NPS 049

On the Remnant

Now the holy Prophet Travancus spoke as follows: Now at times, in certain branches, the holy Cause shall proceed unto glory, through progress unto First and Second Triumph; yet at other times, in various branches, it will regress, even unto vanquishment; however, whenever it be vanquished, it will be re-established; and in every branch, through no matter how many vanquishments, in differing numbers in differing branches therefrom descending, it shall finally proceed unto glory. And in the days of its regression there may be a remnant, a few who cling to the truth when the greater number who remained therein have perished, or gone over to apostasy; and even when it be utterly vanquished, there may be a spiritual remnant in place of the physical one, in which no true believers remain upon the earth, but even among the false believers there remain a certain residue of truth in the midst of their falsehood, such that when the time come for the re-establishment of the holy Cause, this spiritual remnant shall be a fitting foundation for such re-establishment.

Now the holy Travancus taught as follows: In the beginning is the pre-Causal era, before the holy Cause is ever established on the earth. Then comes the first proto-establishment, when an awareness of the doctrines foundational to the holy Cause has arisen, but the Cause has not formally been established. Then comes the first decree, by which the Prophet-in-Council re-establish themselves. Now, in procession unto glory, there follows First Triumph, Second Triumph, then the End of All Things, but to begin again. But in regression unto vanquishment, comes first the regression of the Cause, in which the holy Cause is reduced to a physical remnant, but the Prophet-in-Council are still in existence among that physical remnant; then follows the proper vanquishment of the Cause, in which the Prophet-in-Council ceases to exist; then follows the vanquishment of the physical remnant, in which the last among the physical remnant dies or apostasises, which is the beginning of the interegnum of the Cause, in which there is a spiritual remnant only. Then that spiritual remnant, in cooperation with the will of heaven, produces another proto-establishment of the holy Cause, a proto-re-establishment; which in turn proceeds unto a re-establishment of the holy Cause, with the re-establishment of the holy Cause. From which, we may proceed, once more, unto either glory, or yet further regression unto vanquishment: indeed, even both in differing branches therefrom descending.