NPS 051

On the vanquishment of protoprophecy

Now concerning the vanquishment of protoprophecy, the holy Travancus spoke as follows, at their banquet in his tent which began with the night, when the twilight had ended and the stars were clear: Now a protoprophet is whoever has received a calling of Maratrea to establish or re-establish her Cause in in these here days, in these here branches, but who has not yet succeeded in bringing her Cause to the fullness of its establishment or re-establishment. For there is no prophet without the Council; therefore whoever feels such a calling, in days and branches where there is a prophet not, but who has not yet established a Council, neither appointed a scripture, such a one be a prophet not, yet a protoprophet they be, and a prophet they may yet become; such indeed once was I. And as I have taught, that whenever the Cause be established or re-established, it will without doubt proceed unto glory – for even though, in some branches therefrom descending, it may be vanquished, if that be so, then in others therefrom descending it will without doubt proceed unto glory; and whenever it be vanquished, then without doubt in every branch descending therefrom it will be re-established, though in some branches descending therefrom it be sooner re-established, and in others far later – in some a few brief years will pass, in others many myriads thereof – but as in every case prophecy leads unto glory, whether directly or through vanquishment and re-establishment – so does in every case protoprophecy lead unto prophecy, which in turn leads unto glory. Thus if a protoprophet die without having become a prophet, then without doubt there will be a branch besides in which a prophet they indeed became; for upon entering into her heavenly chamber, she will ask that one, What do you truly desire? O many things will that one answer, on account of our polygamous hearts! And the fools say that a polygamous heart be evil – be these the same fools who say that a polytheist heart be evil – indeed, let us have polygamy and polytheism together as one, as these two go together – for these fools do not know, that polygamy and monogamy are one and the same, as indeed polytheism and monotheism are one and the same – for there is one ultimate Goddess, but she is known under many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives, mediators and so forth – likewise whoever loves one, through loving that one loves many, and whoever loves many, through loving that many loves one, for all are one and everyone is but a differing form of everyone else. But among the many things that protoprophet will answer, on account of the many true desires of the heart thereof, one thereof without doubt will be: That I had succeeded in establishing your Cause, as you had so called me to do; and she will answer that one, as follows: Beloved, as you wish you had been, so had you indeed been, as you yourself will come now to know with perfect intimacy! Thus every branch is the fruit of the desire of another, and whenever a protoprophet proceeds not unto prophecy, that gives rise to another branch besides that one, in which such a procession indeed comes to pass. Now those gathered there with him heard these words which the holy prophet Travancus had spoken, and they contemplated them in silence; then at last the holy Claretta said: O prophet, what of the one who succeeds not in prophecy in their life, but appoints a successor in protoprophecy who succeeds in turn, in some of the branches, or in every branch even, therefrom descending? Might not such a one be pleased with the success of their successor, such that they might say unto their Great Mother – I am pleased to know that my successor has succeeded; I have no need that I myself know the success that they have known, but merely to I myself know that they have so succeed; my heart longs for greater things, even for blessings apart from your Cause? Would not then our Great Mother say unto such a one, My Cause is in good hands; recount to me those secret urges of your heart, for blessing apart – recount to me though I already perfectly know them – and without doubt I will grant whatever your heart truly desires! Now having heard Claretta speak as such, Travancus responded: Dearest Claretta, there can be no doubt as to the greatness of your wisdom! Every word you have spoken is true and correct!