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Psalm 92

1] O most glorious Maratrea, how good is it to praise you,
    to sing praise unto your many names, O Most High Goddess:
2] To declare your burning passion in the morning,
    and to speak of your faithfulness amidst the holy darkness of night
3] To praise you with accompaniment of thirteen-stringed lyres,
    with a sound of utmost solemnity
4] For you, O Maratrea, will bring me that which you have promised,
    the ecstasy of blessing, through your great work of the many worlds:
    in this work of your incomparable power,
    I will know a triumph greater than the two triumphs of your Cause:
        the glory of blessing
5] O Maratrea, how great indeed are your works!
    Your thoughts are deeper than the deepest ocean depths:
    indeed, none may truly comprehend the depth thereof,
    save one who has become exactly the same as you
6] But those whose hearts you have now blinded, see not this your glory:
    and those whom you have herenow disfavoured with foolishness,
        know not the glory that you are
7] Those who love evil have attained the pinnacle of their power,
        throughout the entirety of the earth they flourish:
    but for their evil you are preparing destruction
8] But you, O Maratrea, are incomparable in power,
    and your reign endures without beginning and without end
9] O glorious Maratrea, the enmity unto your Cause will perish,
    as all the servants thereof are scattered throughout the world,
        and reduced to impotence,
    until in second triumph the last thereof embraces your truth
10] Though your Cause began as but a little hill,
    you will exalt it until it exceeds the highest of mountains:
        you are anointing your Cause with the oil of glory
11] How great will be our joy, when at last our eyes do see,
        the downfall of the enmity that stalks us for prey:
    how great will be our joy, when at last our ears do hear,
        the evil that attacks us bewailing its destruction
12] Those who love truth will grow, like the palm trees:
    they will grow in power, until they are like the great cedars
13] They will be as the trees that grow in the palace gardens of Maratrea,
        in her heaven:
    in the heavenly chambers of our Goddess they will flourish
14] They will drink of the wine of heaven:
    thereby will even those great in age
        be restored to the freshness of youth
15] O Maratrea, you will show them how great is your love for beauty,
        your incomparable love:
    you are our refuge and protection,
        and in no way is your love of beauty lacking