NPS 031

On prophetic houses

The holy Travancus spoke as follows: Now the descendants of any Prophet belong to the house of that Prophet, whether in the male line or the female line or in a line that crosses, and may they be named for the house of that Prophet. And some say, the child belongs to the house of the father, and therefore takes the name of the father; but I say, if the mother belongs to the house of a Prophet, and the father does not, then the child takes the name of the house of the Prophet to which the mother belongs. They asked him, May the child then take the name of the house of the father in addition to the name of the house of the mother? He answered them: They may name the child for both houses, or the house of the mother alone; but not for the house of the father alone. And they asked, what of one who is descended from the houses of several Prophets? He answered them: Such a one may be named for the house of every Prophet from whom they descend; or, by only some such names, save that, they must be named for the most senior prophetic house, and for any prophetic house for which they are named, they must also be named for every house more senior from which they are descended? And they ask, may they be named for a non-prophetic house, if they are not named for every prophetic house from which they are descended? He answered: Yes they may, so long as they are named for the most senior prophetic house from which they are descended. And the holy Travancus said: If both parents are of prophetic descent, yet lack a prophetic house in common, then the child must be named for a prophetic house of each parent. They asked him, If a prophet comes from a house non-prophetic, are the descendants of that house not through that prophet members of a prophetic house? He replied: They are members of a house non-prophetic, for prophecy creates a new house; but the members of the house prophetic remain members of the house non-prophetic, yet not all members of the house non-prophetic are members of the house prophetic. And they asked him: What of the prophet descended from a prophet? He answered: The prophet descended from a prophet belongs to two prophetic houses, the house of the prophet from whom they are descended, and to their own house; and the same applies to their descendants. Now they said unto him, You are without descendants; do you therefore have no house? Do you mourn having not any house? He answered them: I mourn the lack of my house, but not the lack of a house of my prophecy; for if my beloved Nesuva had not perished in labour, without doubt a prophet would I never have become; she would have given that task to another among her children. And indeed, in another branch, my beloved Nesuva perishes not, and I am not a prophet; but another is a prophet of Maratrea in my place. Now in the days of Claretta the prophet, they said unto her: Are you not a prophet without a house? For you are a prophet without descendants, and you have said that you seek none. She replied, Anyone who belongs to my great order, is of my prophetic house, so long as they so remain; but none who is not among my great order shall be said to be of my prophetic house.