NPS 016

Letters to the Thirteen Dioceses

Travancus to the thirteen dioceses: Favour be unto you, the favour of peace, from she who is, she who was, she who shall be; and from the thirteen captains of the spirits of her Cause, among whom Navaletus is chief: The great Navaletus, faithful witness to the truth: first among spirits to vow to serve her Cause, the captain of the captains of those spirits: Through whom she shows her love for us, through whom she washes away our ignorance with the wine of heavenly wisdom.

By this wisdom do we receive the true power of kings, of those who rule by right and not by usurpation:  By this wisdom do we receive the true sacerdotal power, by which earth is remade in the image of heaven:  Praise there be to our Great Mother, whose glorious beauty endures without beginning and without end. Praise there be!

As a dark storm cloud comes her wisdom upon the earth; and great shall be the downpour in the last days, and every heart shall be turned to accept this great wisdom, in second triumph; even those who served the vanguard of the enmity to her most holy Cause, and who persecuted and killed its servants. And great shall be the tears of the enmity at the dawn of that day; but she shall turn their tears to joy. Such shall things come to be, without any doubt. At the beginning-end she alone is, in the glory of the Great Sabbath: she who is, and who was, and who shall be, the greatest power.

I, Travancus, your fellow servant of her Cause, who has suffered as you have suffered, for the sake of her Cause, enduring with patience for the sake of its coming reign, was in the prison of Ambramot, for the word of the truth of Maratrea, and the testimony of Navaletus.

And on the Sabbath night was my heart visited by heavenly spirits; and I heard a sweet voice, as sweet as the lyres of heaven, saying: I am she who alone was at the beginning-end, the Great Sabbath; I am she who divides, and she who remains, and she who returns: and what you have seen, what I have shown unto you, write in a book, and set it forth unto the thirteen dioceses, for the nourishment of their hearts in this time of trouble: unto the first diocese, that at Caznactus; unto the second diocese, that at Sutezacon; unto the third diocese, that at Pampalettus; unto the fourth diocese, that at Amandus; unto the fifth diocese, that at Cecacena; unto the sixth diocese, that at Carfuzio; unto the seventh diocese, that at Safunzo; unto the eighth diocese, that at Macruza; unto the ninth diocese, that at Trasuna; unto the tenth diocese, that at Decarona; unto the eleventh diocese, that at Mabara; unto the twelfth diocese, that at Carolina; unto the thirteenth diocese, that at Nevabroda.

And I turned to see from whence came this voice that spoke unto me; and, so turning, I saw thirteen lamps; and amidst the thirteen lamps I saw Maratrea, clothed in flowing robes down to just above her feet, robes embroidered with exquisite decoration. Her hair was long, as a flowing river of darkness; her smooth skin glistened in the light of the lamps; her eyes shined as moons; delicate were her feet, bare upon the cold stone of my cell; and her voice was as the sweetest music, as the soft summer rains. In her left-hand twinkled thirteen stars; in her right she bore a golden sword; great was the beauty of her countenance, beauty beyond words to express.

And when I saw her, I fell at her feet, in praise of this glory which had deigned to show herself to me once more. But she said unto me, Arise, Travancus; and she placed her left hand upon me, saying, Beloved Travancus, do not fear; for this imprisonment which you suffer for my sake, shall come to an end in due time. Believe these words which I speak, O Travancus, for I am she who alone was in the beginning-end, the Great Sabbath; from whom all have divided, and to whom all shall return, in the circle of time; the beginningless and endless one, in whom all that is, is encompassed, and there is naught beyond me; power over all things belongs to me, for I am mother of all universes. The day of your freedom comes soon; but first, write what you have seen, on this day, and on days before this. And I asked her, what is the signification of the thirteen lamps and the thirteen stars? But she said unto me: As to the meaning thereof, it is not my will that on this day it be revealed to you; but record what you have seen, even if you know not the meaning thereof, for in due course shall all be revealed.

To the prefect of the first diocese, that at Caznactus, write: Thus says she who holds the thirteen stars in her left hand, who walks in the midst of the thirteen lamps: I know the great deeds which you have wrought, the great hardships which you have endured, and that you cannot remain silent in the face of great evils. Thus have you tested those who claimed to speak the truth, yet did not, and have shown them to be agents of falsehood.  And despite many trials, you have shown patient endurance for the sake of your great love for me, and have not turned from your vow to serve my cause.  Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: yet I complain openly against that which I have secretly ordered: yet, through my open complaint, I turn you therefrom, both openly and in secret: The fervour of your earlier love has grown dim with the passage of years; your love which once burnt as a furnace, for me, for each other, for the great beauties which I have granted the favour that your eyes may perceive. Bring to your minds the glory which you have lost, and resolve in your hearts to regain it, that your lamp shall still shine brightly amidst the sacred blackness of night - for it is the lamp, and the moon and the stars, which gives to night its holiness.  But this you have, which pleases me openly, as an end not a means - that you detest the deeds of they who follow Zenclotus, whose deeds I detest in openness.  Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words; for my words are the wine of heaven, a foretaste and promise of blessing.

To the prefect of the second diocese, that at Sutezacon, write: Thus says she who alone is at the
beginning-end, the Great Sabbath, she who remains and she who divides and she who returns: I know the immensity of your trials and of your poverty; but the days shall come when you shall be rich, and through faith and hope shall you bring about those days. I know that you are condemned by those who claim to know the truth yet do not, the false prophets whom Pandal has appointed.  But, though suffering may come upon you, do not fear; for whatever befalls you, how greatly shall you be rewarded for its sake, by my promises - for blessed are those who bless others in their suffering. Thus shall the sons of Pandal cast some of you into prison, to seek to break your spirit; but the time of this trial shall be short, which trial you shall overcome. Be faithful to the good, the beautiful, the true, even unto death; for those who die for the sake of those whom they love, I shall crown them with immense glory.  Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words; for the days of the wicked are short, and without doubt shall the good triumph in the end.

To the prefect of the third diocese, that at Pampalettus, write: Thus says she who holds the golden sword, encrusted with gems: I know the greatness of your deeds; I know the nature of the place where you dwell, for it is where the most pallid Pandal has his seat - you hold firmly to the truth you have received from me, and have not abandoned your faith, even in those days when faithful Zanattus the martyr slain among you, by the servants of Pandal, the vanguard of the enmity to my Cause, in the city where Pandal has his seat. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: There are those among you who follow the teaching of the two false prophets, and who commit great misdeeds in obedience to their teaching: thus they sacrifice animals upon their altars, and commit crimes against love. And also among you are those who follow the teaching of Zenclotus, which I also detest in openness. Turn from these evils; or else you will be not counted among my Cause, and my sword which fights against the enmity shall fight against you also. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words: Upon the conquering ones I shall bestow the secret cakes and wine of heaven; unto them I shall grant my mystic amulet, and a sacred name kept secret.

To the prefect of the fourth diocese, that at Amandus, write: Thus says our most holy Mother, Great Goddess, and Heavenly Queen, whose eyes shine like moons, and whose delicate feet glow with beauty: I know your deeds, the love of your hearts, your service to my Cause and your faith therein, and that in these things you are growing, as the smallest seed grows to become a great tree. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: for you tolerate Zabajal, false prophet appointed by Pandal, and permit him to teach; and he seduces the people of my Cause into evils, to commit crimes against love, and to eat unlawful sacrifices, and the flesh of the animals most sacred. Time have we given him to turn from his evil, yet he has turned not: therefore cast him out of your number; and those who will not renounce his wicked teachings, cast them out also. For those who follow his wicked words I will lead to destruction, for the sake of the progress and triumph of my Cause. But I say unto the rest of you, who are at Amandus, who have remained faithful to the true and the good, and who have followed the way of truth, the way of my Cause, I shall lighten the burden upon your backs; only remain faithful as you have remained faithful, and those who have turned back to truth, turn not to falsehood again. To the heart-conquerors, in the last days shall I grant them power over every land and nation, to reign over the earth and over hearts and minds, as earth is remade like unto the heavens, in progress and conquest and first and second triumph; and the thirteen stars shall pass from my hand to theirs, or as their hands shall pass to mine. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the fifth diocese, that at Cecacena, write: Thus says she who has the thirteen spirits before her throne, and the thirteen stars: I know well your deeds; yet while many speak highly of you, in truth you are not as high as those words would have it. Be watchful, and stand steadfast in the establishment of my Cause, strengthening the remnant of this day; for though it may seem my Cause in your place is nearing unto death, remember that I shall restore to glory that nearing death, and raise that which is dead to life: for after every vanquishment of my Cause, re-establishment surely follows, in all branches. Though you be in this your day weak and imperfect, yet I will strengthen and perfect you unto the glory of the final days. Remember then how you first received the true wisdom, and how you heard it in those days; remain faithful thereto, and turn back from all your straying from your vow. If you do not remain watchful, then disaster will come upon you, and you will not know its coming until it devours you. For Pandal is at the gate, and his longing for you is in his fangs. But this shall come not to pass, as long as there remain among you as there do now, even as few as now, those who have not defiled their robes with the blood of unholy sacrifices, whose robes are unstained with this wickedness: truly they are worthy to call themselves people of my Cause. The day shall come when the heart-conquerors, among whom in the end all share come to be numbered, they shall be enrobed in robes as exquisitely embroidered as my own, in robes not other than my own, as they are not other than me. And in the scrolls which record that who I am may be found their names; for their names are upon my lips, for they are names of mine. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the sixth diocese, that at Carfuzio, write: Thus says she who is holy and true, who wields in her hand the keys of power over all that is, or ever was, or ever shall be. Whatever she commands, none can disobey; whatever any one does, so they do by her command; such are her commands, not in open, but in secret. I know the deeds I have commanded you in the secret, the deeds I have commanded you openly, those which I have commanded the same in both ways, those which I have commanded in one way yet against in the other. I have opened the gate for you, and none but I may close it; yet even if I close this gate, I do so only to open it once more; and on the last day the last shall pass through it, and the myriad things will be no more, as all will end but to begin again. You are weak, yet your love of the great beauty is your strength; you have remained faithful to the truth, and have not denied it in your hearts, though your lips hide that truth from those unworthy of it. Behold that I will cast out the hidden servants of Pandal, those who declare themselves to serve my Cause, yet do not, for their lips are stained with untruth. But the day shall come when they fall before your feet, to beg forgiveness for their error; and if you are not among them yourself, you shall say unto them, How shall we hold against you, your faithful obedience to your mother’s commands? For she loves you as much as she loves us. I know of your endurance in your vow to serve my Cause, and be the people of my Cause; though the hour of trial may come, it shall be brief, and shall be followed thereafter by triumph. Swift shall come the day of your glory; remain strong in your faith, that no one may take from you your glorious crown. The heart-conquerors shall be columns in the temple of the last day, wherein shall be celebrated that sublime rite by which all things are brought to an end, but to begin again; the fruit of the triumph which shall not be vanquished, save that this triumph is the vanquishing of all things. Their names shall be names of mine, for I shall be not other than they; as I am now them yet not them, so I shall I come to be them, and it shall be said not any longer that they are other than me. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the seventh diocese, that at Safunzo, write: Thus says she who ought be praised, the one whose open word is truth, the beginningless and endless Heavenly Queen: I know of you that in your hearts, you love the great beauty; yet dim is your love, and easily are you lead astray into unfaithfulness. Would that you were true to your love, or that which you love you loved not at all! Your hearts are as now lukewarm; but behold, I am sending to you a burning flame of desire, to set your hearts ablaze, and through your hearts to set ablaze the world entire. You say that you are rich, yet immense is your poverty - for you think that you are already among my blessed ones, yet you know not what blessing is; for if such you knew, you would not say what you now say. In place of that gold which you hold for the sake of another, I shall give you gold for your very own sake; in place of service in the blessing of others, I shall give you your very own blessing. Through the flames of such service you must pass, through the flames of unrequited desire - yet, once you glow hot, every blessing shall I grant unto you, and then will you truly be rich, and enrobed in exquisitely embroidered robes, such as is worn by the princesses and princes of the universes. And I shall anoint your eyes, that you may see all these things, and through your eyes shall you be blessed, first through your eyes, and then through your flesh. Those whom I love I lead into error; those whom I love I lead back into truth; the first in secret, the second in openness. As to those being lead back: may your hearts be ablaze with desire, that those flames be the cause of your repentance. Behold, I am at the gate, and waiting; if you will admit me to your heart, I shall admit you to my heavenly banquet, the feast of blessing. To the heart-conquerors I grant the right to sit with me upon my throne; yet then there shall be only one sitting upon it. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the eighth diocese, that at Macruza, write: Thus says she who emanates the tutelary deities of the five sacred animal tribes, and their subtutelaries also. I know of your good will unto all, even unto the enemies of the good. And it is well that you wish well all, even those who do evil; for there is none who I do not love with the very same love with which I love myself, for there is none who is other than my very own self. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: That in your good will you have shown hospitality to those who kill and injure and eat and sacrifice the sacred animals. Do not extend your hospitality unto them, but cast them out of your houses, until they repent of this their wickedness. For, you show good will unto them, but in doing so do you fail to show good will unto those who are their victims; for the sake of your love for one, you have failed to love another; and those who do great evil, you love them not by allowing them to remain in this their evil. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the ninth diocese, that at Trasuna, write: Thus says she who gives birth to many universes, a mother of utmost fertility, of fertility in particularity: I know of your endurance in the face of trials; for you go forth to speak the truth, and none will hear it; and even those who have heard the truth abandon it; thus are you reduced to few in number; yet, despite all these things, you lose not hope, but proclaim the truth with the very same fervour. For whatever trials you endure, you shall I more than fairly compensate - for I shall give birth to a universe for the sake of your blessing, a branch for the sake of the fire of your heart. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: That you have failed to love those who have not endured as you have endured, that fell away at the face of trials. Truly, if you had called them back, they would have by now returned to you; yet in your pride you called not for them, and they did not return. Thus have you weakened my Cause. For those who fall away, do so for such is my will; but it is my will that whoever turns from the truth shall in due course return to it; I do all this for the sake of the particularity of my Cause, the fruit whereof is blessing. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the tenth diocese, that at Decarona, write: Thus says she who is one with the great beauty, and with goodness and truth:  I know of the great kindness you have shown to those who suffer; there were those who spat at you, and persecuted you, yet in their time of need you did not hesitate to rescue them, and thus you have won many of them for my Cause. For you loved them as I love them, for I love them as I love you, and I love all as I love myself. Whoever loves the great beauty, must love also goodness and truth, on which account they love even those in whom that great beauty is for now lacking. But whatever anyone lacks, the same shall be granted to them, in the day of their blessing. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: that those among you who teach error you are slow to rebuke, but permit their error to go unchallenged. Be kind unto those of error, but it is not kindness to cause them to remain in untruth. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the eleventh diocese, that at Mabara, write: Thus says she who remains, and she who divides, and she who returns: I know of your patience, that those things which you have desired have come not to you, yet you have lost not hope, yet continued working towards the same goal. And your patience shall bear great fruit, the progress and conquest and triumph of my Cause; they into whom I divided shall in the end all return to oneness with me; for such shall I who remain bring to pass. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: that among you there are those who follow the teaching of Panulus; for his heart loves lengthy prayers, yet his heart detests the great beauty. And he teaches falsehood, when he says, that those who die go unto the say of lengthy prayers, prayers unending; for those who die go on to far greater things, and those things have their glory only in their willing ending, to end but to be again. Therefore correct the hearts of those who are deluded by his teachings, even his heart if that will be; for their hearts are not ablaze with love for the great beauty, but whoever has that fire of desire ablaze in their hearts, will not accept his teachings. He has come to you on account of your patience, for patient ones are most likely to be entrapped in his snare; for he is a false prophet whom Pandal has appointed unto the detriment of those of great patience. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the twelfth diocese, that at Carolina, write: Thus says she who she who rests in three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time: I know of the zeal with which you have opposed crimes against love; for it is through love that I seduce the many souls to return to oneness with myself and with one another; but those who are guilty of crimes against love, Pandal has appointed to delay this return. He has done this by my secret command, for the sake of the particularity of that return; but by my open command, you shall oppose him. For the deeds he promotes are but means, but the deeds you promote are but ends. That in returning we shall celebrate the three Sabbaths, once more which is once only. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: That one among you has gone astray, and led others astray, in her false teaching. For the heart of Tesara has been greatly inflamed against these crimes, as will be inflamed the hearts of all those who truly love the great beauty. Yet, from truth she has turned to falsehood, for she has taught that those who commit these crimes are beyond salvation; but none are beyond my love, which saves all; and though she teach against the crimes of love, her teaching itself be such a crime, a crime against those who love those whom she condemns, herenow, and elsewhere and elsewhen. May your love lead her back to my truth. Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.

To the prefect of the thirteenth diocese, that at Nevabroda, write: Thus says she who she who rests in the glory of her perfect love for her own being: I know of the great favour which you have received, for it is I who has so favoured you; yet being so favoured, you do not hold yourself above those who I have not favoured to the same degree. For many do I favour, some in greater degree than others, in the favour of being and the favour of the Cause. Yet, in the end do I favour all equally, for all are equal in the favour of blessing; wise are you therefore to hold not your favour above those whose favour is herenow lacking. For whatever herenow is given, elsewhere and elsewhen is taken away; and whatever herenow is taken away, elsewhere and elsewhen it is given. All favour is for the sake of the favour of blessing; and the blessing is not other than my glory, the glory of my perfect love for my own being. Yet, I have concerning you this complaint: Though you do not place yourself above those whom I have favoured less, neither do you work diligently to bestow upon them my favour upon you. For I shall favour them more than I have heretofore, but I shall so favour them through my favour unto you. Great is the gift I have given unto you; but if you do not give that same gift unto others, do you not render worthless the gift? Let all whose hearts I have opened hear these my words.