NPS 034

On the ascension of the Saviour-to-Come

And they asked the holy Travancus, Will the Saviour-to-Come remain on the earth until Second Triumph and the end of all things? Thus did he answer them: Such that one might, such that one might not. For, you must understand, that the holy task that the Saviour-to-Come has been assigned is the attainment of First Triumph: once this has been attained, they have done all they need do for the service of her holy Cause; they may continue to lead it, they may step aside, or depart from this earth, and leave unto their successors the journey unto Second Triumph: for, as much as they will give greatly for the sake of the Cause, they have the desires of their own heart to answer; their service unto her Cause is a matter of universal concern, but their heart will be concerned also with matters more personal: they may go unto blessing and union as all shall. Now the Saviour-to-Come, at the time of the ascension thereof, shall shall go not unto the penal chamber, nor shall that one send any thereunto.