NPS 027

On Lezuliata and Bunga

Now a dear friend of the holy Travancus had perished; and he was beset with grief. And he began to drink much wine, to console himself in his grief. And his friends attempted to console him, especially Claretta, but his grief would not leave him. And he walked about the city of New Tradicarus, crying out: "O Lezuliata, who are you? Are you a demon sent to destroy us? Or the very cause of our salvation?" And the people heard his words, but did not know what they meant; but they said unto themselves, Truly these words must be of profound truth, coming forth out of the mouth of the Prophet. And they went unto Claretta, and said unto her, Tell us, O Claretta, the meaning of these great words, that we might believe in them. But Claretta responded: If they mean truth, their meaning will be revealed, and then will we believe it. Travancus then withdrew to his house; he went not out, nor would he receive any guests, save Claretta. And Claretta went and asked him what was the meaning of what he called out. And he responded: A spirit came to me, and revealed those words to me, and I thought it was a spirit of the Cause, yet it was not. Claretta asked, was it a spirit in the service of the palid Pandal? Travancus replied, No, it was not; it was a neutral or intermediate spirit, a confused spirit of confusion, but a spirit of confusion which is innocent; it caused confusion, not out of any love for confusion, but from love from truth, which however it had been separated from, not by its own will. And the name of this spirit is Lezuliata. So Claretta told the people this.  And some among them hearing this did say, This one we had believed in as a prophet, yet the words of misleading spirits he has spoken! We shall have him as our Prophet no longer. But the holy Claretta replied, Say you this, and he was never your Prophet to begin with, for you believed not his words in former times. For did he not say, There is no Prophet without the Council? Meaning that, no revelation is to be accepted of the Prophet unless the holy Council have approved it - and was this revelation approved by the holy Council? Behold that the false prophets always say, We are without fault and without error, we can do no wrong and speak no falsehood! And saying that, they commit great evil and speak innumerable lies; but no true prophet would every say such a thing. These are the words of every true prophet - Be on guard, for error comes forth from my hands and from my lips. But those who hear the words of the prophet shall discern in their hearts truth from falsehood and good deeds from mistaken ones; and the true prophets themselves shall admit their faults and their errors when they are made clear to them; and the holy Council discerns the words of the prophet on behalf of the whole community of believers, and guides and counsels and assists the holy Prophets in their self-discernment.

And the holy Travancus did receive the revelation of the holy Lord Bunga. And they asked him, Who is this Lord Bunga? And he replied, He is a great Lord and a great warrior and chief of warriors unto the final days, and is a subtutelary in the fourth tribe of sacred animals, a servant and assistant of the holy Lord Muna, and chief of his subtribe. And they asked him, And which is his subtribe?  And the holy Travancus responded, It is a kind among the monkeys, a kind found not in these lands or in any lands near to these, but in far distant lands it dwells. And further concerning its nature shall be revealed in times to come. And may there be praise for Bunga.

[NB: In modern revelation, it has been revealed that Lord Bunga is an orangutan. The term in the Maratrean scriptures we have translated as "monkey" is broader in meaning than that word in contemporary English, including also apes.]