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Psalm 91

1] Whosoever dwells in the secret place of the most High Goddess
    shall abide under the shadow of her incomparable power
2] Thus do we say of Maratrea: She is our refuge and my protection:
    O my Goddess, in your two-fold will,
        and the certainty of your promises, I place my trust
3] Without doubt she will deliver us from the snares
            of those who lust after our blood:
    that pestilence of destruction, the enmity and the usurpation
4] She covers us as the mother bat covers her baby with her wings:
    her truth is our refuge and protection
5] We will stare at the beauty of the holy darkness of night,
    and our contemplation will be disturbed not by fearful terrors:
    nor will we fear the piercing arrows of the usurpers in the day
6] Nor from those whose misdeeds pollute the holy darkness of night,
    neither from disfavouring fates,
    nor from the most evil demons who feast in the midst of the day
7] A thousand usurpers shall fall beside us:
    then a myriad by your incomparable power:
        they will destroy us not
8] With our very eyes we will behold your glory, in your heavenly chamber:
    and see our case against wickedness vindicated
9] For we have made of you, O Maratrea, our refuge:
    most High Goddess, we have invited the spirits that serve you
        to make their home in our hearts
10] You will permit not any evil to befall your Cause,
    neither shall the plague of usurpation overcome
        those who speak for you upon the earth, your holy Prophets
11] For you have given us your spirits to take charge over us,
    to keep us in the way of your Cause
12] By her favour they will lift us up,
    that we stumble not upon the rocks the usurpers have placed in our way
13] Our feet shall crush the petty usurping kings,
        whose lies are more poisonous than venomous serpents:
    and we will trample upon the enmity,
        which is cruel and blood-thirsty like the demon-possessed lion,
            which devours and destroys:
    by the holy dragons we will defeat them
14] O Goddess whom we adore,
    we know without doubt that you will deliver us from every evil,
        for perfect is our faith in the certainty of your promises:
    O Goddess, we will declare our love for you from the high places,
        for the sake of your many beautiful names
15] For in our anguish we call upon you, and without doubt you answer:
    without doubt you hear our cries,
        for perfectly do you remember yourself so crying:
    whenever we are troubled, you deliver us unto glory:
    therefore you will be us ever praised,
    until our praise for you becomes one with your very own self-praising
16] You will favour us with many days, with which to serve your Cause:
    which is the work of your salvation upon the earth:
    how greater is that work of yours in your heavens