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Psalm 94

1] O most glorious Maratrea, Goddess and Heavenly Queen,
        to whom alone justice belongs:
    O ultimate Goddess, to whom alone justice belongs,
        you will reveal this truth to the multitudes
2] Faith in your true justice will conquer the earth,
    O you who alone judges the many worlds:
        you will render the proper reward
        to those who are proud of their blasphemous fraud:
    their wickedness will be made clear before their own eyes,
        and before the eyes of all, such that none can deny
3] O Maratrea, for much how longer will these wicked ones have their triumphs?
    Those who practice the false justice of the earth,
        the enmity and the usurpers and the false and lying prophets?
4] How much longer must our ears endure their murderous lips?
    For every lip that praises bloody sacrifices is a lip that murders!
        They boast of themselves in this their great iniquity:
        they recite their filthy scriptures with joy
5] They crush the people of your holy Cause, O Maratrea:
    and the heritage of your holy Cause they afflict
6] On their wicked blood-stained altars many children are orphaned,
    and many a child is killed:
        the cries of the orphan, the cries of mothers and fathers,
            reach even heaven, and our Mother responds:
    Just a little while longer, my children,
        and the usurpers will be cast down, every last one
7] But for now they continue in their vile misdeeds:
    they deny that there is any deity to see,
        or they say that their false god in seeing it takes pleasure:
    but Maratrea sees all things,
        and she will supplant the usurpers with her Cause
8] Understand, O you brutes among her children:
        you fools, may you at last stumble upon wisdom!
    Maratrea has ordained even the vastness your ignorance,
        but that decree of hers will be soon self-consumed
9] How shall she hear not, she who perfectly remembers
        speaking every word ever spoken, or which shall ever be spoken?
    How shall she see not, she who perfectly remembers
        seeing anything that anyone has ever seen,
        or which shall ever be seen?
10] She who will chasten the unbelievers,
    by casting down the usurpers from their places of power,
        shall she not correct the errors of her Cause
        which she has appointed as her agents in that chastening?
    She who teaches her children in her Cause
        knows all that anyone has ever known or will ever know
11] Maratrea knows the innermost thoughts of every mind,
    for she remembers herself so thinking:
        she knows that futile are the dreams of the false prophets
            whose words the usurpers hear,
        for she remembers their shattering which she herself decreed
12] Favoured are those whose errors you correct, O Maratrea:
    those whom you teach your true law, the law of heaven,
        most unlike the false and wicked laws of the usurpers
13] You will favour them with rest from the adversity of usurpation:
    though great be the numbers of days
            for which you have decreed it to endure,
    among those days there be those the last thereof:
        for we will dig out the foundations of the thrones
            of the wicked usurpers,
        and they shall fall down into the pit of impotence
14] And Maratrea will cast not off her chosen people of her Cause:
    for if ever her Cause be vanquished,
            it will be re-established in due time,
        and in some other branch besides, proceed directly unto glory:
        neither will she forsake her holy Cause in its heritage
15] And the true justice which is of heaven alone
    will triumph over its blasphemous fraudulent imitators,
        and all who love beauty shall rejoice:
    indeed, all those who love true beauty in the depths of their hearts
        will follow the way of her Cause leading thereunto
16] Who will arise against that immense vileness, the enmity?
    Who can withstand the onslaughts of the usurpers?
    For on account of the immensity of their wickedness,
        urgent is our need of salvation.
17] O glorious Maratrea, had you favoured me not as you have favoured me,
    my soul in its anguish would have sojourned in silence,
        unable to declare your truth to the many,
        unable to so serve your Cause
18] Thus have I said unto myself:
        Alas now that into a desolate pit am I falling!
    And so may I come to say again; but whenever I have so said,
        your incomparable love has lifted me back up, O Maratrea:
            as you have lifted me up before,
            without doubt you shall so do again
19] A great multitude of sorrows have filled my heart, even unto overflowing:
    yet for every sorrow, you send consolation and compensation,
        even the glory of blessing:
    as by your will my soul is grieved,
        so by your will is it restored to its original glory,
            that glory which is your very own
20] Iniquitous thrones of usurpation,
    that by their wicked false laws declare evils to be good,
        even bloody sacrifices and crimes against love
        and the blasphemy of fraudulent justice:
    she will pour not her favour out upon them,
    but in the last days she shall pour upon them her disfavour
        in the fullness thereof:
    for they make laws of falsehood,
        as is every law contrary to the law of heaven,
        their laws are naught but the work of Pandal,
            and as vile as he:
                declaring evil to be good, and good to be evil
21] Together they gather themselves against all those souls who love beauty:
    and they delight in condemning many to die in pain
                upon blood-stained altars:
    they delight in sacrificing the guilty,
                and even more so the innocent:
    the blood of the guilty is a wicked delight to their lips,
        the blood of the innocent a delight even greater
22] But Maratrea is our defence against the violence of the usurpers:
    our Goddess is a firm rock of refuge and protection
23] And this will she visit upon the servants of the enmity,
    and the usurpers, and all those who work fraudulent justice:
        their very own wickedness, as they have delivered unto others
            the very same will be delivered unto them:
    this by her will for the last days,
        as her will of ends overpowers her will of means,
            and by her penal chamber:
    thus shall they be cut off in their very own wickedness:
    indeed, Maratrea our Goddess will so cut them off