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Psalm 98

1] Sing unto Maratrea a brand-new song, for marvellous are the universes which she has become: through her left hand, and her holy arm, she has attained victory.
2] Maratrea has made known her salvation: beauty and goodness and truth has she revealed unto the unbelievers
3] Great are her loving-kindness and faithfulness to the people of her Cause: all the people of the many worlds shall see the salvation of Our Goddess, those whom she remembers being
4] Sing unto Maratrea in triumphal praise, O people of the many worlds: burst into a jubilant song with music
5] Sing unto Maratrea with the harp, with the harp and with sweet voices singing
6] With sacred horns make a joyful noise before Maratrea, Great Mother, Great Goddess, and Heavenly Queen.
7] Let the sea thunder, and the sacred animals in it - and the many souls of the many worlds
8] Let the rivers sing with rising mists; and the tree-drenched hills sing
9] Before Maratrea; for she shall judge the earth in true justice, which belongs to heaven alone, not the false justice of the usurpers upon the earth.