NPS 028

On marriage to a Coradonite

Now they brought unto the holy Travancus a young woman, and her name was Melervale. Now Melervale loved a man among the Coradonites, who would not accept the truth which the holy Prophet had been sent to bestow. And the Prophet-in-Council had decreed, that no initiate may enter into any union, be it marital or sub-marital, with one not among the initiates, save with the consent of the Prophet-in-Council, or their delegate; and in his day the Prophet-in-Council had not yet decreed the delegation of this power. So she sought the permission of the Prophet-in-Council; but they said unto him, Grant it not; for surely, among initiates, there be one more suitable to her. Now the holy Travancus went away with her, and with Trabadon whom she wished to wed, and discussed these matters with them. And then he addressed his Council, saying: Let us grant them the permission which they seek. But the holy Claretta replied: Has he come to the truth? The holy Travancus responded: He has not. So she said: Let us give her not any such permission, for surely among the initiates there be one more suitable to her. But Travancus went away with Claretta, and convinced her to agree. The holy Travancus addressed his council, saying: As I have taught, so have we decreed, that none may enter into any such union, save with our permission. But let us not become guilty on that account of crimes against love: may this be for us an opportunity to converse with them, and seek to bring both of them to the truth; yet if they converse with us, and yet remain unconvinced, let us not stand in their way. For even if we convince them not on that day, maybe we shall plant a seed, that shall bring the unbeliever to the true faith?

Thus taught the holy Travancus: The soul is indestructible, and may cease not; yet spirits are destructible, and may cease. But among all spirits, there is one who is indestructible; and how great is the soul of that spirit! There be no greater soul, for every other soul is encompassed within her!