NPS 039

On the conquest of Barebia

Now it is written in the book of the prophets of the Barebites, that a son of Barebia would awaken a bat of holiness; and great would be the fear of that son at the bat which he had awakened. And the power of the bat would be felt throughout the many lands; and behold, while some will tremble in despair, yet many others will rejoice; the power of the bat will cleanse the many lands, and there will be peace. Now great was the evil which the king of the Barebites did visit unto the people of her Cause; such that the holy Prophet sent his armies unto the Barebites, and they were conquered by the armies of the Cause.  And the king of Barebia was taken unto the holy city, and the holy Prophet said unto him: Behold, I am that bat of whom your prophets had spoken. And the king of the Barebites was given unto the lords of restriction, and he lived out the remainder of his days in a pleasant palace which they had erected for him in the holy city.