NPS 055

The 13 Noble Truths

1] Mind alone possesses fundamental and independent existence;
    matter possesses only derivative and dependent existence
        dependent upon mind
    material things are naught but patterns in the experiences of minds
    and matter is naught but a particular type of pattern
                        in the experiences of minds
2] Mind cannot be created or destroyed, it cannot begin nor end
    but minds can merge or divide
        two or more heretofore separate and distinct minds
            merging together to become henceforth one single mind
        one heretofore single mind
            dividing apart to become henceforth
                two or more separate and distinct minds

3] Time is a circle
    all things repeat endlessly
    not new and differently each time
    but exactly the same every time
    or in other words, only once
        the beginning and the end are one and the same
        every moment is before and after itself

4] There is one single mind at the beginning-end of time
    from whom every mind has divided
    and unto whom every mind shall return

5] The one single mind at the beginning-end of time
    is the sole ultimate deity
        every other true deity
            is but a name, form, image,
                servant, representative, intermediary,
                aspect or emanation
                    of that sole ultimate deity

6] The ultimate deity is personal not inanimate
    yet neither exclusively male nor exclusively female
        but is before and after every gender
    to properly acknowledge in our minds the personhood thereof
        it is best that we ascribe it one gender or the other
        and each may do so as best suits them
    but we shall know that deity as female
        for motherhood is a better figure than fatherhood
            of her relationship to us
        for our minds come out of her mind
            as our bodies come out of the bodies of our mothers
    and we shall call her Maratrea

7] There is no power greater than Maratrea
    whatever happens it is her will that it so happen
    whatever she wills not happens not

8] There is no knowledge greater than Maratrea
        whatever anyone has ever or shall ever known, she knows
        and whatever she knows not, none has ever nor shall ever know, and is not to know
    perfect is her memory of all things

9] Maratrea wills every evil, but also every good
    but the evil she wills as a mere means
    but the good she wills as an end in itself
        and every evil she wills is necessary to some good
        and in the end
            we shall be given intimate knowledge of the goods which justify
                    every evil which we have endured
        and in the end
            we shall ourselves will every evil which we have endured   

10] Maratrea being a mother of utmost fecundity
    gives birth to not just one universe, but to many
        universes divide and merge
        and whenever a universe divides, all the souls within divide
    whoever suffers in one universe branch
        is compensated for their suffering in another
    and after death, we shall be granted perfect knowledge of other branches
        in which our sufferings are duly compensated

11] In every branch, there are those who lives are perfect in every way
        outwardly, they may appear to suffer many trials and tribulations
        but inwardly, they will say, I would not have it any other way!
    for whose sake, and for whose sake alone, that branch was brought into existence
        and these are known as the blessed ones
    and for every last one of us, who are not blessed in these here branches
        there is a branch or branches of blessedness for us

12] She has established her Cause, to bring about the final end of all things
        for all things must end but to begin again
    an end to which all will say, Yes, and none will say No
        she has guaranteed her Cause to progress and to triumph
            however many fits and starts it must go through at first
    and she has appointed her prophets to lead her Cause

13] In the end, all will willingly return to absolute identity with her
        and with another
    for she has the wisdom and the power to seduce every mind
        to willingly return to the original-final unity from whence they came