NPS 032

On Prostitution

Now in the city of New Tradicarus, the most holy Travancus established a brothel, and it was known as the brothel of Travancus; and all knew that this is what it was, for such had he inscribed upon the entry thereto, in grand lettters. And the women of his brothel were exceedingly beautiful. Now Devacrenus went unto Travancus, and said - you have spoken against the brothels, yet now you establish your own! You have told us how your beloved Nesuva, loved another other than yourself - yet when she found him leaving the brothel, she at last turned from him to you - and yet now you open a brothel yourself! But the holy Travancus replied: Go unto my brothel and enter therein, and you will understand my ways. So Devacrenus went into the brothel of Travancus, and saw Velatreva therein, and he began to converse with her. And she asked him many questions, concerning matters of his heart. Then Devacrenus said, Enough with such pleasantries, now disrobe. But Velatreva refused, saying, Let us first talk some more. Devacrenus said, I am paying you not for talk; but Velatreva replied, You have not yet paid me anything. Devacrenus said, Then name your price; but Velatreva replied, Let us talk some more first. Devacrenus became angry, and took all the gold pieces from his robe, and threw them at Velatreva; and he said, That should be enough even for the most expensive of whores. But Velatreva did not reach down to pick up the gold pieces, saying, Pick up your gold, I do not want it. Devacrenus then rushed towards Velatreva, and sought to violate her; but she called out, and now the holy Travancus had caused several of the servants of the Lords of Restriction to be present in his brothel, and they came and rescued her, and took him away. And he was taken to the house of restriction. And the holy Prophet Travancus visited him there, but he was filled with rage and anger, and would not listen to him.

Now the holy Travancus said, Lay not with any prostitute, neither as any prostitute. Devacrenus objected, I go unto a prostitute, I pay her the wages of a day; take a wife, and pay her the wages of a year, the wages of a lifetime! If we obeyed your law, none would ever be born again upon the earth! But Travancus said, Foolish Devacrenus, it is very different. For the true purpose of the union of bodies is to prepare for and foretell and remember the union of souls. Now one's soul is united with the one that you know well, such as your wife. Is your soul united with that of a prostitute, about whom you know almost nothing? And if you go onto the prostitutes, and every time another - with how many souls will your soul merge? They may say the same of the man with two or three wives, but at least he knows them all well; do you know well three hundred prostitutes? And it is for this reason, also, that a man is not permitted too many wives, nor is a woman permitted too many husbands - more than one, yes, but not hundreds.