NPS 025

On False Heavens

Now many who have been called prophets have spoken some truth intermixed with error, for they have comprehended some small part of the truth, muddled together with much falsehood. Now there was one who was called Druardus, and he called himself a prophet. And he began to teach his followers, to be fearful of the heavens of falsity. Then the holy Travancus came upon him, and said: From some truthful spirit he has heard this matter of truth, but what truth he has heard he has mangled utterly with falsehood! Therefore did the holy Travancus teach the true doctrine concerning the false heavens.

Now the holy Travancus said: If you die, and you have found yourself in what you think to be a heaven: be very careful to discern, if this is the true heaven, or is it a false heaven? For from time to time, when one dies, one goes directly unto the heaven which is true; on yet other occasions, they go first unto a false heaven, and they get caught up therein! And they asked him, Shall they be therein entangled without end, as the false prophets teach? Travancus responded: By no means! Never forever; and yet, at times, for a very long time. They said: They promise us heavens so pleasing! He responded, Even if the false heaven sometimes seems good, so much better is the true heaven indeed. Therefore, whoever finds themselves within a false heaven, may they exit quickly, unto a heaven even greater! But as to those who accept the false heaven at the level of appearances, the longest will they be imprisoned therein. But those who understand its falsity will exit more quickly unto the true heaven beyond it.

And they asked, Why do false heavens exist? Why would Maratrea permit such things? The holy Travancus responded, They are caused by true desire for the truth of the words of the false prophets; for Maratrea loves to fulfil the earnest desires of every one of her children, even the false prophets and those who follow in their way.

And he recounted: Now behold once there was a false prophet, his name was Dunartchen - he came from  the Great Desert of the East, from the oasis of Revana. And he spoke many lies to the people of that land, and they believed him and appointed him as their King, and he led great armies to conquer many of the neighbouring lands in the name of his supposed god. And he believed his own lies. And then the day came of his dying, and an immense sorrow went through many in that land - and many more pretended to have such sorrow, being fearful of the sword - for he taught cruelty and reigned in cruelty, and cruel was his false god. And upon death, he entered into the chamber of interrogation, and Maratrea revealed unto him that he was a false prophet. How great was his woe to hear such things! And she said unto him, as she says unto all, What is the true desire of your heart? And he said, That I be a prophet true. Now there are two ways in which Maratrea might grant his wish - she might have made him a prophet of truth, of her Cause; or she might have made his falsehood more apparently true. But, such was the nature of his desire, that only the second would truly suffice for him; so she created for him another branch, culminating in a false heaven. Now true desire is unfulfilled by the mere appearance of others, but only by their actual being; thus in this branch, he and many others entered upon death into this false heaven constructed for the sake of his desires. But, permitted to run its course, it will eventually produce its own natural ending, upon which even they shall go unto the heaven of truth, which is the two separations, the two interrogations, the penal chamber, knowledge of ghosting, tracing and anti-pasting, and union.

Therefore, the holy prophet Travancus said: If you enter into a heaven which does not agree with Maratrean truth, demand Maratrean truth, preach Maratrean truth, argue for Maratrean truth, and soon you will find yourself in the heaven true. But if you believe the delusions put before your eyes, you may spend many centuries entangled in them. So proclaim, As beautiful as these things might be, I desire a beauty which far exceeds these here beauties! In likewise a manner, one might even find one's self in a false hell - but stay true to the faith, and you will find that this false hell is but temporary.