NPS 033

On Pucalaratus and his kindred demons

Now the holy Prophet Travancus taught as follows: Behold that the vile and wicked Pucalaratus is the demon of false guilt, which causes them to hate themselves for what they have done for the sake of the good, and by the command of She Who Reigns. How can they hate themselves, when their Heavenly Mother loves them, not in spite of what they have done, but on account thereof? Let no one hate themselves; and if there is anything of which to feel guilty, feel guilty of guilty! And be ashamed of your shame! Those whom Pucalaratus and his servants pester, are wracked by guilt and shame; but those who are protected from his wiles live in freedom from these things, and would never speak of themselves as worthless or undeserving. How dare do you consider yourself undeserving, when the Great Goddess considered you undeserving of her love!

And behold that the vile and wicked Puhalaroftus is the demon of fear, especially fear of Maratrea - for who could fear she who loves us all with a love far greater than we being not her, or anyone who is not her, could ever love? Those whom Puhalaroftus and his servants pester, are wracked with fear and anxiety; but those who are protected from his wiles live freedom from these things; and fear not their heavenly Mother, who loves them, and will never hurt them, save as is necessary for great great things; and whatever greatness we suffer on account thereof, she promises us to taste the fruits thereof in due course, and the sweet and holy wine pressed from those fruits - the wine of heaven.

And faithful servants of their father Pandal are Pucalaratus and Puhalaroftus, great generals among the most wicked demons - may our Heavenly Mother favour us with protection from them, as she favours us with the favour of her Cause which we are vowed to serve. And those who teach guilt and shame, and those who teach anxiety and fear - they are under the power of these two servants of Pandal. May we liberate them from their bondage, and bring to them the freedom of truth!