NPS 044

On the holy idols

For the source of righteousness is the fidelity to the sacred idols; and true devotion towards them ensures the preservation of life. In the beginning they were not, but they were among the first of all things; they shall endure not forever, but shall end not until all things end. For by the will of the divine they came into the world, and therefore the divine shall maintain them on to the final end, even though the wicked ones shall seek to smash them. Thus indeed are the sacred idols of the tutelaries of the five sacred animal tribes, and the subtutelaries also, and the gendered roots, and the others.

This most pious practice is strong among those of true faith, who know the truth, and are faithful to the truth; this is the law of the righteous ones, which they obey, that these ancient graven things be praised; so decree the princes of righteousness.

When Ceratuna died, Claretta was afflicted with morning – so she commanded an image be made of her late lover; and the image was enshrined in the holy temple, and to this day, prayers are offered unto the image of Ceratuna, in faithfulness to the instructions handed down from Claretta; and sacrifices of cakes and wine are offered unto her image.

And those who lived afar from the great temple, where the image of Ceratuna was installed, they made copies thereof, and installed them in the shrines, to offer prayer and sacrifice thereunto. And this was done especially by the Clarettans, for they said: as we love she by whom we were founded, surely we must also love she whom she loved! As anyone who truly loves one, must love anyone whom that one loves.

Now there were certain among whom the observance of the holy pantheon whom the most holy Prophet Travancus had taught was strange; so he commanded many artisans to create forms of impressive grandeur, that they might become acquainted thereto. And desirous to please the most holy Prophet, long did they labour, and with great skill. And the masses saw that which had been wrought at the prophet’s command, and their eyes were most pleased, and they bowed down in worship before it.

Behold, the most holy Prophet Travancus is a like a hunter, and the masses his prey; with his traps he ensnares them. But those whom he catches, he does not himself eat, but gives to his mother, that their souls be food for her soul, as in the end even his shall be; having caught the last free creature, he hands her himself.