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Psalm 96

1] O sing a new song, a song once unheard, unto Maratrea sing:
    the song of her promises, the song of her Cause:
        O people of the many worlds, unto Maratrea sing
2] Sing unto Maratrea, for her many glorious names are a sign unto us
        of the certainty of coming blessing;
    declare the salvation of her promises from day to day
3] Declare her glory amongst the unbelievers,
    declare among all people the glory of her beauty
4] For Maratrea is the ultimate goddess,
        to be praised for her unequalled greatness:
    she is to be revered through every true deity,
        for every true deity is among her names, forms, images,
            servants, representatives, aspects and emanations;
5] For of her are all the gods of the many peoples,
        if they be worshipped in goodness and not in vileness:
    honour therefore all holy idols:
        and through so honouring,
            honour Maratrea in her far beyond heaven
6] Her beautiful face shines with majestic splendour:
    in contemplating her heavenly sanctuary,
        the strength to serve beauty is found
7] Give unto the Cause of Maratrea, all you peoples of the many worlds,
    give unto Maratrea your glory and your strength,
        to serve her in to her Cause
8] Give unto Maratrea the glory due unto her many beautiful names:
    bringing offerings,
        come into the chambers of her holy temples and shrines
9] O worship Maratrea in the beauty of holiness:
    offer your reverence before her altars, O people of the many worlds
10] Say among the unbelievers that Maratrea reigns:
    that by her the many worlds are established,
        that they move not apart from her will:
        from love of beauty she shall judge every last one:
    she judges not with the false and blasphemous justice of the earth,
        but with the perfect justice found in heaven alone
11] The heavens rejoice as gladness fills the many worlds;
    we hear her praise in the beautiful roaring of the sea,
        the sea of all Souls which is naught other than her,
        as she trembles in the fullness of her swell
12] There will be joy throughout the forests,
    and through every soul that dwells therein:
        beneath all the sacred trees there will be rejoicing
13] All will rejoice before Maratrea,
        in the sight of the soft light of her face:
    for she comes to judge the many worlds
        with the true justice found in heaven alone:
    she shall judge the many worlds with love of beauty,
        and her children in perfect truth