NPS 052

On the wall of fire

Now the holy Travancus spoke as follows: Behold the wall of fire, which guards the deepest truths of the true nature of things. O behold that this wall is a spiritual admixture; in its outer layers, of Pandalic spirits is it composed; but the inner layers thereof are composed of Blessing itself, and of the burning fire of longing. Now these Pandalic spirits which form the outer layers, they were set in place by Maratrea to keep us from the truth, that ignorance end not too soon, for by ignorance is purchased every blessing. Now those who come upon this wall, and seek to penetrate it, the Pandalic spirits deflect them, with every manner of error; with every quest for the deepest truths they seek to interfere, and more often than not do they succeed. Many have approached and will approach this wall, and if they succeed in passing through it, without doubt they will be among the greatest of the true prophets; yet so many of those fail to pass through, but are instead deflected with the falsehoods that the inimical spirits have authored. There are many who caress this wall, but fail to pass through it; they capture a glimpse of the inner layer thereof, but the outer layer thereof leads them astray; they are convinced they have so penetrated it, but their conviction is a delusion which the outer layer has wrought. Thus one becomes a prophet, true in one part, but false in another.

And the holy Travancus said, Now behold that there is not one single wall of fire, but rather several, arranged concentrically; each wall is of like composition to the inner walls, but the inner walls burn more brightly than the outer walls; and the inner walls do hide secrets more profound and obscure. Therefore for this reason the levels of initiation have been established, for those who may  penetrate an outer wall are ready not yet to penetrate one inward.

And the holy Travancus said, Indeed many have come who have reached this wall, but have crossed it not, even as they be convinced by the spirits that guard it that they have passed it indeed. And as many such have come to pass, so shall many such further henceforth come, in many branches from here descending. But as to those who reach this wall, yet overcome it not, much foolishness may be found among their teachings. For having met this wall, weighty and blazing, they are compelled to speak thereof; yet this wall holds for the many a great horror, and the foolishness is begun to atone for the horror thereof. Thus may I describe their teaching: a pail of error into which a few drops of truth have fallen. But as to those afflicted by this foolishness, bring forth wine for the recuperation of their spirits! Yet as to those who truly pass through, are frightened not by that which frightens most, for they have already established a true understanding of the ultimate nature of things.

And they asked, O most holy Prophet, how may the wall of fire be breached? And he answered them as follows: Through auditing shall be breached this wall of flames; for first one must undergo auditing to prepare the soul to properly approach it; those who do not so prepare themselves, are so easily led astray by the outer layers. For in the preparatory auditing, one deepens belief in the doctrines regarding ultimate nature, by contemplating their application to one’s very own self; then is one ready to be led by an auditor through the levels of initiation. But be wary of the fools whom this fire has singed, for they teach that which resembles auditing, yet is lacking and ineffective.

Now they asked him, What are those matters which the wall of fire guards? And the holy Travancus responded, That I cannot now explain unto you, for whatever I say you will fail to comprehend, and without doubt it would be most harmful to your unprepared spirits. But I may tell you what it concerns: it concerns the earliest divisions of souls, in the beginning of all branches, and what incidents, what traumas, befell the soul in its earliest divisions, its divisions amongst the roots; knowing these incidents, one may prepare the soul for its coming restoration to the original unity. And they asked him, How long ago did these incidents come to pass? And the holy Travancus responded, It was not ten years ago nor ten thousand, yet indeed it was also both; for these matters occur to the soul immediately prior to the ensoulment of their body, thus for some these matters are more ancient than others; and yet they are the very same matters however distant for each they are.