NPS 005

Assorted Prayers

Glorious is your beauty, Our Heavenly Mother, Our Heavenly Queen, Our Goddess, Great Mother Goddess, Sea of all Souls, and glorious are the beauties which you have made: O you who are the source of every beauty, May we come to know these great beauties, In our eyes, our ears, our arms and our flesh; May we come to love them as you love them: To say to them, Yes, may they be, To say even Yes to the evils so dreadful, by which which these beauties are purchased: To say Yes to them as you say Yes, To say Yes even when they befall us, As you say Yes to all evils which befall you: O victim and perpetrator of every crime, You who have been all, and whom all have been.

Holy Mother,
O how do I love you so!
All the good you have done to me;
Above all, the great good of that which I have not yet received,
But have been granted the glory of knowing that it is,
And your promise that my deepest dreams shall be fulfilled.
I am afraid; and fear too you have made;
But you made evil for the sake of the good;
And with the dawning of the Latter Days,
All fear shall gradually be conquered.
May I have the strength, to do on this day that which I need do,
Even that which I would rather not do.

There are things that I do not want to do,
Yet these things I shall do for you;
O, how I should want to do them for me,
Yet I cannot; but what I cannot do for me,
I can and shall do for you

O yes, Mother, yes, these days are the dawn of the Latter Days,
Even though the light of earliest dawn be as yet so dim,
At times even imperceptible.