NPS 022

On arguing with the demon-possessed

The holy Travancus spoke as follows: Waste not your efforts in argument with those in whom the most evil demons dwell; for in their hearts they hate reason, therefore no reason shall convince them. When they open their mouth to speak, respond not; wish them well, then depart from their presence. But when they come to you in the depths of despair, with hungry mouths and naught but tattered rags for clothes, in want of anywhere to lay down their head to sleep, with naught to cover their head from torrents of rain and hail, nor from the fire of the midday sun: then shall you feed them, and clothe them, and welcome them into your houses; and when their hands are idle, give them useful work. When their bellies are full, begin to fill their spirits with truth. And if they will receive, give more. But if they resist, then spend but a little while to convince them; and if they still will not believe, then send them on their way. Yet if then they return to you, welcome them back, and offer them the truth to them once again.