NPS 037

On the Banks of the River Vedesret

Now the holy Travancus came unto the Great River of Vedesret, and he preached on the banks thereof. And behold, the Great River of Vedesret began as a mighty spring, on the slopes of the mountain Naverson. And this was in the midst of the fourth month of the year, according to the solar calendar, that the holy Travancus reached its banks; and they tired after their long journey, so they rested there for several days. And having rested, he began to preach unto them; and answer every question which they had.

Now they asked the holy Travancus, Should we pray for the salvation of Pandal? And the holy Travancus responded - by no means, he cannot be saved, for he has no soul, but rather is a quasipersonal spirit. They asked, If there be quasipersonal spirits, could people walking upon the earth be not also quasipersonal? He responded: By no means; for they whom you kiss with your lips, or whom you desire to so kiss, or who are so desired by one whom you desire, and so forth, such ones cannot be spirits quasipersonal, but rather must be spirits personal and ensouled. For this reason Pandal does not assume a body, save a body of vile unpleasantness, that in doing so he remains unensouled; for she has not given unto the quasipersonal spirits the power to assume any body which is ill-fitting for them.

And they asked the holy Travancus, Surely the priestesses shall offer praises unto only the goddesses, and the priests only unto the gods? But the holy Travancus replied: by no means, for such is not the way of the truth which we teach. And they asked the holy Travancus, Should therefore the goddesses be offered praises only by the priests, and the gods only by the priestesses; but he replied: By no means, for such is not the way of the truth which we teach. For I tell you, for goddess or for god, we prefer the priestess, but accept also the priest. And then the holy Claretta said, O Travancus, surely there be two exceptions to this rule. And the holy Travancus responded: Dearest Claretta, wise are you indeed! Now, speak what are these two exceptions. And she said: Melana shall be worshipped only by priestesses, and Hauzenpot only by priests, for it is not fitting for the gendered roots to receive worship through one of a gender alien to them. And Travancus said: Holy Claretta, you have spoken truthfully.

And of many other matters did the holy Travancus speak, while upon the banks of the Great River Vedesret.