NPS 020

Of The Head Of A Pin

And the mockers said, Tell us, O Travancus, how many spirits can fit upon the head of a pin? But the holy Travancus replied, you ask such a foolish question for you do not know what the spirit is; but I tell you solemnly, spirit is a type of pattern in the experiences of souls, as matter is another type of such patterns. Now look upon the head of the pin; this is a particular experience you have, an experience corresponding to a particular pattern, which pattern we know as the head of the pin; we say, the head of the pin is of matter, which is to say, that it is a pattern of type matter. Now, do we observe any patterns of the spirit type upon the pin? When would we observe such a pattern?  When we read a text which praises a spirit, then we observe two patterns, the material pattern of the manuscript we read, and the spiritual pattern of the spirit itself. For indeed, a spiritual pattern is present whenever that spirit is signified to our minds by some experiences of ours. Now I tell you, I am going to charge the head of this pen with the spirit of goodness. And the holy Travancus said, O Spirit of Goodness, Descend upon the head of the pin!  Then he took the pin, and hid it; then revealing it again, he said – now tell me, when you see this pin, of what do you think? They answered, the Spirit of Goodness. He said, Behold, the Spirit of Goodness is present upon the head of this pin. Then they said, But how many further spirits may be placed upon it?  He answered, As many as may be called to mind within you when you look upon it; indeed, the limit is not in the pin, the limit is in your own mind. And they asked him, And how many souls may be fit upon it? And he said, As many souls as, having such power, elect to make the head of the pin the point from which their awareness proceeds; I say, very few, for why would a soul wish to do that?