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To be recited during morning and evening prayer.

Most Holy Mother, I vow to serve your Cause, with all my flesh and spirit. I renounce all allegiance to the usurpers, and will work always to bring about their downfall and replacement by rightful rule as your Cause assumes their place; but I will feign allegiance to them whenever doing so benefits your Cause. I renounce their worthless laws, vowing instead to follow always your perfect heavenly law, and the law of your Cause. I renounce all the works of the usurpers: the blasphemy of fraudulent justice, bloody sacrifices and crimes against love. I renounce the false and lying prophets, and all their teachings, and the false scriptures in which they are recorded: I denounce all the false doctrines they teach, especially those of everlasting punishment and of the future non-existence of the dead. I denounce the enmity and all its servants, among spirits and among the flesh.