NPS 108

Of Beards
Now the most holy Travancus spoke as follows: It is proper and fitting that the men of the second and fourth tribes be bearded not beardless; likewise, it is proper and fitting that the men of the third tribe be beardless not bearded. They said unto him: We see your beard, it is great and flowing; is your tribe therefore the second or the fourth? He replied: My tribe is neither the second nor the fourth, but the third. They said unto him: How can that be? In hypocrisy, do you disobey your own ruling? He replied: My ruling applies not to those such as I, who have forsworn the love of both women and men. They said unto him: If you have forsworn both loves, how can you say that you are of the third tribe? For surely all those of the third tribe love women, and the men of the third tribe most especially so? He replied: Indeed, of that tribe you have spoken truthfully. I am not of the second or the fourth tribe, for the love of men is something to which I was never called. But I am of the third tribe, for it is for the sake of love of a woman that I forswore the love of women.  And if any man of the third tribe, does as I have done, and forswears the love of women for the sake of a woman, he does not thereby forfeit his membership of his tribe. Now who is the woman of whom the most holy Travancus was speaking? He was speaking of his wife Nesuva, who had perished.