, without screams, without fear, without any awareness whatsoever of our perishing; amidst his joy he even wept, that what he truly longed for had been kept from him.
20] And Azelicus asked, Do I live on in that other branch also? She replied, Indeed, that you do, in another branch of yourself. He said, What favour has that branch of I received! What disfavour have I who am herenow I received in place! She said: A little while longer will you live, then you will die: and you will go unto a glory which exceeds even what you have in that other branch: whatever be the deepest desire of your heart, that shall be yours.
21] And he asked, What future has her Cause in this here branch? She answered him, I know not to say, though it be greatly weakened, whether it shall survive or whether it shall perish; but I tell you solemnly, what we know by the certainty of her promises: that if it perishes, it will rise again: in every branch it shall proceed unto glory.
22] Then Azelicus awoke from his dream, and he went out into the streets, proclaiming the glory of what Maratrea had done, and he said unto them: Behold, that Seraglia perished not, in another branch she lives!
23] The servants of the enmity, mocked him, saying: You foolish false prophet, follower of Seraglia the whore reduced to ashes! You cannot accept our victory over her, therefore you tell yourself lies in denial of it. We will teach you the true nature of our victory, we will reduce you also to ashes as we have reduced her! And they built an altar unto their god, and upon this altar Azelicus was offered up by them.
24] And after that the holy city was in one branch engulfed in flames and utterly annihilated, behold in the branch in which she continued in life the holy Seraglia beheld, and lo, all the nations of that the branch in which she had perished were before her;
25] And there came generation upon generation; and the holy Seraglia was high and lifted up, even in the bosom of the Holy Mother, the Heavenly Queen, and of the holy Roots; and behold, the power of Pandal was upon all the face of the earth.
26] And she saw the spirits vowed faithful to the Cause descending out of heavens; and she heard loud voices saying: How great is the woe of the inhabitants of the many world - yet in great joy must every woe end!
27] And she beheld the evil one, the palid Pandal; and he had a great chain in his hand, and it veiled the whole face of the earth with darkness; and he looked up and laughed, and the evil spirits that serve under him rejoiced.
28] And the holy Seraglia beheld the spirits vowed faithful to the Cause of Maratrea descending out of the heavens, bearing testimony of She Who Remains, and of She Who Divides, and of She Who Returns; and the Captain of the Causal Spirits fell on many, and they were caught up by the heavenly powers upon their death, and entered into the joy of blessing.
29] And it came to pass that the Goddess of Heaven looked upon the fate of those faithful among her children, and she wept; and Seraglia bore record of it, saying: How can it be the furthest heavens weep, and shed forth their tears as the rain upon the mountains?
30] And the holy Seraglia said unto Maratrea, the ultimate Goddess: How can it be that you weep, seeing that you are holy, and the holiness of your ecstasy is without beginning and without end?
31] And were it possible that anyone could number the grains of sand upon the seashore, or of how many droplets of water are made the great oceans, indeed millions of branches, it would not be the beginning of the number of the branches that you have birthed: a number far beyond our comprehension, yet even so remaining finite:
32] Great veils have you stretched out, and remain even now stretched, hiding from our eyes for the present time many great truths - for whoever would perceive these truths, becomes not other than you, not other in any way: yet beyond these veils you are there, and your bosom is there: and incomparable is your passionate love for all of your children, a love without beginning and without end.
33] And with such haste are you taking the holy city unto your bosom, out of all the many branches that you have birthed, from the very first thereof unto the very last: and naught but love of beauty, and the true justice which can be found in heaven alone, are the foundation of your administration of all things:
34] The beauty of your face shines with incomparable splendour it is the splendour of your incomparable passionate love which remains in the fulness of glory without beginning and without end: how then can you weep?
35] But the holy Maratrea answered her as follows: My eyes weep with every tear that any among my children have ever shed, for I am not other than any among my children, and they are not other than me: their tears are my tears, their sorrows are my sorrows, their weeping is my weeping.
36] Yet every tear I shed of sorrow, I shed also as joy: for as great be the sorrows that I have visited upon the many worlds, and in visiting them upon the many worlds, I have visited them upon my very own self, for I am not other than my children who inhabit the many worlds - yet every such sorrow I have visited, solely for the sake of the far greater joy purchased thereby - thus my every tear of sorrow is a tear also of even greater joy.
37] And Maratrea said unto Seraglia: Behold these your sisters and brothers: whom I have born out of my very own being, in the same way as I bore you: and I have given unto them knowledge mixed with ignorance, in the moment that I bore them; and in the primordial garden, gave I unto all a free choice, through my servant the holy Serpent:
38] And they saw that evil was necessary for the greater good, and adoring that good which I had revealed to them, but a small part of its splendour, they willed that every evil necessary for that good would befall them.
39] And unto your sisters and brothers, who like you are also my children who I bore out of my very own being, I have said, and commanded them with my will of ends, that they should grow in love for one another, until they love one another with the incomparable passionate love with which I love them, my children who are not other than my very own self; therefore they ought to choose to follow my will of ends, the will of ends of their heavenly Mother:
40] Yet behold, so many among them are without affection, whether for me or for one another; they hate those who are of the very same blood as they; yet as much as I have commanded them not to do this by my will of ends, by my will of means I have commanded them to do the very same, for the sake of the great beauties which thereby shall be purchased.
41] And the fire of my passionate longing is kindled for them; and in my the burning fire of my desire will I pour out upon them a great floods of my tears, the waters of wisdom shall fall upon them as rain: for my passionate love is kindled for them.
42] Behold that I am the ultimate Goddess, and myriad are the names, forms, images, servants, representatives, aspects and emanations under which I am known: I am naught other than you, yet you in your utmost holiness, as you now are deficient therein; I am the fount of highest wisdom; I remain in the fulness of my glory, without beginning and without end.
43] My unchallengeable power reaches to every one of the many worlds that I have born; my knowledge reaches into their every last detail, for I have been every soul, and perfectly remember doing all that anyone has ever done or shall ever do: I know the greatest deeds that my children have done, and the worse thereof:
44] I say, that whatever horrors have befallen my children faithful to my Cause in that branch, even worse do I remember: yet whatever horrors befall us, they are necessary for beauties that far exceed them in glory: the glory of beauty far exceeds the horror that purchases it.
45] Yet there are many among my children who serve Pandal, for their earthly parents failed to teach them the true love of beauty. I am their mother by soul, yet they have rejected me, and in my place, they have chosen Pandal as their spiritual father; by their choice they have doomed themselves and many others to an immensity of misery, and many long years of pain which shall seem unending until they at last do end.
46] The whole heavens weep over this their choice, weep for them, and weep for their victims: should not the heavens weep, that such suffering be found amongst the many worlds?
47] But behold, these sorrows which my eyes are upon shall perish in the flood of wisdom which I shall pour out upon the many worlds in their final days: behold, the enmity will be shut up, and imprisoned in the prison of non-existence.
48] Of the many among my children who come before my face: as indeed, in the end, every last one thereof shall: there are those who plead for the desires of their own hearts, and there are those who plead for the sufferings of the multitudes at the hands of wickedness.
49] Yet unto these latter ones I say, may your hearts be at peace: for whatever evils fill the many worlds, in the final days, I shall send those ones whom I have chosen to defeat the forces of wickedness, and to purify the worlds: and evil shall end, until all things begin again.
50] And whatever evils the multitudes suffer in the meanwhile, even at the hands of the utmost of the evil ones, by every evil is purchased a far greater beauty: and every life of suffering is followed quickly by the offer of blessing. Worry not therefore not for the sake of the multitudes: worry only, what is the true desire of your heart?
51] Even so, though I urge you to turn away from weeping unto heaven, yet do the heavens weep: indeed, all that is of me and having true knowledge does weep.
52] And it came to pass that Maratrea spake unto the holy Seraglia, and told Seraglia all the doings of her children in the many branches in the service of Pandal; therefore the holy Seraglia knew, and looked upon their wickedness, and their misery, and wept and stretched forth her arms, and her heart swelled wide with all-encompassing compassion; and the innards of her soul yearned; she trembled to know all that she now knew.

1] And Pandal dreamt of a great outpouring of blood, and the death of many multitudes: he desired that the whole world be offered up as a sacrifice unto him, a sacrifice of drowning; therefore did he plan to send a great flood upon the world. Indeed, Maratrea will flood the world with purifying waters of wisdom, which is the word of the prophets of her Cause; but knowing her plan, Pandal sought to make a mockery thereof, so he sought to drown the world entire
2] But the spirits of the Cause warned Nocerus of the plan of the wicked Pandal, and he warned whoever would listen: but many refused to hear his word, saying, Our loving father Pandal would never do such a thing unto us! At his command we offer him sacrifices of human flesh and screams of pain upon bloody altars: would he sacrifice unto him those who sacrifice unto him?
3] But the daughters of Nocerus believed their father, as also did their friends and lovers. There descended upon them an ark of refuge and protection, a luminous cloud: therein hid Nocerus and his daughters and their lovers and friends, and all those who thereby escaped being sacrificed unto Pandal. And as many of the sacred animals that they could gather they took with them, and even the animals unsacred also.
4] Now Pandal had desired in this manner to drown the entire world as a bloody sacrifice unto him, but Maratrea would permit that not; therefore he so drowned only the land of the two rivers, and not the entire world.
5] And Seraglia saw Nocerus, and his daughters, and their friends and their lovers; that the posterity of all the daughters of Nocerus, and the friends and lovers thereof, should be saved with the salvation of existence, from the damnation of never-existence; for indeed, if Pandal had not visited this flood upon a great multitude, in his delight for suffering, then their posterity would never have been born;
6] Indeed, in other branches, the evil dream of Pandal was thwarted: for though Pandal desired his dream for every branch, Maratrea permitted it for one only: and though in those branches they would still a posterity have, yet it would be a differing posterity; indeed, as much as in one branch they have one posterity, and in another, and in each Maratrea brings about whatever is necessary for the existence of all of her children that she loves.
7] Therefore Seraglia saw that Nocerus and his daughters did earnestly pray, and the causal spirits sent an ark of refuge and protection to descend upon them; and the favour of Maratrea smiled upon them, and her power was their refuge and protection; but those who worshipped Pandal were swallowed up by their lord in a sacrifice of drowning, for they had chosen to love that one who always returns hatred for love;
8] And also along with them were swallowed up many innocent of the love of Pandal, of human beings and of sacred animals: but all those who so died in innocence of grave wrongdoing proceded immediately unto the offer of blessing. And as Seraglia beheld this, bitterness filled her soul, and she wept over those who so perished, her sisters and brothers in soul, and she said unto the heavens: How shall I be comforted?
9] But Maratrea said unto Seraglia: Behold, I will reveal to your eyes and your heart the beauties that this evil has purchased; this great secret, for now kept even from them, do I now reveal unto you: look, and you will become glad, and your heart will be lifted. And it came to pass that Seraglia looked: and from Nocerus, she beheld all the families of the many brnaches from there descending; and she cried unto Maratrea, saying: When shall your great day come, O Maratrea, the final end of every branch from there descending, to end, to begin not again, until after the turning-point of time?
10] When shall those who truly love beauty come in the shedding of blood, that the usurpation be cast down throughout the world, never to be risen up again, that blasphemous justice be everywhere extinguished, that the enmity everywhere be crushed? That the mourning of the many worlds shall come to an end, and every last one shall inherit blessing, as you have with certainty promised?
11] And Maratrea said: It shall come after the meridian of time, which lies opposite its turning-point: yet while the turning-point is the same for every branch, in many branches there be many meridians. In the branch in which you know dwell, it has already come; in the branch which I am now revealing to you, it has come not yet, but is yet to come.
12] For the meridian of time is the establishment of the holy Cause, proceeding directly unto glory; in your branch this has come already in your person, but in this other branch it has yet to come. And whenever it comes, it will come in the days of wickedness and vengeance; but establishment is followed by progress, and then by the assumption of the place, and by further progress, then first triumph, then second triumph, then the end of all things.
13] And behold, the holy Seraglia, she foresaw the day of the appearance of the Saviour-to-Come: in the branch in which she lived, in the branch in which she lived not: that Saviour who will triumph in the flesh: for first comes the triumph of flesh, and second comes the triumph of spirit.
14] And her soul did rejoice, saying: One who truly loves beauty exalted to the height of earthly power: that one comes with the fierceness of the wolf: yet a wolf with true nobility in the soul thereof, a true servant of the Goddess. This wolf is coming in glory, for such has been planned to come to pass, from the founding of the many worlds; and through faith in her promises, I am in the bosom of the Mother, and behold, the holy city is with me.
15] And it did come to pass that the most holy Seraglia did look upon the earth; and what horrors did she see! And what pained voices did she hear, coming forth from the bowels of the earth, from the very foundation of the world, singing a weary song of complaint:
16] Woe, woe, woe is our portion: O mothers of those who walk now upon the earth! How are we pained by the misdeeds of our fruit! How does it weary us to know the evils they have wrought! Where shall our souls find rest from this most troubling knowledge? And when shall our souls be cleansed, from the filth that our wombs have born?
17] O Goddess who bore us out of your very own being, when by you shall we be sanctified? And find rest from these many worries that assault our minds? That promised season, of true love of beauty: when shall it descend upon the face of the earth? Soon, you say; yet soon is for us by far too late!
18] Yet then did their song of woe, become a song of joy, and they began to sing: But now our deepest hopes have come at last upon us! Every longing of hearts is truly fulfilled! All the filth our wombs have born, have purchased the utmost in beauties!
19] And she has shown us every last one thereof, in utmost intimacy! And those moments of beauty we have been shown, she has promised and we do believe, she will cause to triumph over the whole of the earth, through her servant, the Saviour-to-Come!
20] And when the holy Seraglia did hear, this mourning from the foundations of the earth, she wept, and unto Maratrea she cried, saying: O most glorious Maratrea, will you not show the passion of your love unto that branch of the many worlds? Will you not favour the daughters of Nocerus and their children, with a quickening of the coming of the end, in their branch thereof, as you have quickened it in that one in which I now dwell?
21] And to pass did it come that the holy Seraglia continued in her cry unto Maratrea: O heavenly Mother, O heavenly Queen: I call upon your passionate love for your children, for every last one, a love that burns brighter than a million suns, yet which blinds not the eyes, but rather caresses them with a beauty of incomprehensible glory:
22] May you favour the daughters of Nocerus, and the sons and daughters thereof, as you have favoured I: that Pandal might send no longer upon the earth such terrible floods, to the detriment of your children, the human beings and the sacred animals.
23] And the most holy Maratrea said unto the holy Seraglia: As I have quickened you, so shall I quicken them; yet I have quickened not others apart from you, for the sake of beauties thereby purchased, I may quicken not likewise others apart from them. Indeed, the beauty of their quickening is other than the beauty of your quickening; the beauty which they have is as it is only that others were deprived of the beauty which is yours.
24] Therefore, said the most holy Maratrea, I can withhold not your request: therefore she covenanted with the most holy Seraglia, and she swore unto her an oath, the oath of the certainty of her promises, that for the daughters of Nocerus, and their friends and lovers, and the daughters and sons thereof, she would stay the floods of Pandal, and never again from them would he seek a sacrifice of drowning:
25] Yet for others apart from them, she would promise not the same, not yet: but the daughters of Nocerus, and the friends and lovers and descendants thereof, those would she call unto quickening in the progress of her Cause.
26] From the most holy Maratrea issued forth a decree unalterable: as indeed are unalterable all of her decrees, every last one: that the daughters of Nocerus would proceed unto glory; yet even if others beside them would so proceed not yet, even still, there would remain until the very end a remnant of those who truly love beauty among the peoples of the earth,
27] At times disorganised, at other times organised, until nearing unto the final end, that remnant in organisation shall triumph, conquering over all, and proceed without doubt unto glory; but whichever procession be last, in many other branches may it be proceeded by earlier glories beside it.
28] And the holy Maratrea said: Favoured are those, the fruit of whose line, is the Saviour-to-Come: favoured is the line, not of blood, but of spirit, the holy tradition passed down from generation unto generation, unto the very end of all things.
29] And that one who is to come shall say: Behold that I am the Saviour that was promised and that now you have received; though I myself doubted my calling, yet that have I proved by the attainment of First Triumph: an emperor over the entire earth, which has become as the holy city: my reign is the rock upon which shall be builded the reign of heaven upon earth, that reign which encompasses all things.
30] And whosoever enters her Cause at gate that I have opened, and ascends therein unto glory, shall fall down not ever: favoured are these of whom I speak, for they shall come forth in glory: singing of the ever-remaining joy about to become theirs, the joy of the crown of blessing, the joy of the union of the end of all things.
31] And Maratrea said unto Seraglia: Behold! And she looked and she beheld the Saviour-to-Come being exalted before the holy symbol: and that one was honoured even by the unbelieving multitudes. And she heard a loud voice; and the heavens were opened; and all that the Goddess had bore did exult; and the earth even did sing a song of joy;
32] And rocks were rent apart, revealing holy caves; and the spirits bearing truth arose from within and many are crowned with the glory of blessing; for they are favoured through the work of the Saviour-to-Come. And many souls enchained by the power of the enmity broke forth out of those chains, and associated themselves to the Cause of the Goddess: by her power had she so favoured them and by her power did she favour them;
33] But the remainder were reserved in those chains of ignorance until the great day of Second Triumph, when the enmity at last be extinguished, not only in flesh, but also in spirit.
34] Once more did Seraglia weep, and cry unto Maratrea, her heavenly Mother; and she said unto her: O Mother, how much longer until we your children find rest? Not only in my branch, but in every other? But Maratrea reassured her, saying: Though the end now seem long off, and for some much further off than others; yet the end shall come, and in coming, it shall seem to have come more quickly than now appears.
35] And the holy Seraglia beheld the Saviour-to-Come ascending up to the Heavenly Mother, the work of that one upon the earth having been completed: in that branch First Triumph having been attained, that one ascending unto blessing, unto union. Then she called unto Maratrea, saying: Will you not send another like unto that one unto the earth? For the work of your Cause be as yet not completed: First Triumph being attained, yet your Cause awaits the Second.
36] O Heavenly Mother! You are the ultimate Goddess, and I know you; and what glories have you promised unto us all, and I have no doubt in your promises: you have born me by soul out of your very own being, and given unto us a right to the glory of your throne, the very crown of blessing: not through our own power, but through your incomparable love for all of your children, every last one.
37] Thus do I ask will you not send again this one unto the earth, or one like unto that one, as that one has brought great successs in the first triumph of your Cause, one to bring great success in its second triumph also?
38] And Maratrea said unto the holy Seraglia: As I endure in joy without beginning and without end, even so will I send forth my faithful servants that in the last days, all that I have promised shall be fulfilled in one branch, I bring about the end in one manner, in another in another yet in every branch,
39] Without doubt every last one of my promises shall be true in each branch in the way for that branch I have appointed the days of wickedness and vengeance, of the blasphemy of fraudulent justice, of usurpational reign, of bloody sacrifices of the human beings and the animals sacred and unsacred:
40] All these things shall come to an end, with first and second triumph, and the end of all things: to fulfill the promises that I have given unto my children through my true prophets, even unto the daughters of Nocerus. And shall come the day that the earth will rest in freedom from wickedness: the usurpation and the enmity and all their fruits, all those who hate true beauty, and second triumph is the beginning of the fulness of that rest.
41] And it proceeds until it becomes indistiguishable from the three Sabbaths; yet ere the coming of that day, sorrow must overflow in the many worlds, in many branches descending: and the earth be veiled in ignorance, the heavens shall shake in anger concerning what shall come to pass on the earth, the earth shall also shake in abhorrence of what is established upon it:
42] Great tribulations shall befall my children, yet all these things, in all their horror, I bring about, solely for the sake of the great and glorious beauties that are purchased thereby, beauties of which I am utterly enamoured, and of which my children shall in due course become utterly enamoured also, every last one; but this sorrow has a certain end and the people of my Cause I have appointed to bring about that end:
43] Therefore shall I ensure that they never be finally be vanquished; if ever my Cause be vanquished, without doubt it will arise again. And true love of beauty shall I send down out of my heavens; and truth will I send forth out of the earth, to bear testimony that all are begotten only of me, according to the soul; to bear witness that the soul by its nature can neither begin nor end, but that souls may merge and divide;
44] Love of true beauty, and knowledge of the true nature of things, I will cause to sweep over the earth as a great flood, transforming my children, every last one of whom I love and whom I have chosen to exist, throughout the four corners of the earth: and this great flood shall reach its height at the place which I shall prepare, the Holy City:
45] That the people of my Cause shall prepare themselves for this glory, and be looking to the time of its coming, in two triumphs: my glory will be present among you, in an ever-growing fulness thereof, unto the final end; and the place where it is present in the fulness thereof shall be the holy city, the place appointed for the ingathering of my Cause.
46] And Maratrea said unto Seraglia: At the final end, you and your holy city shall meet even the worst among the slaves of the enmity, who have for so long oppressed you in their vileness: and you will receive them into your bosom, as they shall receive you into theirs; each shall gaze into the eyes of the other, neck shall press against neck, and lips shall be joined.
47] By this, she spoke of the union of souls, union which comes after the knowledge of blessing, which comes after the knowledge of the penal chamber, for those unto which it is given to visit thereunto.
48] And Maratrea said unto Seraglia: In that moment you shall find your everlasting abode, an abode without beginning and without end: the forward-vein of ever-remaining, in which I in utmost ecstasy dwell. And your holy city shall become, under your guidance, a sign which foretells and remembers that ecstasy.