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Psalm 99

1] Maratrea reigns; let the people tremble in ecstasy: she sits between great spirits; she moves the many universes in accordance with her will.

2] The cause of Maratrea is great in her holy city; and she dwells in the highest heaven, above all else.

3] Revered may be her great names; for they are holy.

4] Omnipotent Queen who dispenses the only true justice: among many branches you establish equity of blessing, and your will is just and goodly for the people of your Cause.

5] Exalted be our Goddess Maratrea, and worship her feet; for she is holy.

6] Her prophets, and her priestesses and priests, and all those that call upon her name; they called upon Maratrea, and she answered them.

7] She spoke unto them in the great thunderstorm: they kept her testimonies, and the ordinances that she gave them.

8] You answered them, Maratrea our Goddess: you are a Goddess who loves us even in our gravest wrongdoing; but in the end you set right all misdeeds.

9] Exalted be our Goddess Maratrea, and worship at her sacred mountain; for Maratrea our Goddess is holy.