NPS 042

On the eve of the festival of Maranoya

Now it was the eve of the festival of Maranoya, and the holy Travancus taught us this rite, and it was performed by the holy Claretta; furthermore did he instruct us, that upon every eve of Maranoya we are to perform it, until all things end but to begin again.

And the priestess declares: By the authority of the heavenly Chamber, of the ultimate Goddess Maratrea, Great Mother, Great Goddess and Queen of Heaven, of whom every true deity is a form, image, aspect, emanation, servant, representative, or mediator, and by the authority of the Prophet-in-Council, in whom she has established her Cause in these here branches, by the command of She Who Is All, from whom all have divided so that all shall return, by her twofold will, and with the consent of this congregation, we hold it unlawful to pray these prayers in the presence of infidel and proselyte and excommunicate.

Then after a moment of silence, she declares: All you that are infidels, depart! Let none who are infidels remain! And all you that are proselytes, depart! Let none who are proselytes remain! And all you that are excommunicates, depart! Let none who are excommunicates remain! Let alone we who are among the initiates of the holy Maratrean Cause remain, and let us pray, again and again, unto our Maratrea the mother of our Souls.

And having said that, the infidels and the proselytes and the excommunicates, if any be present, proceed out through the doors of the temple or shrine, or the chamber thereof wherein this rite be performed. Then, when they have departed, the priestess calls out: Seal the doors! And those appointed to assist her in this task will seal the doors, and signal to her by motion of their hands that the doors have so been sealed

Then the priestess declares, in a tone most solemn: All oaths, affirmations, vows, prohibitions, consecrations, pledges, by whatever name they may be called, that we have vowed or that we shall vow, or swear, or consecrate, or prohibit or devote, or bind ourselves, that we have or will make unto the usurpers or unto the servants of the enmity, or before any court of earthly justice, which is a blasphemous and fraudulent imitation of the only true justice which is found in heaven alone, not upon the earth: in the year that has come before us or in the year to come, whose happy coming we await in hope in the favour of her promises, regarding all of them, we repudiate those that we have uttered, and as to those that we might come to utter, we repent of them aforehand, of every last one: and every last one of them are declared abandoned, absolved, annulled, cancelled, forgiven, null, undone and void, not in force, and of no effect: none of them shall be binding, nor shall any among them have any power: these vows of ours will be not vows, nor in truth ever were, neither do any such prohibitions prohibit us, nor any such obligations oblige us, nor do any such oaths have any effect. And if we have pledged or will pledge allegiance unto any of the usurpational powers, we do repent of that pledge, afterwards and aforehand, for we owe allegiance to heaven alone, and to the Cause that heaven has established upon the earth.

Then, after a moment of silence, the priestess says: It will be forgiven all her children gathered together as the people of her Cause, and every infidel and proselyte and excommunicate who associates themselves therewith, for she has poured out holy ignorance upon all her children, and all are perfectly obedient to her every command. You are the fount of all blessing, O Maratrea our Goddess, Queen of Heavenly and Queen of the many universes, who by your favour for your Cause has preserved us and has brought us to enjoy this season.

Having said all this, the doors are opened, and the infidels, proselytes and excommunicates may return