NPS 048

On the ninety-nine deities

Now the holy Prophet spoke as follows: Behold the word of the beginningless and endless Goddess unto the Prophet whom she has appointed: The ninety-nine deities are not other than me, nor am I other than the ninety-nine deities. In their error, their error which I have willed for them, for but a time, for the sake of the many great beauties that through their error I have purchased - in their error they proclaim the unity of the divinity, for their error is to proclaim unity without multiplicity. There is no unity without multiplicity and there is no multiplicity without unity.  Whoever worships the one must worship the many, and if they do not worship the many, they fail to worship the one. And whoever worships the many must worship the one, and if they do not worship the one, they fail to worship the many. Whoever worships me must worship both the one and the many, and whoever worships the one without the many, or the many without the one, worships me not. For behold that I am many and I am one, for the one and the many are the very same.