NPS 019

Of Deeds Done In Telagrel

Now here follows the Account of Tramaraca, of the doings of the Holy Travancus, in the Lands of the East: Now Travancus went into Telagrel, proclaiming the Good News of the Maratrean Cause. "The time has come", he proclaimed – "The Cause is being established.  Follow the Cause, and believe the Good News!". As Travancus walked alongside the Great Lake, he saw Nazintus and his brother Vanerdus casting a net into the lake, for they were fishers. "Come, follow me!", the holy Travancus said, "and I will send you forth to fish for people." Hearing this, they left their nets at once, and followed him. A little further along, he saw Savanus son of Arzabed and his brother Navaco in a boat, repairing and preparing their nets. And straightaway he called them: and they left their father Arzabed in the boat with the hired men, and went after him. They went to Macupanel, and when there came they day of the weekly festival, Travancus went into the meeting hall, and began to teach. And they were astonished at the doctrine which he taught, for he was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as the scribes.  Just then, there came into the meeting hall a man who was possessed by a spirit of the enmity; and this man began to shout loudly, and disrupt the teaching of Travancus: "What do you want with us, Travancus of Tezaran? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are – a beast come out of the sewer!" But Travancus said unto him, "Peace", and drew him away into a private room, where he spoke unto him for some time. Then the man returned to the assembly, and said, "Truly this Travancus is a Holy One, sent from Heaven to right the wrongs of the Earth!" And Travancus proclaimed, Behold, the evil spirit which posessed this man, on this day has been cast out of him, through the holy word! The people there assembled where amazed by this, and spoke among themselves, saying, What is this new teaching? For with authority he commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him! Having left the meeting hall, they went to the house of Nazintus and Vanerdus, along with the sons of Arzabed. Now the mother-in-law of Nazintus was laying in bed with a fever, and they told Travancus about her. So he went to her beside, and spoke to her for some time, without the others present; and the fever began to subside, and soon it had left her; then she prepared a meal for them. That evening, after sunset, the people brought to Travancus all the sick and demon-possessed. The whole town gathered at the door, and Travancus healed many who had numerous diseases. He also drove out many spirits vowed to the enmity. For he knew the cause of the illnesses of the heart—which is ignorance of the true doctrine, or insufficient fervour in belief in it—and he knew the cure thereof, the great truth which he had come to bestow. And so often did illnesses of the heart, the dominions of the spirits vowed to the enmity, cause in turn illnesses of the flesh. And he also was knowledgeable of herbs and dressings and ointments, for he learnt these matters in Tradicarus, and he used this knowledge also.

A few days did pass, then Travancus once more entered into Macupanel, and the people thereof heard that he had returned. And they assembled, in so great a number, that there was not room even to stand, not even on the threshold of the assembly hall, and he preached words of great truth to them. Some men came, bringing with them a man who was paralysed, who was carried by four of them. They could not reach Travancus on account of the great crowd, but there was an opening in the roof of the assembly hall, and they lowered through it the mat upon which the man lay. And Travancus spoke to the man words of truth, and cured the paralysis of his heart, by saying: What ails you, O man? It is to know what you have done to others, and to know what they have done to you, and to know the evil thereof. But I tell you, whatever anyone does, they do by her command. Does she command evil? She does, but only for the sake of some greater good, some great beauty. Indeed, by every evil you have done, and by every evil that has been done to you, she has purchased some glorious good; of which you are for now ignorant, but concerning which she will grant you true and perfect knowledge in due course. All that happens shall happen again; thus comes again every evil, as evil as the last time, in a beginningless and endless procession of evil – and you shall say Yes to all of this, as she says Yes to all of this, knowing the great goodness and beauty purchased thereby. Seeing it, you shall surely say: For the sake of this, I shall say Yes to all things, to every evil that has ever been done, by anyone, to anyone. And I tell you, the doer of evil, and the one to whom evil is done, these two are one and the same, for all are one with each other, and with her. Now some false teachers were listening to him, false teachers well studied in the false and lying scriptures which the false prophets had authored, and loving even their corruptions of the scriptures once true and correct, preferring in every admixture the fouler part to the good; and these false teachers were thinking to themselves, By what right does this fellow speak as such? What blasphemy! To ascribe every evil to the divine will? To declare the oneness of the wicked with the good, and both with the divine? Immediately Travancus knew in his spirit that in their hearts they were so thinking, he said unto them: Why do you think these things? Which is easier: to say unto this paralysed man these things which I say, or to say unto him: Up now, take your mat and wall. But I want you to know that the authority of the truth belongs to the one who knows the truth and has the power to declare it unto the many. So he said to the man, Hear me, up now, up now and walk, take your mat and walk home. He got up, took his mat, and walked out in full view of them all. For the paralysis of his heart had caused the paralysis of his legs, and in curing his heart, his legs were cured also. The crowd were amazed at the great work which Travancus had wrought, and they praised the divine, saying, Never have we seen anything like this! Departing from there once more, Travancus went unto the shore of the Great Lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them. As he walked along, he saw Nelatravus son of Salupeha sitting in the taxation office. “Follow me”, Travancus said unto him, and Nelatravus got up and followed him. While Travancus was feasting at the house of Nelatravus, many tax officials, and other wicked ones, were eating there with him and with his disciples, for there were many among them who followed him. When the false teachers of the house of Sepihazrus saw him eating with the tax officials and with other wicked ones, they asked his disciples: Why does he eat with them? On hearing this, Travancus said unto them: I am everyone whom I meet, and we are all her – who then shall I not eat with? Do they not realise that whatever anyone does, they have done and shall do also? Do they not realise that whatever anyone does, is in perfect obedience to her command, which she commands for the sake of her love for the great beauties thereby attained? Now the disciples of Nayavus and the scribes of the house of Sepihazrus were both fasting. Some people came unto Travancus, and asked him: Why do their disciples fast, yet yours do not? But Travancus revealed unto them the true doctrine of fasting, which the followers of falsehood did not know. Now on the day of the weekly festival, Travancus was going through the fields, and as he and his disciples walked along, they gathered up some of the fruits of the fields, to eat thereof. And the scribes of the house of Sepihazrus saw what they were doing, and said “Evildoers, who violate the sacred law, that naught be gathered from the fields upon this holy day!” But Travancus responded, “A law which the false and lying prophets authored, and in the false and lying scriptures they recorded! Truly, on any day, it is lawful to gather up whatever one needs to eat, for their friends and for their house.” Hearing this, the scribes of the house of Sepihazrus went away, and began to plot with the Neradensca.

Travancus withdrew then with his disciples unto the shores of the Great Lake, and a large crowd followed him from Tregaleli. When they heard of his amazing teachings, myriads came to him from Avuda, Mevelruza, Damuna, from the lands beyond the Great River, especially Novatra, and from around Travela and Nezoda. On account of the crowd, he told his disciples to have ready for him a small boat, that he might escape from the crowd if needed. And he taught them the great teaching, the true knowledge of the true nature of things, and the truth of the Cause, and through this truth he healed the hearts of many, and their bodies even also. And he cast out of their souls every spirit vowed to the enmity. Travancus then went up the hill of Tralacat and called unto him those whom he wanted from among those who had gathered there. He appointed thirteen that they might be his representatives in this land, for the day was coming when he would return to the land of his birth, and he would send them forth throughout this land to preach the great truth, and in doing so drive out the spirits vowed to the enmity. And these are the thirteen which he appointed: Nazintus, unto whom he gave the name Trevetus, Savanus and Navaco, the sons of Arzabed, unto whom he gave them name Lavagantre, meaning, sons of the thunder-cloud, Nazintus of Tezola, Vanerdus, Trevilus, Vadmarclus, Vantretus, Stramus, Traleva daughter of Saluva, Suvadat, Verlazat of Tazoria, who was to betray him, and Nesuva daughter of Trabontus of Clamaria. Now Trevetus objected to Traleva and Nesuva being appointed, saying, Women are unworthy to lead; but Travancus rebuked him, saying, Silence, you fool, for these two women are greater in the truth than you are! Then Travancus went into a house, where once more a crowd did gather – so many that neither he nor his party were able to eat. Now his relatives who lived in this land, when they heard of this, they came to collect him, saying, He is out of his mind. And the scribes of the house of Sepihazrus came up from Mevelruza, and they said: Behold, he is possessed by the evil spirits Vetruna and Treleva – by the power of these demonic princesses he is making a pretence of driving out demons, but the demons remain in him even stronger than before. But Travancus called them over, and said unto them: Behold, that these princesses of which you speak, Vetruna and Trevela, are not in any way demons, but holy creatures of beauty and goodness, by whose power one may do many great things, such even as those things which I do. But you have blasphemed their sacred names, on account of the many demons which are in you, and which were in the false and lying prophets whom you follow, and who authored the false and lying scriptures which you follow. Then the relatives of Travancus arrived, his aunt and cousins. Standing outside, they sent someone in to call him out. They said – Your relatives are looking for you. But Travancus replied – Who is not my family? Who is not I? For all minds originated in one single mind, and to identity with that one single mind all shall return.