NPS 002

A Hymn

Goddess Maratrea! When we think of you
Of your incomparable love for us
Of the blessing you have destined us
How do our hearts long to be
Face to face with your glorious beauty

Though through this desert land we tread
Filled with sorrow and impending death
Though the enmity has spread its thorns
Yet the blood and tears that it thirsts for
Without doubt purchases all blessing
The objects of all our longing

Though evil you have willed for us
You will evil for the sake of good
Evil to you is but a means
Good alone is its own end

And your Cause you have appointed
To bring all evil to its end
That good shall conquer all the world
That truth shall reign over all people

Until at last even good must cease
As all things end but to begin again
In one great cycle of time
Everything repeating endlessly
Not once more, but only once