NPS 018

Octagonal Epistle

Fear not the world beyond the cause; that world exists for the sake of the cause, and the cause exists for the sake of that world. Do not flee from the world, but stay in and with the world; but interpret the world through the means of the cause; understand the world through the means of the cause; comprehend the world through the means of the cause. For the cause is the salvation of the world, and the salvation of the world is the end of the cause.

When we are outside the cause and the blessing, for what end do we live? For the sake of that which is beyond us, which is besides us and after us. For what end do we strive? For if we strive, we may receive now or later; if we strive not, we may receive now or later; but without doubt, we shall receive. Yet let us strive for the cause, for in striving for the cause we are choosing for ourselves, not merely final and ultimate meaning, meaning which is herenow elsewhere but may come to be herenow when herenow is herenow no longer, but rather immediate meaning, meaning in this very moment, in this which we call our lives, be it even a filthy sty. And that has value, to us herenow; and, being necessary for the end, in which all things find their final fulfillment, their crowning glory, their reason for being; and which end must come without doubt, it has value to all things.

I am calling you to an encounter, with the beauty which is divine. It is not mine to show you the way; it is mine but to instruct you to look. For there are many, therefore for the many, many ways have been appointed. When you find this beauty, you will find the highest faith - you cannot then deny.

Let us purify ourselves, of the impurity of our own pettiness. We seek passing things; and the glory which passes not, which passes not through saying Yes to its very own passing, we cannot have by own efforts, but only by grace, by the grace of blessing, by the grace of being - that grace that here is here and now is now and I am I, if only here would be there, and now would be then, and I would be thus! But through the cause we shall transform the world entire, the cause before which even the stars shall bow; for this cause has been appointed to bring about the end of all things, as all things must end - and as, for all things, there ending is a crown of terminal glory, the fullest flowering after which must come a return to seed.

In the beginning, everything is private - for what is more private than the uttermost emptiness of the very beginning, the fruit of the great emptying? But in the end, as it was in the utmost beginning, privacy passes; for privacy assumes there are two: what is private when there is but one? She who knows all things, she who remembers all things, she who has been all who have ever been, she who shall be all who shall ever be. Ought we then, to bring about the end, dispense with our fetish of privacy? Indeed we shall, but in measured steps. For how often is the cause of the sin of privacy the greater sin of judgement? When we abolish the greater, then we may also abolish the lesser also; as in the end indeed we shall.

Let us not reveal our deepest selves before those unready to know thereof; but among those proven ready to hear, let hearers therefore be appointed - those who have grown strong in saying Yes to all things, even their own utmost misery, even the utmost of evils; those who know in their own heart the unity of all persons and all things; those who seek not earthly justice, knowing that such is blasphemous usurpation against the justice of heaven; those faithful to the heavenly law. Let us speak not before the assembly, save an assembly of those so chosen.

One comes to encounter a truth so complete - what could it not contain? What truth could ever be devised more beautiful than this? Alas, before I knew this truth, how lost was I! Having found this truth, having received that which was bestowed by a power far beyond me, whither my life? It has become not a life of ease; it has become not a life of blessing. And yet, I have chosen a purpose for myself, when before I could choose none, for none I might choose seemed to me worthy of being chosen, and those that seemed worthy beyond my power to choose.

There is no salvation apart the truth; yet in the end, all shall be saved. Whoever is outside the truth shall enter thereinto, today or many years hence, within this life or beyond it; and whoever departs therefrom shall return thereunto, without doubt - today or many years hence, within this life or beyond it. For falsehood and ignorance were appointed to reign in the earliest days, truth and knowledge to triumph in the last of them.