NPS 004

A Ritual Decalogue

Observe what I command you today. See, I will drive out before you the enemies of my most holy Cause, those who will not receive my cause, and the truth thereof, the truth of my Cause and of the true nature of things, the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true; those who oppose the truth, and serve and seek every falsehood; those who oppose the good, and serve and seek all that is evil; those who oppose the beautiful, and serve and seek all that is ugly. For behold, in the earlier days I appointed the most vile and wicked one to rule over the many worlds; yet I did so only for the sake of the great goods and beauties that were thereby purchased, and that in the final days the wicked one be cast down and entirely defeated, and every servant thereof, and that the law thereof, and the word thereof, the word of the false prophets in the false scriptures thereof, be burnt in the streets of every town and city, and be cast upon the dungheap; and that the place to which I appointed the most evil one, the most pallid Pandal, who in turn appointed his most wicked servants, be assumed by the servants of my most holy cause, and the wicked one be cast down from his high place into the depths of utter obliteration. I will appoint for you a true land, wherever that land may be, where the people of my most holy cause may gather together, to prepare for their triumph over all that is, according to my will. Hear not those who say, the land must be this land, or the land must be that land; for such ones have listened to the captain of enmity. But you shall know a land is the land I have appointed for you when you attain the first triumph within it, the assumption of the place. Take care in making covenants with those not of your cause, lest your covenants become a snare unto you. For their word cannot be believed, for they do not keep their word; their friendship shall turn to enmity in a single night. Injure not any altar, but bless every altar in my name, save that stained with the blood of wicked sacrifices; injure not their sacred stones or pillars, and harm not their sacred groves, but worship them as my shrines and altars. For you shall worship none who is not of me, but whoever is in any way good is of me, therefore reject every evil but serve always the good. For I am a Goddess to whom jealousy is unknown, for jealousy I have appointed for the petty, but for I of perfect magnanimity, jealousy is utterly beneath me. Make a covenant with all people, that they respect your rites and that you shall respect theirs, save when they do wicked deeds, or offer wicked sacrifices or with their pen or tongue urge the same. Extend to all people the bonds of love, even the love of the flesh, if there be among them those who are willing and proper; honour me as I am known already in their tongue, even though in knowing me they know not I whom they know; offer with them every worthy sacrifice unto me in my many names and forms and images, and share with them the banquet of friendship. Those among them to whom your heart is drawn, refuse not your heart, but obey it, for I command you in your heart; and if your daughters or sons are so commanded in their heart, do not oppose them, for in opposing their hearts you oppose I who command their hearts; for through their love my truth and my worship shall be spread across the earth and the ages. Make statues of the sacred animals, of precious metals and precious stones, and bow before them in worship; for when you honour them, you honour me. Keep the festival of cakes and wine, and offer up cakes and wine unto me, the Queen of Heaven. For the seven days of the festival you shall offer the cakes and wine, at the appointed time in the appointed month, from the first day, the day of the moon, unto the seventh day, the Sabbath day, the day of the Sun. Treat not eldest better than the youngest, nor daughter better than son; for all are equal before me - the youngest the same as the eldest, the daughter the same as the son. Let none come unto my altars, my sacred groves and sacred stones, my temples and my shrines, save they bring some offering for me - an offering of cakes, an offering of wine, an offering of precious stones or metals, or fragrant incense or perfume, or finest linens, to offer unto I who am who I am, unto the Queen of Heaven. From the first day, the day of the Moon, unto the sixth day, the day of Saturn, may you labour, for your own sustenance, and unto the glory of my most holy cause; but on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, may you rest in indolence; rest as such even in the season of ploughing, rest as such in the season of planting seed, rest as such in the harvest season. But in time of war or disaster, or the threat thereof, you shall labour as you must; as you shall to save life, or to treat or prevent any injury or disease. You shall observe the festival of the remembrance of my most holy covenants, the covenant of being and the covenant of my most holy cause, and the revelation which I have given through the spirits vowed faithful to my most holy cause, and the captain thereof, through my true prophets and the true scriptures which they have authored. And at the great festivals you shall go on pilgrimage to the appointed place, the place of the great temple. And I will open the hearts of the nations to receive you; your bounds shall grow to encompass all the earth, and beyond it even, and this you shall know as the first triumph of my most holy cause; and in those days none shall oppose you, for you will have assumed the place I have appointed for you, in the last of days, before all things end but to begin again. Offer not any bloody sacrifices, any sacrifices of pain or of death, of meat or of skin or of fur or of bone, for these things I abhor, and receive not such sacrifices; but the most wicked one, whom I appointed to reign in the earliest days, and to be cast into oblivion in the days of the end, he receives such sacrifices with great glee. I have spoken unto my true prophet: See that in the true scriptures these words of mine are recorded, for they are a recounting of the heavenly law, and the covenant of my most holy cause.

Divine instruction is received
from the Great Goddess Maratrea
and the spirits vowed faithful to her most holy Cause
and the captain thereof
through her true prophets whom she has thereby appointed
and the true scriptures in which their true teachings are recorded
For whoever vows themselves to serve her most holy cause
Shall receive her favour of the cause
And as favour the highest faith
Not as great as her favour of blessing
But greater by far than her mere favour of being
As to those who rely on the favour of being alone
How pitiful can be her favour of being
For those who have naught else upon which to rely
But for those whom she has appointed as her Prophet and her Council
For those she has chosen to be first among her people of her most holy Cause
Unto these she grants the favour of her cause
In these earlier days among the last
When few shall receive that favour of hers
As in the last of the last days
That favour of hers shall be received of her
In those days when the three favours shall become one
Each becoming identical to the other
She reveals her truth unto those she has appointed to receive it
The truth of her most holy cause, the truth of the true nature of things
The truly good and truly beautiful and truly true
The truest of the true
Unto them she reveals, that they may help themselves
Then help each other, then help all
That all shall be rescued from the reign of evil
For as she appointed him to reign in the earliest days
She has appointed that in the last days he entirely be defeated
And entirely cast down into utter obliteration
And she has appointed the people of her cause
In the first of the last days
That in them the evil one be first defeated
Whenever there come any tragedy or disaster
Which she appoints that goodness and beauty thereby be purchased
By her promises, there comes also, another branch
In which such tragedy never occurs
Even if some other, with other victims, occurs in its place
That the true desires of all be fulfilled
From the favour of the cause
Disasters may befall the enemies of her most holy cause
Whereby her cause may be advanced
Yet, though it thereby be advanced
In another branch, the same disaster occur not
Therefore, in that branch, her cause be advanced not
Yet in every branch her cause must triumph
For the final end
Therefore in the last days
Shall her cause advance without disaster
Even unto the enemies thereof
But through her cause shall the faithful receive
Protection from disaster and tragedy
Through the favour of her cause
And protection from those spirits
Vowed to the enmity to her cause
And the captain thereof
The most evil one
Whom she appointed to reign in the earliest days
And appointed to utter defeat in the last thereof
Therefore, pray unto her every day, at the appointed times
And offer unto her cakes and wine
Unto the Queen of Heaven
In her temples and shrines
Through the mediation of her holy priestesses
Meditate upon these glorious things
And speak her incantations
That your soul be transformed
In accordance with her cause
Those who remain in her cause
Shall remain in her favour thereof
But those who depart therefrom
Depart also from this her favour
Until they shall return thereunto
As all come thereunto in the end
As all things end but to begin again

Now hear O leaders of my host holy cause
These are the signs for which you should seek
In those who are ready to be received
Into the congregation of my people
In this the earliest of latest days
Seek those who lack in the utmost the blessing
For they know most the need for my cause
And those troubled by the spirits of enmity
And do not comprehend for what cause
Such tragedies befall them
Seek those who suffer in their souls
They who are in utmost need
Of the medicine of my causal favour
Seek those who seek to live
Not just for their own pettiness
But to live for greater things
Seek those who feel worthless
For in my cause they shall find their worth
Seek those who are willing to hear the truth
Not those devoted to deceptions
Seek those who seek out the truth
And will not settle for what they have been given
Seek those who long to create
For I shall lead them to create great things
Seek those who love beauty
For the way I shall teach them
Is a way faithful to those beauties they love
Seek those who ask concerning
That which they lack the power to see
Those who think of the utmost distances
In space and time and degree
Seek those warm of heart
And of a goodly nature
Who seek the benefit of the many
Seek those who love Yes
More than they love No
And I shall teach them to say Yes to all things
As I myself say Yes to all things
Seek those of a sensitive heart
For their faith shall lead them to truth
Whoever you may find
Who is willing to receive
The truth that I bestow
Through the cause I establish
Bestow unto them the truth
Which I have bestowed unto you
That they may in turn
Bestow the same truth unto others
Say not of them, they are poor!
They are uncouth!
For my truth is for all
Without distinction
Be they rich or poor
Be they female or male
Whatever colour their skin
They may serve my cause
And my cause I will be pleased to have them serve
Whoever you meet, wherever you shall meet them
Be observant, whether my truth they might receive
And if you judge they might receive it
Be not hesitant to share it with them
If this be the day I have appointed for them to receive it
For thus myriads of myriads
Shall be joined to my people, the people of my cause
The Prophet-in-Council have I established
To guard the truth I have bestowed upon them
To guide my cause through their decrees
And through the prefects and prefectural councils
They have through my will appointed
My cause shall be preserved
Til its triumph in the end
Whatever questions you have
Be not afraid to ask of them
For I have bestowed upon them
Great wisdom