NPS 017

Letter unto Relcius

In the name of Maratrea, Great Goddess, Heavenly Queen, Great Mother of All Souls, from whom all have divided and to whom all shall return, who remains and divides and divides, in one great circle of time:From Travancus, whom she has chosen to be her Prophet, to Relcisus, the ruler of Tradicarus. May whoever follows the path of truth know peace. I invite you to that path, the path of truth, the path of peace, the way of her most holy cause; which cause if you vow to serve, you shall be safe therefrom, and receive great favour, the favour she bestows on her cause alone; but if you reject this invitation, you will be safe not from her cause, and will receive not the favour of her cause, but rather the disfavour she bestows upon those who oppose it. For indeed, your father did oppose her cause with great cruelty; would you say now that he had known divine favour? None knowing the manner of his death would call favour that which he received – and who does not so know, for it is known throughout the entire world, and is upon every mouth, from the greatest to the least? O people who desire truth! That truth which you have long sought, is now bestowed upon you in the fullness thereof, be you but ready to receive it. For heretofore, seeking truth, but finding it not, you have settled for poor imitations thereof; but receiving the truth in fullness, cast aside every petty imitation. We worship none but her, for there is none but her who is worthy of worship, and whoever is worthy of worship is her. And we vow to server her cause, her cause of the final end, through doing of the work of heaven upon the earth, that her cause triumph throughout the earth, and rule over it in all power.