NPS 014

In the land of Nabolvi

Now the holy prophet Travancus departed from the city of Tradicarus, and he left his beloved high priestess Claretta in charge of the people of the Cause in that city, and he went to the south and to the east, unto the land of Ludave. For a new usurper had ascended to the throne thereof, and Maratrea commanded Travancus to preach the truth of her Cause in the court of this new usurping king. But in the third year of the reign of Medzicorus usurping king of Ludave, Zaner son of Zecnart usurping king of Nabolvi came to the city of Mazelerus and did beseige it. And the will of Maratrea for means delivered Medzicorus into the hands of Zecnart, along with the entirety of his riches.  These Zaner did carry off to the temple of his god Pandal in the land of Nabolvi. And in those days the holy Travancus dwelt among the court of the usurping king Medzicorus, for he was desirious to lead king Medzicorus to the truth of her Cause. And in doing that he had not succeeded, but he had converted three among the officials of the king Medzicorus, all of whom were of noble birth; and their names were Caneltanus, Limeserus and Zareltus; and they believed in her Cause, and vowed themselves faithful thereto, and became known as companions of Travancus. And when Zecnart conquered the land of Ludave and the city of Mazelerus, he took into his custody all the court officials and nobles of Medzicorus, including these three companions of Travancus, and even Travancus himself, who came to be counted among them.

Then Zaner did order Zasanetus the chief of his court officials to bring into the royal service some of the people captured at the court of Medzicorus, who were among the court officials and the royal and aristocratic families. And Zasanetus did select young men who were without any physical defect, who were handsome in appearance, who displayed aptidute for every manner of learning, well-informed and quick to attain understanding, all of these qualifications to serve in the palace of Zaner. Now Travancus was also included among their number, although he was not as handsome as his three companions, nor as near to them in youth, but Caneltanus being so chosen had said unto Zaner, as great as our minds be, his mind far exceeds our own; and Zasanetus spoke to Travancus, and was impressed of his intelligence, therefore Travancus was included among their number also. And Zasanetus assigned for them tutors in the language and literature and learning of the land of Nabolvi, and that this training would last three years, after which they would enter into the royal service.

Now Zasanetus was a eunuch and the chief of the royal eunuchs, and he had received the command from the king Zaner to make eunuchs of Travancus and his companions also. But Travancus said unto him, Do as you wish unto me, but do not do this unto my companions, for it is offensive unto the Goddess whom we serve. Zasanetus asked, Am I, being an eunuch, offensive unto her? Travancus replied, Was it by your own will that a eunuch you became, or by the will of another opposed to your own, or in disregard to it? For if you became an eunuch out of your own desire, then she finds no offense in your conduct; but if another made you an eunuch without your will, then that is offensive to her.  Zasanetus said, It was not by my own will that I became as I am; am I therefore offensive to her? Travancus replied, It is not you who are offensive to her, but the conduct of the one who made you as such which is offensive to her.  Zasanetus said, Should I be fearful of the gods of a defeated kingdom? Where was your goddess when my lord put your lord to the sword? Travancus responded, I am not of that land, but from afar, from the land of Tradicarus, to the north and to the west; our goddess was not worshipped in the court of the late Medzicorus, save by us alone, myself who had come to that land, and my three companions born in that land which I brought to her worship. We sought to bring Medzicorus to her worship also, alas it was without success; surely if we had succeeded, our Goddess would have protected him! Zasanetus responded, I know not this goddess of yours, how should I fear her what I do not know? But I know well my lord the king, that if I do not take from your loins, then he will take from me my head! Travancus replied, Do to me as you wish, but do not do this to my three companions. Zasanetus said, And I will lose my head. Travancus responded, Do not do this, yet tell your lord the king that you have done it, and our Goddess will protect you, and you will come to no harm. And the Goddess Maratrea through her favour for her Cause had willed Zasanetus to show compassion unto Travancus and his companions, therefore Zasanetus was desirous to grant them their wish. Therefore Zasanetus said unto Travancus: I will make not eunuchs of your companions as you wish, but as for you, a eunuch you will become. Then Zasanetus took the knife and brought it unto Travancus; but then he said, I will do this not to you either; your care for your companions is greater than your care for yourself, which has impressed me. I will tell my lord the king that I have made eunuchs of all four of you; I trust that you will say or do naught to cause him to know that matters are otherwise. And Travancus replied, We swear by our Goddess to do no such thing.

And the king Zaner did assign to them a daily amount of meat and of wine from the royal banquet. Now the most wicked king Zaner delighted in the flesh of dogs, and under the inspiration of Pandal, he said, May they be fed this meat alone! But Travancus and his three companions resolved not to defile themselves with this meat, for they honoured the dog as a holy animal, and acknowledged it as a great and heinous sin to eat the meat thereof. Therefore Travancus asked Zasanetus for permission not to defile themselves in this way.

Travancus said, We will eat not the meat of the holy dog, nor the meat of any other sacred animal; but the meat of cattle and of sheep, of the chicken and of the swine, these meats shall we eat. But Zasanetus replied, My lord has dedicated his palace to the god Palupacu, the god unto whom the flesh of dogs is offered as a sacrifice; therefore he has decreed that no meat save the meat of dogs be eaten herein. If you will eat not the meat of the dog, you will eat not meat at all.

And Zasanetus asked of them, Will you at least drink this fine wine? Travancus replied, To the drinking of wine we have no objection, for the wine of the earth is a foretaste of the wine of the heavenly banquet; but, pray tell me, has this wine been offered upon any altar? Zasanetus replied, Indeed, it has, as has all wine drunk in this palace; tell me you are not one of those fools who refuses to drink wine offered unto our gods? Travancus responded, We will drink wine offered unto any deity whom our Goddess is pleased for us to worship, and many such deities there are, worshipped in many lands; but certain deities, whose rites she finds offensive, we are permitted not to drink wine offered in those rites. So, pray tell me, upon which altar has the wine of this palace been offered? Zasanetus responded, Upon the altar of Palupacu, of course! On what other altar would wine in this palace be offered? Indeed, I tell you, that within the walls of this palace no other altar can be found.  Travancus responded, We may not then drink any of the wine of this palace, for our Goddess is offended by the drinking of any wine offered upon the altar upon which the holy dog is cruelly slain, for that rite is most offensive to her.

Now the Goddess Maratrea through her favour for her Cause had willed Zasanetus to show compassion unto Travancus and his companions, therefore Zasanetus was desirous to grant them their wish; but he said unto Travancus, I am fearful of my lord the king, who has appointed unto you this meat and this wine, for why should he see your faces looking more haggard than the other officials? I am fearful that my lord the king would then desire my head. Travancus responded, May for thirteen days you test us, giving us naught but vegetables to eat and water to drink; then compare our appearances with those of your servants who eat the meat and drink the wine of the royal table; treat us then in accordance with that which you see. So Zasanetus agreed to this, and ordered that Travancus and his three companions be so tested for thirteen days. And it came to pass that the thirteen days were completed, and Zasanetus called Travancus and the three companions thereof into his chamber to be inspected. And in their faces they appeared healthier and better nourished than any of the servants who had eaten the food of the royal table. So Zasanetus agreed that this be their sustenance henceforth.

And by her favour for the Cause the Goddess Maratrea had given Travancus and his companions great knowledge and wisdom, and understanding of many obscure texts; and to Travancus she had given visions and dreams, and the understanding therefo, for she had chosen him as her Prophet.

Now at the end of the days which the usurping king had appointed for their education, Zasanetus brought them before Zaner. And the usurping king conversed with them, and he could find none equal to Travancus, Caneltanus, Limeserus and Zareltus, therefore he accepted them into the royal service. And in every matter of wisdom, and in every manner of understanding, concerning which the usurping king did question them, he found that they were many times greater than all the many magicians and enchanters in the entirety of his kingdom. And Travancus and his companions remained at the court of Nabolvi until the first year of the reign of the usurping king Scoreus.

Now in the fourth year of his reign, Zaner son of Zecnart king of Nabolvi dreamt dreams; greatly troubled was his mind, and he could sleep not. Therefore hs summoned all of the magicians of his realm, along with all the enchanters and the sorcerers, and even the astrologers, to tell him concerning that which he had dreamt. When they came in to stand before the king, he said unto them: I dreamt a dream which troubles me greatly; desirous am I to know the true meaning thereof. Then the astrologers answered the king, O king, may you live for an infinity of years! Tell us your servants this most troubling of dreams, and we shall reveal to you the true interpretation thereof.

The wicked king replied unto his astrologers as such: Thus I have decided in firmness; if you tell me not the true interpretation of my dream, I will sever all your limbs, and reduce your children to penury. But if you tell unto me your dream, and provide me with a true explanation thereof, many great and wonderful gifts will I bestow upon you. Tell me therefore the meaning of my dream.

Thus he told his dream unto them; but it was exceedingly obscure, and they struggled in their interpretation thereof; and that which they produced was most unconvincing to this evil usurping tyrant, and he believed it not; indeed as he ought not, for it was naught but a figment of their ignorance; and he accepted it not. But they said unto him, The king has told his dream unto his servants, and they have interpreted it for him.

The vile usurper then replied: I am sure that you are but trying to buy time, for you know the firmness of my resolve: if you tell me not the true meaning of my most troubling dream, then you are doomed. For you have conspired to tell lies unto me, hoping that I might change my mind. Tell me the true interpretation of this my dream, and if you tell me the truth then I shall know it as true, and greatly reward you.

But the astrologers answered this vile and usurping king thus: There are none upon this earth who can give a better interpretation than we have given; no king, however glorious and powerful, has ever made such demands of any magician or enchanter or astrologer. What the king asks is beyond our power, its difficulty is too great; none can reveal it but the great Pandal, and he reveals such matters not to those who live upon this earth.

On account of all that they had said, this wicked and evil usurper was extraordinarily angry: for the rage of the servants of Pandal knows no bounds; therefore he commanded that all of the scholars of his land of impiousness be put to death, as bloody sacrifices for the vileness he knew as his lord.

When Haracanus, the commander of the guard of this usurper, had gone forth to offer up as bloody sacrifices all the scholars of his land of impiouness, the most holy Prophet Travancus addressed him: Tell me, why has this been decreed?  What law have the scholars transgressed, each and every one of us? Why did the king issue a decree of such harshness? So Haracanus explained the matter to Travancus. Travancus therefore went unto that most wicked usurper, Zaner son of Zecnart, to ask that the scholars be spared for but one night, then Travancus would reveal the interpretation of the dream to him. And the wicked Zaner replied, If you can interpret my dream tomorrow, interpret it for me now! But Travancus responded, The meaning of it is not yet clear to me; but I am certain that upon a night of study I will be able to reveal it to you. Zaner said, Very well then, I will permit you to live for this night; but if you reveal not the true meaning of my dream to me in the morrow, then you will die in pain amidst the flames! Travancus responded, very well, in the morrow I will tell you that which you wish to know.

Travancus returned then unto his place of abode, and consulted his three companions who had been brought with him unto Nabolvi: Caneltanus, Limeserus and Zareltus, that they would seek her favour unto her Cause to reveal unto them th secret of this obscure mystery, that neither Travancus nor his companions nor any of the scholars of Nabolvi be submitted unto the flames. And in the night Travancus prayed, and the truth concerning this mystery was revealed unto him in a vision. And Travancus praised the supreme Goddess, the Heavenly Queen, that she had favoured him in this manner; therefore he said:

    Praise there be unto the Goddess Maratrea,
        without beginning and without end;
    beginningless and endless is her ceaseless self-praising;
        all wisdom and all power belong to her
    time itself is naught other than her smooth and supple skin
        she casts down the usurpers
        and causes others to arise in their place
        for the sake of the great beauties she thereby purchases
    unto those whom she has chosen she bestows true wisdom
        the knowledge by which they understand the true nature of things
    unto whom she reveals her secrets, the deepest and most hidden
        she reveals amidst the darkness of the holy night
        true wisdom dwells within those whom she favours
    I praise you that you have given me wisdom and power
        O heavenly mother of mine
    I praise you that you have revealed to me all I am needful to know
        that I may progress your Cause
    even the true meaning of dreams

And the holy Travancus addressed his three companions as follows:
    Time is divided into two eras
        for blessing apart from her Cause
        and when Blessing and her Cause are united as one
    and the establishment of her Cause
            is the boundary and bridge between them
        she will grant wisdom unto her Cause
        that those who succeed its foundation
            will take care of that which they have received
            that those who in turn succeed them
            will receive the fulness thereof
                and even moreso
    and dreams we will dream
        yet among them some will trouble our spirits
            so greatly so as to rouse us from our slumber
Even the usurpers who have proclaimed fraudulent laws
    will dream dreams that trouble them
    yet their dreams none will be able to explain
    save the holy scribes, filled with benevolence
        drunk on the wine of the teaching of the holy prophets
    Thus will the usurpers be driven to call upon those who they hate
        to appear before them
And an usurper will say thereunto
    a dream have I dreamt
        greatly troubling in the depths of my soul
And those who work earnestly for the progress of her Cause
        whom the stars even befriend
        for her favour to her Cause is reflected in all things
    They will promise to the usurper at the height of the exaltation thereof
        O usurper, the end of your reign is concealed from you
                It is concealed even from we who must assume your place
                    upon your certain downfall
            But without doubt it will end
            As must end every usurpation
                For her Cause alone reigns by right
                And whatever is not of her Cause, reigns by usurpation
                For upon the establishment of her Cause
                His right to rule was withdrawn by her
                Being their father in wickedness and evil, the palid Pandal
    O usurper, tell your troubling dream unto your servants
        who shall tell it unto us in turn
            and we shall explain the interpretation thereof
But the usurper will respond unto the earnest workers for her Cause
        Behold that the matter has ceased out of me;
        bestow upon me knowledge of my dream and its interpretation
            according to your scriptures
May one who acknowledges the Goddess as the only true justice
    go forth unto her temple of the Goddess
    to bestow knowledge therein concerning the true nature of things
        unto those whom the Goddess has favoured
        unto those who know that they are not other than her
        for these are worthy companions indeed
Seeking to comprehend the incomparable love which she has
    for every last one of her children she has brought forth out of her heavenly womb
    brought forth out of her very own being and become
        for a mother of bodies becomes not the body she bears
        but a mother of souls becomes the very souls she bears
    Great Mother, Great Goddess, and Queen of Heaven
        O heavenly mother, reveal to us your secrets
        the fellowship of those who acknowledge you as the only true justice
        will proceed unvanquished unto glory
    even in days when confusion reigns
        there will remain a remnant who cling to true wisdom
In the holy night your secrets will be revealed unto those who love you
    in visions and dreams
        we praise you that we are so favoured by you, heavenly Goddess
            you who are the fount of all blessing
Then the one who acknowledges the Goddess as the only true justice
    will say and will declare:
        Without beginning and without end is the blessing of the Goddess
        In the forward-vein of the ever-remaining
        And in three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time
    therefore may her many names be praised!
    perfect is her wisdom, and perfect is her power
And from time to time does she change the many things she has wrought
        as seasons of happiness are followed by seasons of sorrow   
        and seasons of sorrow are followed by seasons of happiness in turn
            she will cast down the usurpers from their thrones
            and establish the rule of those whom she has appointed to reign in their place
            whose reign shall endure, until all things end but to begin again
    unto the wise she grants her wisdom
    unto her prophets she grants knowledge of hidden things
    for whatever anyone knows, she knows
    and whatever she knows not, is known by none, and is not that it might be known
Unto her true prophets she has revealed the deep secrets of the true nature of things
    she reveals her secrets in her holy night
        knowledge revealed amidst the sacred darkness
    she creates ignorance for the sake of beauty thereof
        but all ignorance has knowledge as its destiny   
I praise you, O Goddess whom all once were and will be once more
    from you all wisdom proceeds, yet also all ignorance
    both of which you create for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
    but ignorance you have appointed to reign in the earlier days
    and wisdom to reign in days that are latter
    and you have granted power to the servants of your Cause which you have favoured
    you have taught in these days the servants of your Cause those things we were most needful to know
    even the means by which the usurpers will be brought to their downfall.

Then Travancus went unto Haracanus, whom the most wicked usurping king had appointed to offer up all the scholars of Nabolvi as a bloody sacrifice, and Travancus said unto him: Sacrifice not the scholars of Nabolvi; take me unto the king, and his dream I will interpret unto him. At once Haracanus took Travancus unto the king, and said unto him: Behold, I have found a man among the exiles of Ludave, who can tell unto the lord king the meaning of his most troubling dream. The king asked Travancus, Is this true? Can you tell me the meaning of this most troubling dream? For others have sought to tell me the meaning thereof; but it was clear to my heart that their explanations were lacking, and naught but fancies of their own minds. If you tell me the true meaning of my dream, I will reward you greatly, and grant you what you wish; but if your interpretation is unsatisfactory to me, I will offer you as a living sacrifice unto the dancing flames. Travancus asked of him, If I answer you as you wish, will you spare not only my life, but also those of the scholars? The usurping king Zaner replied, If so you wish, such shall I do, but only if your answer is found satisfactory to me.

Travancus responded, No sage nor seer nor enchanter nor magician nor diviner can explain to the king this mystery concerning which he has inquired, this most troubling of dreams. But I tell you that there is an ultimate Goddess, who reigns as Queen over the many Heavens, the one single soul at the beginning-end of time, from whom all have divided and unto whom all shall return, a Goddess who knowing all things reveals many mysteries. She has shown unto king Zaner what must come to pass. Let me recount to you the dreams and visions which passed through your mind as you lay upon your bed; and then I will recount their meaning to you.

As there you were lying, O usurping king, your mind turned to those things which must come to pass, and she who reveals all mysteries placed knowledge into your mind concerning what must come to pass in every branch, whether descending from here or besides here.

As to me, the mystery of the meaning of this most troubling dream has been revealed by her unto me not that I am by right greater than any other among the living; but if I exceed them in wisdom, it is solely that such wisdom she has freely chosen to bestow upon me even as I am underdeserving thereof but she does as such that the many, even you, O king, may know the true nature of things therefore through this wisdom she has bestowed upon me, may you, O king, know the interpretion of this most troubling dream, for she has sent it unto that might be revealed unto you the true nature of things, and what must in every branch without doubt come to pass.

O most wicked usurper, it came to pass that you beheld in your dreaming
    a great and holy idol standing before you
        excellent was the brightness of its glory
        and its form moved your heart to adoration
The head of the sacred idol was made of purest gold
    its breast and arms of silver
    its belly and thighs of brass
    with legs of iron, and feet of fired clay
And the sacred idol sat upon a platform
    made of stone carved not by human hands
    from the slopes of the sacred mountain
And the sacred idol was incensed with the finest perfume
    the fine fruits of the summer were offered
        as a sacrifice unto its glory
    a refreshing breeze flowed in its presence
    and the wind carried away many helpful spirits
        finding their origin therein
    and these spirits inhabited the entirety of the earth
        The platform upon which the sacred idol sat grew
        To become the holy mountain itself
    and the power of this sacred idol
        came to fill the whole earth
Thus the dream
        a prophecy delivered unto one who is not a true prophet
        for even the false prophets have prophesied truly
        as truth in the midst of falsehood
    yet the dream is to you obscure;
    lacking knowledge of the true scriptures
        how difficult is it to interpret!
    this dream she willed for you
        that it would progress her Cause
        as the way of the end is itself a means
    if you truly comprehend it
        as she will soon reveal unto you
                through yourself and through us
            her Cause you will vow to serve
    O usurping one
        whose power will set as the sun in the west
        whose power will depart from you
            and from the fruit of your loins
        and become as ancient as the legendary kings
            but her Cause will be the last to set
O most wicked usurper
        an usurper over many usurpers
    whatever is yours, but for a few brief days
        is yours on account of the will
            of she who dwells in her heaven
        this power, this wealth, she has willed to be yours
    and this semblance of authority which is the state of usurpation
    and what seems to you to be glory and honour and esteem
        even as those who know the truth
        know that these things are wholly lacking in you
    but even be it but a semblance, a mirage, a lie
    these days of yours are yours for your usurpation
    for such is the will of the Goddess
        though your reign be evil in itself
        many greater goods are by this evil purchased
For the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
    she has placed in your cruel and hateful hands
        so great a portion of humankind
            and power over the sacred animals also
    in many lands, near and far
        through the instrument of Pandal your vile god
        she has appointed you unto usurpation
After your downfall, other kingdoms shall arise
    But all the while the rightful assumption of her Cause will progress
    And the domain and number of the usurpers will decline
And in the days of those among the usurpers
        she shall impose upon them her two-fold will
        even as now she imposes upon them only a single fold
    O Goddess of the Heavens
    and she shall cause to be established governance by right
        which belongs to her Cause alone
    to assume the place of the governance by usurpation
        and it will endure until all things end but to begin again
    the usurpation will be reduced to nothingness
    she shall bind it then destroy it
    she will establish the true reign of her Cause in its place
    she shall leave naught under the power of the usurpers
    their realms will be divided
    then their reign shall be terminated
    the reign of the usurpers will utterly end
    she will establish the universal reign of her Cause
    until all things end but to begin again

Now behold this sacred image, perfect in its entirety and the stone of the sacred images is as of stone found among the cliffs of the sacred mountain; miraculously formed, not made of earthly hands; and stamped with the mark of the divine glory.  And clay signifies labouring for the sake of her Cause.  And iron signifies the first assumption of the place. And bronze signifies the progress of the assumption of the place; and the sacred gong of bronze is sounded to foretell and remember the progress of the assumption.  And silver signifies the little blessings, the foretastes of blessing, and the first triumph which is the certain sign that the great blessing is nearing all among the living.  Now the head is of gold, and this means the glory and brilliance of blessing united as one with the Cause, upon second triumph.

Thereafter will an usurper
    yet under the protection of wisdom
        shall fall prostate
            before one acknowledging heaven alone as the only true justice
        and acknowledge the worth of such a one
            and thus command there be offered a sacrifice thereunto
                a libation of holy wine
                    and an offering of sacred incense
And the usurper will answer the inquiries
        of that one who looks to heaven alone for justice
        Without doubt your Goddess is the uttermost divinity
            of which every other true divinity
                is a name, form, image, servant, representative,
                    intermediary, aspect or emanation
            sovereign over all sovereignty
                who reveals inutterable mysteries
        for this mystery, so trifling among mysteries
            you alone could reveal!
Thenceforth that usurper will increase
        one acknowledging the Goddess as the only true justice
    and upon such one will bestow an immensity of gloriousness
        giving such one charge of judgement over
            the many peoples gathered together
        yet this one believing in the judgement only of heaven
            will perfect the peoples to desire naught other
        thus will such one oversee the perfection of the wisdom
            of the many peoples gathered together
And one acknowledging the Goddess
        as the only true justice
    will make demands of that usurper
        who will thus consider
    the great scribe who is little friend of the Goddess
        and who rejoices in the way of her Cause
        who will dwell with the Heavenly Queen
        who labours for wisdom
    the only fount of judgement
            which belongs to heaven alone
        for all the many peoples of the earth
            which are being gathered together
    those who acknowledge the Goddess as the only true justice
        sit in the gate which separates
            usurpation from their rightful assumption of the place
                and soon shall these branches pass through it

Thus did Zaner son of Zecnart, the wicked and usurping king of Nabolvi, fall before Travancus in prostation, and honoured him, and ordered that incense be offered unto him. The king said unto Travancus, Surely your Goddess is the supreme and ultimate Goddess, Heavenly Queen, Queen over all the heavens and all the deities, a revealer of mysteries, for by her were you able to reveal this mystery unto me. For others had offered unto me their attempts at interpretation, and the interpretation which they offered was lacking; but you have presented unto me an interpretation which my own heart declares is truth.

Now king Zaner son of Zecnart lavished many gifts upon Travancus; and then he said unto him: I will appoint you my vizier over the entire province of Nabolvi, and put you charge of all of the scholars thereof. But Travancus replied, I thank your majesty for the honour, but I am to serve my Goddess alone, and such a position would distract from my divine calling. And Zaner said, Very well then; strange a man you are indeed to decline such power, but if it is the will of your Goddess, it is not mine to argue with. But let me then appoint your three companions, Caneltanus, Limeserus and Zareltus, as administrators over my province of Nabolvi. But Travancus once more objected, We thank your majesty for the honour, but as my calling is to serve my Goddess, so is theirs. And Zaner accepted their position with grace and decorum.