NPS 047

On the holy She-Camel

1] Now this is the true account of the people of Tramadura, and the Prophet Salerectus whom Maratrea sent unto them, and the holy she-camel, the incarnation of the Great Camel Goddess Melacresa, whom those people viciously slaughtered.

2] For unto the people of Tramadura was sent Salerectus, a Prophet of Maratrea, through whom she established her Cause among them. And in a great city carved in rock did the people of Tamadura live, besides an oasis with a great pool fed by a spring of fresh water, and many palms and fig trees.

3] He said: O my people! Worship Maratrea: you shall have no deity which is not among her names, forms, images, signs, aspects, emanations, servants or representatives.

4] It is She who has begotten and become your souls, having produced them out of her very own being, and produced the many universes wherein which you dwell:

5] Turn therefore to the way of her Cause which has been revealed to you: for those who follow in her way receive the favour of her Cause.

6] They said: O Salerectus, you have been the centre of our hopes heretonow -  yet do you now forbid us the worship of that which our ancestors worshipped? Insofar as you now teach to us as such, As to that which you call us to, most surely we are in grave doubt.

7] He said: O my people! do you not see? Those whom you worshipped were not other than She whom I now proclaim; for they were her names, forms, images, signs, aspects, emanations, servants or representatives; continue therefore to worship them, but worship them in true knowledge of that
which you worship.

8] And if I have a Clear Sign from Maratrea and She has sent Favour unto me from Herself, who then can help me against Maratrea if I were to disobey Her Causal Will? What then would you add to my portion but the vanquishment of the Cause which I lead?

9] And O my people! This she-camel of Maratrea is a symbol to you: leave her to feed on the earth, which belongs unto Maratrea, and inflict no harm on her, or the favour of the Cause will be withdrawn from you!

10] Now this she-camel he had found wandering in the desert; and when he came upon this she-camel, she befriended him; and Maratrea revealed unto him the true nature of this she-camel.

11] And he did not reveal to them, even though it was the truth known to him, that this holy she-camel was an incarnation of the holy camel goddess Melacresa, subtutelary of the camel subtribe of the tribe of Lord Harpa.

12] Now Salerictus did go away from some time from the people of Tramadura, for he was called to bestow the truth of the Cause in other lands also.

13] And as he was departed for some time, they looked upon the she-camel with lustful eyes, saying, For many weeks now we have had little meat to eat, though we have no shortage of grain for our sustenance; let us slay this she-camel, that we might have a great feast, such as we have not had for many weeks! For behold, the festival of the camel goddess Melacresa is upon us; what greater way to celebrate her festival than with a feast of her gifts to us!

14] Thus they did slaughter her; though as her eyes saw the knife, the goddess departed from her, and she fell dead. Then they cut up her body, and feasted upon it.

15] Now Salerectus returned to them after some time, and asked them, Where is the holy she-camel which I left in your care? They said unto him: A great feast was had, and the camel was eaten; do not worry, we shall purchase you another one.

16] Hearing this, Salerectus was filled with rage at their immense sacrilege, and he said: Grave is the wickedness which you have done! If you repent not of your grave wrongdoing, the favour of her Cause will be withdrawn from you!

17] But they were angered at his anger, so they said unto him, Be gone, false prophet. So he said unto them, As you so speak, the favour of her Cause has been withdrawn from you, and from you I shall now depart.

18] And with these words he left them, and left also with him the few among them who followed him; some among whom said, We had no part in the slaughter of the holy Camel, but we spoke against it; others said, We had no part in the slaughter of the holy Camel, but we did not speak against it: and he said unto them, if you repent of your silence, you may follow me; but if you will not repent, I will not have you among my party - and those who repented of their silence followed him, but those who refused to repent of their silence they remained in the city of the Tamadura.

19] And others said, We slaughtered not the camel, but we ate it; and others even, We slaughtered the Camel - but he said unto them both, if you truly repent, you may follow me; and those who truly repented followed him, but those who would not repent remained in that city.

20] When the decree of the most holy Maratrea issued, she saved Salerectus and those who believed with him, by the favour of the Cause - thus were they saved from the ignominy of that day. For thy Mother - She is the Strong One, and her Will according to her Decrees is perfectly obeyed by all people and all things.

21] And the rumbling of the earth overtook those who were unjust, so they became motionless bodies in their abodes, as though they had never dwelt in them; now surely did the Tramadura disbelieve in the Cause, and thus its favour was withdrawn from them; now surely, away with the Tamadura.

22] And they asked the holy Salerectus, Was this punishment from Maratrea? But he responded, By no means! For she punishes not; but this was the consequence of the withdrawal of the favour of her Cause, which was withdrawn when they rejected her Cause, by slaughtering the holy camel, incarnate of the Melacresa the Great Camel Goddess, who is a name, form, image, sign, aspect, emanation, servant and representative of Maratrea.

23] For indeed, those who kill the sacred animals are among the most evil.

24] But Salerectus returned to Tramadura and there erected a temple to Melacresa the camel goddess from among the ruins; and for many years thereafter, she was worshipped there, until the vanquishment in this branch of his establishment of her Cause.

25] But in the days of the holy Travancus they came upon the ruins of this Temple, and it was re-established by them; for behold, this matter had been revealed to the holy Claretta, and Travancus and his council approved thereof.