NPS 013

Epistle unto Decrantea

1] Travancus, a Prophet not of himself, nor of any who walks upon the earth, but appointed by Maratrea to establish her Cause in the branches herefrom descending; unto the people of her Cause dwelling at Decrantea.

2] Favour be unto you, even the favour of peace, the favour of her Cause, from Our Most Holy Mother

3] How pleased am I, which pleasure I speak of in my prayers, that you continue to persevere in service to her Cause, in faithfulness to your vow; for you have faith in her promises, that they shall be fulfilled; you have forsworn the fraudulent justice of the usurpers, and all allegiance to the usurpational powers, in favour of that perfect justice which exists in heaven alone

4] And it pleases me that though you hear the voice of scoffers which ridicule all that you believe, yet your hearts are not wearied by their incoherent ranting, for they seek to turn you away from the truth of her Cause which I have preached unto you, yet you have remained steadfast in that truth.

5] Now shall the great and holy Goddess Maratrea cause they that are of her Cause, which through me she has established and which by her appointment I lead, will continue in their service thereunto, that the truth of her Cause and of the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true may be bestowed unto an ever further multitude, accomplishing immense goodness, that they shall bring about the final end, wherein all things must end but to begin again, in accordance with her promises.

6] And seen now by all are the chains which bind, the cause of my sufferings, for the sake of her Cause; yet knowing the glory of her beauty, how glad am I to suffer therefor - I think of the great beauty, and rejoice

7] Through my sufferings am I saved - for I suffer on account of the longings of my heart, yet these longings are the Cause of my salvation, through her promises - I pray, as may you also pray, that my love for her, and for the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true, be strengthened; and that strengthened also may be my faith in her promises; pray that you may strengthen these things in yourselves, and in one another, and in me; and the holy Navaletus, the captain of the Spirits vowed faithful to her Cause, shall minister unto us, for such is he commanded by the great and holy Maratrea in response to our prayers; that we may remain faithful to her promises and to the love of our hearts, throughout our lives, and even at the moment of death.

8] For I tell you, for me to live is to serve her Cause; and to die is to go unto the joy of the fulfilment of her promises, the answer to the deepest longings of my heart.

9] And may also this favour which has worked in me work also in you, that you may have that same love, and be united in thought

10] Thus, dear friends, all those things that I taught you when I was with you, remain faithful to them, and work in love of the Goddess, in preparation for the immense blessing she shall come to grant you in due course

11] For indeed, it is She Who Is, our great and mighty Goddess, Great Mother, Great Goddess, and Queen of Heaven, it is she who works in you these mighty works, through her favour unto her Cause

12] And do all that you do, in service to her Cause, without any reservation

13] And furthermore, dear friends, rejoice in Maratrea, and beware of them that are devoted to foolishness.

14] Speak all your petitions openly before the Goddess, and be steadfast in the mind of truth; for through prayer we alter our souls; therefore may your petitions be for your own betterment, that you might more perfectly serve her Cause, and that you might be perfected in your perfection of one another. But do not pray for vain things, for vain prayers go unanswered.

15] And what things are true, and what things are good, and what things are beautiful, the great beauties upon which we become drunk, love these great things so deserving of your love.

16] And all which you have heard and which you have received, keep secure in your heart.

17] May you live in peace with one another; may there be peace for the people of her Cause.

18] All those with me send you their greetings, especially Claretta my High Priestess and Appointed Successor, and all the holy Council.

19] And may the favour of her Cause pour down upon your spirit, in the form of the great Naveletus - may he enter into you, dwell in you, possess you, and make his home in you.

20] And send a copy of this my epistle also further unto the Sarzelenca, that they benefit from it also.