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Psalm 90

1] O Heavenly Queen Maratrea,
    by your favour you have caused there to be a refuge for us,
        a refuge for the people of your Cause,
    even amidst the many peoples of the earth
        who suffer oppression under the enmity, the usurpation,
            and the false and lying prophets
2] You are Goddess resplendent in your glory,
        before even the great mountains were,
    or ever you had formed the many worlds, even these herenow branches:
        and from lesser Sabbath until lesser Sabbath,
        you yet remain in the fullness of your glory,
        even as you have become the many worlds
3] Though it brings despair to those
        whom you have willed to as yet remain in ignorance,
    you say unto your children, Return, and in the end of all things,
        heeding your irresistible call,
    every soul returns to its original identity with you and with another
4] For a thousand years in your eyes, O most glorious Maratrea,
                are as but a day:
    and yesterday which has now gone before us
        is but a moment in the midst of your holy night
5] The years will scorn the usurpation and the enmity,
            and the false and lying prophets:
    in their morning they grew as shoots tender and youthful:
    yet those days have now begun their passing
6] In their morning they bloomed, but that will pass by:
    their evening will come, and they will fall down,
        to desiccation, induration, annihilation,
    as their place is assumed by your Cause
7] Yet so often have we faltered in the flames of your burning passion
        which consumes us:
    for our souls are but stirrings of your soul
8] By your will you have command our every error:
    for by these days of suffering you purchase great beauty,
    even the soft perfect light of your countenance
9] For we have failed throughout all of our days:
    your burning passion descended upon us,
    yet we remained not faithful to the glory you revealed to us
10] For you have divided the circle of time,
            into years of oath and years of oil:
    the first of our vow to serve your Cause,
        would that we have the valour to serve it well:
    then come those days when with the holy oil of blessing
        we are at last by you anointed,
        and we become the blessed who are rightfully proud:
    the years of oath are of trouble and sorrow and travail,
        yet soon will those days come to their end,
        and we will take flight
11] Who knows the fullness of the power of your burning passion?
        None but whoever has returned to being the very same as you:
    you mould every day such that your soul be that one you adore,
        your very own self
12] By your beauty-adoring power you are making this known to us,
    and correcting our hearts with your wisdom
13] To you, we will return, O Maratrea!
    Yet you alone know the number of the days:
    until then, you will favour the servants of your Cause with comforting
14] At our dawn, you became us in self-emptying:
    yet you have since been filling us with longing, O Maratrea:
    thus will we come to exult and be glad in our every day
15] You will bring us to ecstasy through those days
            in which you lowered us to despair,
    through those years in which we were ever beholding evil
16] And lovingly do you gaze upon
            your children who are your servants in your Cause,
    and upon your works through them,
        and you will guide their successors unto your glory
17] Then the beauty of Maratrea our Goddess will be utterly upon us,
        such that we become no longer in any way different from her:
    until then, by her favour, she will guide us unto power,
        that our work in her Cause be prosperous:
    her work through us will prosper indeed