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Psalm 97

1] Maratrea reigns supreme:
        therefore there is ecstasy throughout the many worlds:
            and gladness upon the multitude of holy islands
2] Clouds and darkness are round about her:
    love of beauty, and the true justice that is of heaven alone,
        these are the habitation of her throne
3] A fire goes before her,
    and burns up round about the spirits of the enmity to her Cause
4] Her lightning enlightened the many worlds:
    those therein saw the truth, and trembled with desire
5] As wax the mountains melt in the presence of Maratrea,
    they melt as the heart does,
        in the presence of the Heavenly Queen
            of all the many branches, every last one
6] Her heavens declare her love of beauty,
    and all her children will see her glory, face-to-face
7] Confounded be all they that condemn graven images,
    for by her will of ends it is fitting
        that through them she be worshipped and praised:
    by those whose hearts glow before the holy idols:
        every true deity worships her,
            and in worshipping them we worship her
8] The spirits of the holy mountain heard, and were glad;
    and the daughters of her praise, your holy priestesses,
        rejoiced because of your true justice that is of heaven alone,
            O Maratrea
9] For you, Maratrea, are in glory high above all the many worlds:
    and every other deity is but of you a name, form, image,
        servant, representative, aspect, emanation, or mediator:
    above all of whom you are far exalted,
        and through whom you are worshipped and known
10] You that love Maratrea,
    hate therefore every evil,
        of the enmity and the usurpation,
        of blasphemous fraudulent justice
            and of wicked sacrifices,
        of the lies of the false prophets
            in the false scriptures recorded:
    from all these will she preserve the spirits
        of those vowed faithful to her holy Cause:
    she delivers them out of wicked hands that thirst for blood
11] The soft light of her face will shine upon all those who love beauty,
    bestowing ecstasy unto those who so love
        in the deepest depths of their hearts
12] Utmost joy will you find in Maratrea, all you who truly love beauty;
    and praise her for her holiness,
        as you remember those small foretastes
        of the vastness of the glory of heavenly beauty
        that she has as yet deigned to reveal to you