NPS 011

Concerning the mysterious Loreta

And a certain Loreta asked the holy Travancus: Am I among the blessed ones? Travancus replied, The blessed ones know who they are, even if their blessedness is not apparent to others; it is not for I to say if you be among the blessed or not, but for you to say that for yourself, and to say so together with whomever you might share in blessedness. Loreta asked: What if my judgement is in error? Travancus responded: Even if they know not the name, the blessed ones know in the depths of their hearts that they are blessed; if they know this not at first, the knowledge shall come to them before their deaths. And as to those who are not blessed, their lack of blessedness is clearly apparent to themselves. How then could anyone be in error concerning this? Without doubt, one can be in error with regard to others – therefore we ought to reserve judgement on the blessedness of others, or their lack thereof, save for those with whom we are co-participants in blessing – but how could anyone be in error concerning themselves, save those whose blessedness is yet to be revealed to them? In the moment of the revelation of one’s own blessedness, it is possessed perfectly, and is known with incorrigible and unalterable certainty. The blessedness of the blessed ones is perfect and permanent, and everlasting – for all blessedness is not other than the glory of the Three Sabbaths, the ecstasy thereof enduring without beginning and without end, in the forward-vein of ever-remaining. Glorious are the blessed ones! May they be worshiped and may they be praised! And Loreta repeated his words, May they be worshiped and may they be praised! Then Claretta asked her: Are you among their number? She refused to speak, but smiled at Claretta coyly. That very night, Loreta disappeared, and none ever saw her again.