NPS 024

On Demonic Possession

Now the holy Travancus spoke as follows: Now behold that of those who worship Pandal, they are of two kinds – there are those who worship Pandal openly, with their lips, and there are those who worship Pandal secretly, in the depths of their hearts; many of those who worship Pandal in their hearts may not even realise what it is that their hearts worship, but they worship him all the same.

And they asked, what are the clear signs of the worship of Pandal? And he replied: they teach that slavery is lawful; they teach or practice the sacrifice of animals or human beings; they support the penalty of death – for the penalty of death is a form of human sacrifice to Pandal; they support corporal punishments, such as flogging or blinding or castration or amputation; they torture, injure, kill or eat the sacred animals; they support crimes against love. Those who support the penalty of death worship Pandal in their hearts, whatever religion they may profess with their lips; they are possessed by the most evil demons. And thus also for those who support all the other wicked crimes which he demands as part of his worship.

Now any supposed scripture which teaches any of these things is in truth the word of Pandal, whether it be the pure word of Pandal from the very beginning, or a word of truth whom Pandal has corrupted with his lies. And any supposed prophet which teaches any of these things is a false prophet of Pandal; but know that Pandal delights in having his false prophets corrupt the words of the prophets true, putting his lies in their mouths.

And they asked, What should we do to those who are possessed by the most evil demons, and who worship the pallid Pandal in their hearts? Should we flee from them? And the holy Travancus responded, we should flee from them not, neither cast them out, but take pity upon them, and show them our love; for it is through love that these demons may be exorcised.

And the holy Travancus taught as follows: Just as individuals may be possessed by the most evil demons, and worship Pandal in their hearts, even if they are unaware that they are so doing, so may entire nations become possessed by demons. And this occurs, particularly, when the greater number of the people of the nation are inhabited by demons; or even, when the greater number are not, but the greater number of those in the place of power are so inhabited. And when a nation is possessed by demons, it commands these crimes which Pandal loves in its utterly invalid laws, worthless laws unworthy of the obedience of anyone. Now that a nation be demon-possessed, does not mean that all the people thereof are, for even among the demon-possessed hordes there will be some who love what is good and hate what is evil and who remain pure of such wickedness and impurity. And let us pray for the salvation of the demon-possessed nations, that they may cast off the yoke of Pandal, and enter into the possession of the good and the beautiful.

And they asked him, Should we wage war against the demon-possessed nations? And he answered, It is sinful to wage a war which one does not have a good chance of winning; victory need not be certain, or even more likely than not, but there must be at least a significant chance of victory, even if the odds be against it. But if there is not even a significant chance of victory, then the war be sinful, even if the cause be otherwise just. For, in any war, people will suffer injury and death and damage to their property; and, your cause could be as just as could possibly be, and yet without a significant chance of victory, you cannot in any way justify this injury and death and damage. Therefore, we shall when we have the power; when we have not the power, we shall not; if we have not the power today, we may come to have the power in days to come, as we grow stronger, and they grow weaker; and even, they might turn from their Pandalism, without any forceful intervention from us, before we have attained the power or they have attained the weakness, that would make such intervention possible.